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Avatar n tn i have a lump in both ankles, and a burning sensation and some pain in left one. incidentally i broke left foot last year. what could be the cause?
Avatar f tn About a week ago I was hospitlaized for chest pains and swollen ankles. I had an echo and a cardio cath done to see if there were any blockages. To my surprise there was no blockages. the doctors placed me on meds for hypertention and gave me a water pill, I do not have the pain in my chest anymore but I still have the swelling in my ankles and it seems to be getting worse what could be going on?
Avatar n tn I sadly have no advise, but i reached 33wks today and I have noticed a bit of swelling above my ankles.... but not my ankles and feet themselves!
Avatar f tn I am 46 years old. For the last week or so my ankles have been very swollen. I have a rash, kinda looks like a razor rash, it hurts to the touch. Feels like bruising underneath but not discolored like a bruise would be. I dont have any insurance and it is hard to see a doc. Just wondering if anyone else ever had these symptoms. Oh, and in the morning when I get out of bed and walk my ankles feel like they are burning, on fire.
Avatar n tn Everything came back negative however, I started experiencing severe ankle pain in both ankles especially in the Achilles and bottoms of my feet. It's been several weeks of different doctors from cardio, general physician, heart doctors testing for various areas and all negative. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this after a colonoscopy or from the massive Miralax intake prior to the procedure?? Living on Advil.
615166 tn?1282303497 My feet, ankles and lower legs tend to swell most days, especially if I'm up on my feet all day (at work for example). But the doctor isn't concerned. I puff up all day and piddle all night. Perhaps it's just my old blood vessels aren't working as well as they used to. Don't have varicose veins so who knows? I follow a low sodium diet just because it's the smart thing to do. Also learned more about it when my Dad was diagnosed with heart failure. Wanted to support him.
Avatar f tn HELP!! I need ways to help my feet and ankles stop swelling up so much when I work. I'm a waitress and 21 weeks pregnant.. My feet and ankles swell up and start tingling and feel like their going to pop!
Avatar f tn Woke up this morning with swollen knees. My legs, feet and ankles are not swollen, but they are sore. My omg my knees hurt. :( I'm planning on putting a heating pad on them. Hopefully that helps. Just a little bit longer! 6 more weeks!
Avatar f tn Are your ankles very swollen? How many weeks are you? Have you had high or borderline blood pressures so far? Sometimes in pregnancy you can have joint/ligament pain due to the hormone relaxin. Relaxin during pregnancy is 10 times higher than when not pregnant. I say keep a watch on your pressures and watch for swelling. Call your ob and get his/her opinion also.
Avatar n tn usually when my feet and ankles swell its from retaining water.
7773990 tn?1400728625 Yeah we are hoping to have him at the end of July since he is measuring bigger! My swollen ankles came out of no where recently and my doctor tends to make me feel dumb asking if something is normal or not lol I asked her a few days ago and she was like well yeah you are carrying a lot of extra weight! Lol!
Avatar n tn however, I have gradually gone off the topamax and have quit taking it for approximately 4 - 5 days. Today I am still stiff (shoulders, knee, wrist and ankles) and my ankles are swollen. Do you think this is still a side effect of Topamax in my system?
408795 tn?1324935675 I've been having major problems with swollen ankles over and over. I am on a salt free diet and I eat as healthy as I possibly can. Does anyone else have the symptom of swelling and what do you do about it? My concern is that the area that swells is getting larger. One day last week my legs were swollen all the way up to my knees.
800427 tn?1324945719 You could always use something like icey hot on your bbs if they are hurting and may relieve some pain. They are pretty normal growing pains. As for the swollen ankles I would drink lots of water and watch your salt intake. Good luck!
290018 tn?1240365868 my doctor has checked for swelling everytime I have been to the doctor and had seen none, but today I noticed I was about 2lbs heavier and my sister in law said my ankles were swelling. I hadnt noticed but my left one does feel sore and stiff. Something I need to be worried about?
377412 tn?1283809646 My ankles get a little bit swollen but not so much right now, I hope I am okay overall I bet getting swollen already is a real pain.
Avatar f tn t see my ankle bones anymore and it looked like they were both broken except not swollen. And today my feet r still swollen and they feel jiggly when I walk. It's been a whole day and I have sat all day on my Recliner hoping they will go back to normal. But it's not working. How swollen is too swollen? Even my shins were hurting yesterday.
Avatar f tn What can I do about swollen ankles and feet. There swelling really bad. But I have to be on my feet at work.
10869131 tn?1430198496 These swollen feet and ankles are killing me! Shoes dont fit and my feet look like balloons :( my whole body feels so swollen I cant even wear rings anymore because I have chubby little sausage fingers now haha man I cant wait until it goes away!
Avatar f tn so ladies they say during pregnancy your ankles swell up but not mine I have noticed that only my toes have been swelling up and not my ankles is that suppose to happen I mean my toes look like balloons compared to how small my feet and ankles are right now plz help mommy in desperate need of answers t
Avatar n tn I also noticed both of my ankles (around the bone) was a little swollen when I got home. Today they are not as bad. I was wondering if swollen joints can be a symptom of lyme..I haven't heard much about it. I was also a little dizzy and slightly "out of it" that night. I must have walked a good 5 miles and my calfs were tight when I woke up this morning. I got a little sunburn on my legs and those areas tingled more than usual. Strange stuff!
Avatar f tn I am 21 weeks and already getting realy swollen ankles! I work full time as a nurse so I'm on my feet a lot. My blood pressure is stable and in a good range. Anyone else suffering from this??