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Avatar f tn 17 weeks pregnant and I'm having swollen ankles. In the mornings they are normal,but by the evening they are a little swollen. Just wonder if that's normal this soon in my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn While we were waiting for the services to begin, I glanced down and noticed that both of my ankles had swollen to the size of softballs. I figured that it's nothing to be concerned over, I started propping them up when I noticed they were getting puffy yesterday, but I was still wondering if swollen feet were common this early in pregnancy or if I should be concerned? Thanks!
Avatar n tn The challenge, sometimes, is to sort out which symptoms are residual from the chemotherapy and which could be related to other things. Swollen ankles, for example, is a less common (10-29%) side effect of taxol. Swollen ankles can also occur with heart damage, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, etc. Diuretics are not a "cure-all" for swollen ankles, but you may want to discuss this further with your physician. Elevating the feet may help.
Avatar n tn A week ago today my wife noticed that both my ankles were swollen. I thought nothing of it and went to work the next day assuming they would just go away. While at work I noticed that my ankles were even more swollen that the previous day. I showed co-workers my ankles and they were all concerned and suggested that I go to the ER after work. I went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital. Bloodwork showed normal kidney and liver function.
Avatar f tn in the evening my ankles and feet were really swollen. The swelling went away during the night, yesterday no problems. Today i had to sit proper on a hard chair/stand walk, and now again my feet and ankles are like balloons, my toes are a bit numb too... Does anyone have tips to keep your feet from swelling (or make it less badly atleast) when i can't put my feet up? And tips on how to make the swelling go away?
Avatar m tn ) I felt fine most of the day (Wednesday while traveling to Florida), but by evening my ankles were starting to hurt again. It was then I noticed they were swollen. Ibuprofen and ice packs seem to have little affect. It's now Thursday morning, ankles are still swollen and painful, but not as bad as Tuesday.
Avatar f tn Recently noticed ankles are swollen in the evening and kneeling is not easy as legs feels stiff with fluid. I have seen Dr Burman and must go for blood tests. She said Amlodopine can cause odema so as my bp seems okay I am halving the amount I take.
Avatar n tn Last week just sitting down in the evening, I noticed my ankles looked a little puffy...no pain nothing. Since that day i've noticed that when i wake up in the morning, the ankles look much skinnier. Within a half hour of waking up i think they become slightly bigger. I can't really tell if they're swollen or not but they are definitely bigger than when i first wake up. They stay big the whole day. My question is could the dose of prednisone over a month ago caused this?
Avatar n tn I definitely have obsessive compulsive disorder in as far as my health is concerned. Day before yesterday in the evening i thought my ankles looked swollen. Since then I've noticed that when i wake up in the morning, my ankles look somewhat skinnier than what they look like even an hour later. The rest of the day they remain the same, which is a little bitt puffier toward the front of the leg. My question is how can you tell if your ankles are swollen.
Avatar f tn I have found that lately my feet and ankles swell towards the end of the evening. I know I a overweight, but I am very concerned with this condition since heart disease runs in my family. I am currently on a water pill and a blood pressure pill. My doctor assures me it is ok, but I don't feel it is. My feet hurt bad including my heels. Any ideas out there?
Avatar f tn evening I began having more breathing problems...it is now Wednesday and my ankles are now swollen...first time since all this started...and breathing is not any better. I called the Dr before I realized my ankles were swollen...his answer was no more antibiotics, just stay with Doxy and Azithromycin and they called in more Prednisone! Anybody..any ideas here? I am getting scared....
Avatar n tn Good Evening: I guess my question could go in several directions. 1) I have swollen ankles most of the time. I do notice that when I take certain medications, they swell up alot and you can leave good size dents in my ankles that stay for quite a long time. I also notice that if I have a glass of red wine, they swell. In the morning, they are greatly reduced. 2) I have cysts on my liver that I was born with, 1 is quite large.
501096 tn?1320878532 I find myself using Caladryl and Lanacane in between uses of the prescription ointment (twice a day). My ankles start itching in the evening (after supper) and keeps on until I fall asleep. I shower at night, but it doesn't seem to affect the itching. My belly seems to itch when I'm dressing or undressing, but occasionally bothers me at other times. No new soaps, etc. and I use dye & perfume-free detergents. Anyone have any ideas?
Avatar f tn I put heat on it when I got home and that helped. But, by the next evening, my ankle was swollen and hurt. It is now Wednesday, and it is still swollen. I have used ice and Advil. HELP! What happened?
Avatar f tn I have 2 almost identical dry/scaly skin patches on the outside of lower legs about 2 inches above my ankles. each is kind of circular area, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter with smaller spots within that area that are somewhat round and about a 1/4 inch in size. the patches are sometimes dry/itch/scaly. I also suffer minor psoriasis on elbows and knees but patches above ankles look different than the psoriasis?
Avatar m tn At bad times I have had them all day but mostly am clear during the day (when I visit the doctors) then the come again at night time. The joint pain is terrible and I have random swollen fingers which are useless when swollen. I am 35 but seem older than my granny just now! I have had this for 2 months and am a little better now.
Avatar n tn However, since then BOTH of my feet and ankles have been swollen most all of the time (sometimes severely). The weird part is that I've noticed that whenever I'm on antibiotics for any unrelated illness, my feet and ankles do not swell. I've mentioned this to several doctors who all say that it can't have anything to do with it. But, I just think it is very odd that it never fails. Has anyone else ever noticed this?
Avatar n tn My boyfriend and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE last weekend and he has an itchy rash on his waist, ankles and thighs. I have red bumps on my ankles and knees. Some of my bumps are raised and seem to be filled with liquid. He went to the doctor but could not get a diagonosis because doctor sen't sure what it was and prescribed a cortizone cream and antihistimine. Mine seem to be going away. We are thinking his could be scabies and are afraid to sleep together as it could be contagious.
Avatar f tn I am trying to manage my physical well being prior to my quit date, and I have developed a problem with swollen legs feet ankles thighs, bad fluid retention, feels uncomfortable and has me concerned. My paranoid fearful head is thinking kindney damage - I know that ibuprofen can cause kindey problems, and lord knows the amounts I am taking are beyond the recommended - does anyone have any experience with this problem? I had a period of this about two months ago, but it passed.
443434 tn?1255894833 My problem started last year, April 12th, 2008 to be exact. I woke up with swollen hands and feet, ankles, wrists...which got really bad over the next few weeks. The only thing that happened prior to this was I had some Thai food, hour after I ate it, my ears blocked out for the entire evening until the morning. Then my lips were swollen a little for about 3 weeks, that went away and then the other swelling happened. Went to the ER. They ran EKG, tested for RA, Lyme, ANA and Lupus.
Avatar n tn My dad has both ankles swollen for a month. Blood test shows ESR 66, CRP 122 mg/L and very high Amyloid beta protein (1400 mg/L). RF negative, ANA negative. Urine test results look fine. He is 68 years old and the swelling gets worse in the evening. Anyone has ideas what is his problem.
Avatar n tn I am in my 60's and have only just started to have either a swollen face or, on the last two occasions, a swollen tongue, which all started in September. The first time I had a swollen tongue was 4 weeks ago and I ended up in hospital. I had already taken Piriton but it didn't help. At the hospital they gave me Prednisolone which worked very quickly and I was packed off home with another 2 days supply.
Avatar n tn Then my legs burned chronicly (obviously) and the next morning when I was shopping I got another wave of nausea, followed by an overall sick feeling. By the end of the day my legs are swollen (the tops are) and my ankles quite a bit so.
Avatar n tn Just a few days ago I began having sharp pains in my back down the my ankles as well as wrists. I have bloodwork done all is fine but my B12 level is low (230). Can a low B12 level cause these sensations (burning, numbness, cold, sore tongue)? In addition, I have an appointment with my Neorogolist on February 22nd for an EMG. Any information you can porvided would be helpful. My anxiety level is really high right now. I am really worried about MS. Thanks.
Avatar m tn End of June I realized that I was feeling quite sick every evening after work but thought it was due to over work did not experience any fever which I measured. all the time it was between 36.7-37.1C. So I started jogging for about two days. Immediately my hands and legs(above the knee) got swollen . I felt tightness in them. I realized that my stomach was swollen too. On June 30, 2008 I consulted a GP who put me through a blood test and stool test.
Avatar n tn Last week just sitting down in the evening, I noticed my ankles looked a little puffy...no pain nothing. Since that day i've noticed that when i wake up in the morning, the ankles look much skinnier. Within a half hour of waking up i think they become slightly bigger. I can't really tell if they're swollen or not but they are definitely bigger than when i first wake up. The left ankle is definitely bigger and puffier than the right one. They stay big the whole day.
Avatar f tn My main concerns are the extreme fatigue, soreness in the mornings in the neck, shoulders, underarms, elbows and ankles. The swollen lymph nodes also concern me alot. I have poked at them so much I don't know if they are swollen anymore or just enlarged from me picking at them. I have a friend whose father was diagnosed with luekemia recently. I have a lot of the same symptoms that he had which really worries me. I am only 24 and have a 17 month old.