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Avatar n tn first and foremost it does sound like a stroke ( my grandmother had quite a few so I know the signs) Second and most important I believe if I read correclty you are on the pill. The pill can cause strokes. Please please go to your GYN and get off them. Ask your GYN for referalls about any testing you can have. Get copies of all your films and reports as with the incompetentancy of the medical profession films can be read wrong. But please look into the pill.
Avatar n tn We went out for my birthday on the Saturday and on the Sunday morning I was in hospital, no warning signs as I was asleep and woke up with a major headache, went to the hospital and after 2 days in emergency they finally told me I had a stroke.... A bit too late to take any medication then. They put it down to my pill because they couldn't find any other explanation. I was on the Levlen ED pill. I lost my whole right side of my body and 3 months later its all pretty much back to normal.
Avatar n tn My mom had good health and no warning signs before the stroke, not even a headache, my dad found her this way mid-morning. The neurosurgeon did not offer much hope for us to survive the stroke nor in her recovery. She has already beat the odds. My mom was in ICU for 3 weeks and step-down 1 week and in rehab hospital for two months now. I have come to learn the dr.'s don't like or really now prognosis on recovery because everyone recovers differently.
299260 tn?1304219705 And then he turned the paperwork in and got a verbal warning for having it finished 5 minutes late. So he's just having a really hard time. He loves his job, but right now it hating it at the same time. I know I just went off on a tangent, but I needed to vent for a minute. In other news, we should hear about the house by tomorrow!!! I'm excited. Wish us luck. leighanne- Your little one is so precious. I'm so happy for you. Congrats! dnikki- I'm so glad that your interview went well.
469720 tn?1388149949 Use of birth control pills and pregnancy pose special stroke risks for women. Prior stroke, TIA or heart attack - The risk of stroke for someone who has already had one is many times that of a person who has not. Transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) are "warning strokes" that produce stroke-like symptoms but no lasting damage. TIAs are strong predictors of stroke.
Avatar n tn Both procedures, andiogram and CT angio uses radiation. There are risks to consider with Non-CT Angio. For instance the catheter damaging your artery or loosening a piece of plaque lining the wall of the artery. If this happens then you will have big problems. I will say this, most doc's will not tell you this, there have been people whom died from this invasive procedure. Not a single person had EVER died from CT Angio. Why roll the dice? You're young you can handle CT Angio.
Avatar n tn , the AHA national home page. Refer to section H in the guide, Heart Attack Symptoms and Warning Signs. This guide is copyright 1997. There is no known difference in the presentation (signs and symptoms) of heart attacks or strokes between women and men. The variably of symptoms lies in the individual, not the gender. The AHA guide should provide all the information you are looking for as well as much more.
Avatar n tn , the AHA national home page. Refer to section H in the guide, Heart Attack Symptoms and Warning Signs. This guide is copyright 1997. There is no known difference in the presentation (signs and symptoms) of heart attacks or strokes between women and men. The variably of symptoms lies in the individual, not the gender. The AHA guide should provide all the information you are looking for as well as much more.
Avatar n tn But women are somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, and back or jaw pain. Stroke Warning Signs are -Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body ,Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding ,Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes ,Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination ,Sudden, severe headache with no known cause .
Avatar n tn Loss of vision in part or all of both eyes Double vision Vertigo (spinning sensation) Numbness or tingling Nausea and vomiting Slurred speech Loss of coordination, dizziness or confusion Trouble swallowing A drop attack — sudden generalized weakness Because these symptoms may be warning signs of a stroke, anyone experiencing them should seek emergency medical care. Immediate treatment can increase the chance of a full recovery.
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664710 tn?1226933196 I still think that had I not lost the use of my leg I would still be ignoring all of my body's warning signs because I thought it was all in my pun intended. Now I can pretty much walk normal as long as I am heading in a straight line and taking my time. I can only lift my leg about 6 inched off the ground but it's a whole lot better than it was in April. Stairs are and issue as are any corners I take or obstacles I have to maneuver around.
Avatar m tn Cervical cancer occurs most often in certain groups of women in the United States including African-American women, Hispanic women, white (non-Hispanic) women living in rural New York State and northern New England, American Indian women, and Vietnamese-American women. Hispanic women have twice the rate of cervical cancer compared to non-Hispanic white women. African-American women develop this cancer about 50 percent more than non-Hispanic white women".
549611 tn?1215017664 I could be driving and in a blink of an eye I lose partial vision...usually peripheral vision. These are warning signs my migraine is on it's way, not a very good warning since this has happened driving my daughter to school. Then I become numb, it's pretty intense in my face, even my tongue. It's so weard! Then my vision usually gets better when the migraine starts. It always lasts between 8-12 hours then just becomes a dull ache through the following day.
Avatar m tn Headaches are not a symptom of hepatitis C. What pain relievers a person can take safely for people infected with hepatitis C depends upon what stage of liver disease the patient has. Many pain relievers are dangerous for persons with stage 4 liver disease (cirrhosis). NSAIDs can cause internal bleeding and kidney failure in people with cirrhosis. It doesn't appear that the cause of your husband's headaches have been diagnosed properly.
Avatar n tn I think you should get your current symptoms properly checked out as they may well be the signs you are asking about. A TIA is a warning of a stroke wanting to happen & you don't want to go there. Also please pull back & rest when you have symptoms or fatigue, it's your body saying "enough". Brain injuries seem to create fatigue unlike any other fatigue we have know.
760797 tn?1303268140 As for the stroke/blood clot warning, I wouldn't really worry about that either. I believe the chances of either of those two are higher on a regular birth control pill than they are on prometrium. 13 is not really a bad number, though. It means that you have already ovulated this cycle, and they're usually looking for anything over 10 in an unmedicated cycle and over 12-15 in a medicated cycle. Best of luck with everything!
721523 tn?1331585402 I recently lost my nephew who was 28 to a heart attach... Your correct that age doesn't matter... Pay attention to all the warning signs weather cancer or any other disease... The MonSter doesn't care how old you are and that goes for any disease out there...
712042 tn?1254572809 I have my moments where silly minimal exertion brings on chest tightness and slams me up against the wall! It's all about exertion and stressors. To my women friends-pay attention to your symptoms and keep written track of them. To doctors in primary care and speciality care, consider this diagnosis in your patients when otherwise healthy people present with vague cardiac type complaints but always shortness of breath and chest tightness with exertion.
Avatar f tn Again, then we'd have abusers making 11 or 12 year old girls buy these pills so they can keep abusing them and no one would see the warning signs because these girls would never go to a hospital or clinic. Does that make sense? In my state they said the age of sexual consent was 16, but now these pills are for 15 and they're pushing to have it lowered? How would abusers ever get caught then if they're abusing little girls? Am I making sense here? I just see so many warning flags with this.
Avatar f tn It's nice to have a "medical excuse", though...just like the hot flashes are an excuse to eat ice cream! Oh well, the next time someone peeves me on the highway, he better watch out! LOL! Instead of "Baby on Board" signs in our cars, we should put signs that say "Demented Hormonally Challenged Battalion Member On Board".
Avatar n tn It is more common in women and older people.
Avatar n tn I saw your post and had to let you know that you are not alone. I am 24 years old and on Nov 29th I suffered a T.I.A. while I was driving back to work from lunch. Talk about scary-my left side went numb, I had trouble speaking and my memory of that day is incredibly fuzzy. I hit a co-workers vehicle and I was rushed to the E.R. where they determined it was a T.I.A. All of my test so far have come back normal. My choleserol was normal, my blood sugar levels were normal.
Avatar n tn I am not one of those computer hypochondriacs or other types of person who thinks they have everything under the sun. I read magazines about the top ten warning signs, etc. and nothing has ever bothered me. However something happened recently that opened my eyes to MS and now I need some advice. I am hoping that one of you can help me because I am not sure if these are all symptoms of MS or what I should do next. Before I get to my a-ha moment I’ll start at the beginning.
Avatar n tn Cannot keep even the smallest amounts of food. After some time without much warning I violently regurgitate everything including stomach acid. This happens several times a day and know it's probably damaging my esoughogaus sphinkter, Now I quite frquently belch and somethimes get hiccupps from what seems to be nothing - just trying to expel something, Very frequently bending over or lying in bed, Antacids help somebut not enough. Do you think I have already damaged the esoughogaus sphinkter?
Avatar f tn I also 7 years ago was diagnosed with overactive bladder after tests and at that time a stroke or tumour was suspected but my CT scan was clear. My Ct scan was also clear when i first presented with left leg paraylsis 18 months ago but a MRI showed up the lesions. My paraylsis returned after 2 weeks but my walking deteriated after that and then the balance became affected. I have had tests to rule out secondary cancer and at first they thought a stroke but that has also been ruled out.
Avatar n tn She explains this passage very well, and understands the concerns us women have with both natural menopause and surgical menopause. Take care and best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn It's ok not to know the answer. At the time of the stroke symptoms I had I was using the birth control patch Ortho Evra. I was told by everyone to stop. I did. I haven't had any other kind of episode. No headaches before or after. I had a dull ache in my head while I lost vision and had numbness in my left side in November when I went to the ER. Is there a way to really tell the difference between a TIA and a Complicated headache?