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Avatar n tn The sore throat was not deep in the throat, but more towards the top, around the back of the soft palate, and then a couple of days after, the lymph nodes/salivary glands (I'm not sure which) started to swell under one side of my tongue. This has happened before, but always resolves rather quickly. Now, the throat isn't sore, but the glands/nodes are still swollen and VERY tender to touch. I can take a couple of Advil, and the swelling and pain goes away temporarily.
Avatar n tn My lymph nodes around my neck were swollen, my gland under my tongue was swollen, my glands under my armpits were hurting, but that faded but I still have a few problems going on. Be careful with antibiotics. If a doc gives you a script for antibiotics, make sure you eat a lot of natural yogurt with live cultures. This helps keep a balance of bacteria and fungus in your mouth and digestive system and keeps you from getting THRUSH. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Firstly i have slight swollen salivary glands under my tongue and after few days i have slightly swollen tongue. The swollen salivary glands got bit bigger but the swollen tongue stay the same. I am experiencing stress these days as i have gone through many daignostic tests like HIV, RF Factor, Etc. All tests came back negative. Recently i observed that i have white coating on my tongue. Its not vey thick but not scrapable. Is It oral thrush?
Avatar m tn My partners glands are still swollen (or so he says) - although I cannot feel any individual nodes. He is experiencing some pain along his groin line as well, indicating a more general infection/immune system reaction. He is going to the doctor today to have his glands diagnosed as indeed swollen. Would seroconversion illness symptoms (like these swollen glands) still be evident after over 6 weeks of experiencing them, over 9 weeks post exposure?
Avatar f tn I am 29 years old and have had one of the glands under my tongue swell up since I was a little girl. I remember I used to push down with my finger and saliva would squirt out or I would press down with my tongue to release it from pain. As I grew older, I didn't get this as much, just on and off. For the past year though, the problem came back and has gotten really bad. One of the glands swells up constantly, especially when I'm eating, and sometimes I cannot eat.
Avatar m tn For a week now the tissue under my tongue has been swollen. I've read that you cant see salivary gland but ive always had 2 pin holes under my tongue where saliva came from. Maybe those are just ducts and not salivary glands i see. Either way it started the day after thanksgiving. The night before thanksgiving i went out drinking with friends. I drank way too much and thanksgiving day i spent laying in bed vomiting a lot.
Avatar n tn I have a very enlarged area directly over my left side of my collorbone, it appears to ne a swollen gland, the other side of my neck area is slightly swolllen but the left side is definitly large. It is swollen in the area just above my collor bone and directly under left side of neck. Now it has come and gone for the last several months and each time it gets enlarged it is painless but everyone notices it and I seem to always feel dizzy with general ill feeling, but no other symtons.
Avatar n tn I'm almost done with the bottle but the glands are still swollen. I'm very worried. I wondered if it could be more and i'm being very paranoid. I've even though about HIV infections but i took a HIV test in 2005 and it was negative and i've been with the same person and no one else since 2003. Sometimes they appear to be going down and then as soon as i touch them they come back up. Any suggestions. I'm freaking out.
Avatar n tn I ignored it until recently when I started having pain in my ears and neck. Upon further observation, I noticed the glands under my tongue on the same side are swollen too. I have been on Levaquin for 8 days and had the discomfort in my ears and the (not uncomfortable) swelling of both for almost 4 weeks now. The antibiotic has controlled the intense pain, but I can tell it is still there.
Avatar m tn noticed inflammed, swollen/irritated papillae under tongue (both sides of tongue and also under front of tongue also). Salivary glands swollen. Not resolving ... getting chills every so often ... feeling cold every so often also ... trying to see an ENT ..they are so busy in Canada ... approx 2 months to see one .... Help !!!
Avatar f tn i still have under tongue pain that seems to radiate under my chin. I stopped taking tagament and it went away for a while but now it is back, i thought from taking pepcid so i stopped it but with no luck. The only thing im taking now is librax and gaviscon which i have took for a year now would these meds affect saliva glands or tongue. i went to my dr and she put me on magic mouth wash with no success. Any body else ever experianced this or have suggestions?
Avatar f tn I have a swollen gland under my chin on my right side and a swollen gland under my tongue for about a week and a half,it is very painful when i eat and i'm tired of the pain any sugestions i really need help before going to the doctor
Avatar f tn About a week / week and a half after having it pulled, now the glands under my tongue are very swollen and my tongue is swollen. I don't have the foul taste any more. I am taking Cipro right now today is day 4 out of 10 but it doesn't seem to be working is it just that I haven't taken it long enough yet?. Any ideas? This all seems to only be on the right side of my face.
Avatar m tn For a very long time now, I have been getting blisters under my tongue. I was told by about 3 doctors that it was herpes. Not too long ago I went to an ENT specialist and she saw a blister that came out on my lower lip. Inside my mouth. I told the doctor that I get them under the tongue as well and she said they were just muccoceles. This is very hard for me considering I get them all the time.
Avatar n tn About 3 months ago i got swollen glands and then my mouth filled with canker sores for about 7 days. Doctors had no idea what it was an gave me everything under the sun. I finally one doctor took me off the anitbiotics and gave me a cordizone cream for my mouth which seemed to help. Over the last 3 days, its all starting to happen again. I see that im getting canker sores and my glands are swollen and painfull all through my neck and under my chin. My gums are sore too.
Avatar m tn Also the glands in my groin get tingling from time to time and i have the feeling that my groin area is swollen. . I have no other symptoms beside the feeling of swollen glands the muscle pains and a general feeling of malaise. Are those signs that the body is fighting a viral infection ? Are those symptoms of post or pre seroconversion ? What viral infections cause such symptoms (hiv hepatitis, herpes, epstein bar etc ...? What testing would you recommand for me?
Avatar n tn I am in my 60's and have only just started to have either a swollen face or, on the last two occasions, a swollen tongue, which all started in September. The first time I had a swollen tongue was 4 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital. I had already taken Piriton but it didn't help. At the hospital they gave me Prednisolone which worked very quickly and I was packed off home with another 2 days supply.
Avatar n tn If you doubt, do the research, it makes sense. I am just relieved from having periodic swellings in my neck/under my tongue. I had become very adept at manually pushing on my neck and forcing the stones through. As fellow sufferers can relate, the stone would feel like a shard of glass when ripping through the duct! Stone-free for close to 6 months now with the vit.k2!
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Generally salivary glands below the tongue are not visible. Hence if they are then it could be due to inflammation or due to calcium deposits. In such cases the flow of saliva from these glands is already less. Hence when you put the tip of tongue on the gland, the flow of saliva completely stops and causes a swelling. This swelling is relieved when you remove your tongue from it. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I looked at the saliva gland under my tongue and have not noticed any yellow stones (saliva gland stones) nor do I have any tooth aches or anything. My tongue is a healthy color (no gum or mouth yeast infection), and I was just tested to see if my blood sugar levels were abnormal and they came out to be 96 which I am told is normal by the doctor. I am in awe at why this dry mouth is not going away and it is started to become a big worry for me. if there are any answers PLEASE help me out here.
Avatar n tn It was worse on the right side leg. I´m not really sure if the glands here were swollen, it didn´t really feel that different there. I also had a slight feeling under the arm pits and a thick fur covering on my tongue a lot of phlegm and a slight sore throat. It all seemed to be disappearing and getting better but then the other day I suddenly felt the burning sensation in my legs again and which subsided but then it all started under my arm pits and neck.
Avatar n tn When i woke up the next day my tongue was swollen, and the glands under my tongue at the front were extremely swollen. Also the sores that i mentioned before are more prominent, with whiteish tops on them.
Avatar n tn My tonsils are a little swollen and a little sore, with some minor white flecks. The glands on the side of my next are just slightly swollen, but not really sore. Also, I've been somewhat congested lately, but I have no other symptoms of illness/cold/allergies. I'm pretty sure this is directly related to the stressful situation I've been in, so basically I'm just trying to figure out what treatment I should seek. I've been gargling and wiping down the tonsils. Do I need an antibiotic?
Avatar m tn It burns even to drink water sometimes. My toungue is coated with a white layer. The lymph nodes under my jaw got swollen yesterday. Now one of my ear hurts as well. I'm having a really hard time trying to eat anything. The first couple of days I was very weak, slept all day and had a mild fever. I took a three day plan antibiotic recommended by an over the counter doctor from day 2 to day 5. Anti inflammatory medicine, and suck pills to help with the pain.
Avatar m tn I as of a few weeks ago until now I have swollen salivary glands, on either side and under the base of my tongue. I also had a few canker sores. Does it seem as if I have HIV? the swollen salivary glands worry me since apparently they're one of the early signs of HIV infection. Was I at risk? I don't believe I had any open cuts or sores in my mouth at the time.
Avatar m tn In May 08 I noticed i had a red irritation and spots on the edge of my penis head under the foreskin, I have only ever had sex with my long term partner and three times about 3 years ago with a girlfriend. Sex had started to feel uncomfortable and sore, there were small red raised spots/sores about 3-4 , these would not ulcerate but would just remain red and swollen.