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Avatar n tn My 86 year old mother just came out of the hospital on Friday after being in for ten days due to a "mini-stroke" (TIA). It was the fifth one she has had since suffering a major stroke in 2007. Tonight she started bleeding; not heavy but enough to saturate her Depends underwear. I have noticed some very light spotting in the past, but only about once a month. The cause of this is puzzling me. I guess the doctor needs to be seen. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I am looking for any information as it relates specifically to women and stroke. I appreciate any sources or answers you may have. thank you. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Your best bet may be to contact the NSA National Stroke Association at 1 800 strokes. You could also try the AHA American Heart Association the Cleveland number is 216 749 7500. Good luck.
464054 tn?1223823033 Among women who were later treated for stroke, the study showed that many of them reported symptoms that were different from the typical stroke symptoms. Aside from the classic stroke symptoms, a woman may have: loss of consciousness or fainting, shortness of breath, falls or accidents, sudden pain in the face, chest, arms or legs, seizure, sudden hiccups, sudden nausea, sudden tiredness, and sudden palpitations. (http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn A women is having symptoms of a stroke but test come back negative of no stroke, what is the cause of the stroke symptoms?
Avatar n tn I am looking for any information as it relates specifically to women and stroke. I appreciate any sources or answers you may have. thank you.
Avatar f tn stopping alcohol intake can improve the ataxia but if it is severe, some permanent symptoms may remain. In patients with cerebellar stroke, with intensive physical and occupational therapy over weeks to months, symptoms may become minimal and may even resolve completely.
469720 tn?1388146349 Early Warning Symptom for the #1 Killer of Women Is Under-recognized Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)-clogged or narrowed arteries in the legs-is a red flag that the same process may be going on elsewhere because PAD is associated with other life-threatening vascular diseases. Through early detection, interventional radiologists can save women from future stroke, heart attack, and early death.
Avatar m tn Please understand I am not trying to imply you have a stroke, but only that this is one possibility. Strokes occur predominantly in people with risk factors: smokers, high cholesterol, diabetics, hypertensives, and people over the age of 55. However, they can occur in any age. If your weakness was due to a stroke, it would start somewhat suddenly (over minutes) and would likely persist without significant improvement.
Avatar f tn I am at 25 year old women was born at 25 weeks premature in 1989 weighing 1 pound.
Avatar m tn this is not something to take lightly. Please get checked, as this type of symptoms are indicative of having had a stroke. This happened in my family. More and more damage is done when not treated asap.
Avatar n tn ve spent probably too many hours researching this on google and can find ten thousand web-sites explaining in detail how dangerous these symptoms are and to go directly to the ER if you experience them, what I can't find is what these symptoms actually MEAN? We've established that they're bad, but why are they bad? What COULD be going on inside my body causing this? My MS screening came back negative and ER CT scans find nothing.
Avatar n tn About 10 days later I found out it was the meds and my Dr. ordered a MRI. It came back negative for stroke but found a sm. cyst in my sinus and so my Dr. is quick to dismiss the symptoms I had.Should I be worried and what other tests can I have to detect a stroke?
Avatar n tn And without oxygen, nerve cells in the affected area of the brain can not work properly, and die within minutes. This leads to the symptoms of stroke such as numbness or paralysis. Depending on the vessel affected, paralysis may only manifest on one side or both. However, the usual presentation is in one side of the body. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn ll notice that my right pupil is larger than the left. Should I be worried that these are like stroke symptoms or something else? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Excluding a new stroke, do symptoms several months after a stroke get worse than symptoms at the time of the stroke. The symptoms after the stroke should get better or stay the same but not get worse, right? New scans show resolution, but symptoms persist.
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Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with multiple TIAs. I had a week of symptoms... the usual symptoms I have; dizziness, balance, difficulty speaking correctly. I only take aspirin because I have had side effects from anticoagulants. When I went for my appt. 2 days ago the neuro ordered another MRI to see if I have more tiny infarcts. I have no risk factors for stroke except factor 5 leiden.
Avatar f tn my cycles have been so heavy im stuck in phase 1. it wont kick in with progesterone. so this cycle i came on for 5 weeks, had to goto hospital, got a blood transfusion because hemoglobin was 3. im not a candidate for iud non hormonal because my uterus is big. not for ablation either my uterus tiltd back after stroke. so that leaves hysterectomy which i dont want to do because i have a fear o being put to sleep. they call the condition dysfunctional uterus.