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Avatar f tn I am a healthy, fit, and very active 47 year old woman--healthy lifestyle and diet, runner, and I ride my bike for transportation. Resting HR of 52. PACs started a few weeks ago, so got a Holtor which reported over 4000 PACs/24 hours (that was half of what they had been previously), sleeping HR went as low as 41. Had an echocardiogram the other day, and everything was normal, except: "severely increased left atrial volume." Mysteriously, left atrial *size* (i.e., diameter) was normal.
Avatar f tn but i keep thinking i will have a stroke and die. I was born at 24 weeks premature...had couple issues as a infant/kid but as far as i know im perfectly healthy, which i consider myself very lucky since most preemies end up with alot of health issues. I worry that my blood is altered because i had transfusions as infant so my blood will have a clotting disorder and i do not know yet..until i get pregnant then that clot will go to my brain and i will have stroke and die.
Avatar n tn I am in the UK. I was very, very fit, ran, lived at the gym, windsurfed & kart raced. I had a very, very bad stroke in March 04, I was 42. I nearly died, which is an effect! Lol. Now in a wheelchair, speach is very, very bad & I am virtually paralysed. I wrote a 68,000 word book, which I cannot advertise here. Doctors said I would just have eye movement. I believe I am still recovering. Tim.
Avatar n tn Some enlargement is expected if you are quite fit. The more intense the exercise regime, the more the heart will naturally adapt, up to a limit. This is why athletes hearts can pump blood so much more efficiently around the body. The heart muscle increases and the internal volume increases, allowing more blood to be pushed out with each stroke.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with afib. I am 53 yrs. old and otherwise in good health except for high blood pressure. My stress test and ECG were normal in fact the test administrator said I was very "fit". I exercise regulary, maintain a healthy weight and have never smoked. I have been prescribed drug therapy from a local caridologist. I live in a small town. I would like to be check out at a specialty cemter. Can you tell me if University of Mich has a good center?
Avatar n tn Diastolic volume (filling phase) per stroke is blood volume measured at end of diastolic (maximum filling capacity...relaxed state) minus the volume at the end of systole (minimum amount of blood left in the chamber). Divide end diastolic volume into the difference between end systole and end diastole is the fraction (%) pumped with each stroke. CHF by definition is an EF below 29% (left side non-compliance) indicating there may be an insufficient blood/oxygen supply meeting system demand.
642877 tn?1281802882 Cardiac output determines your bodies response. It is a somple math equation. Stroke volume (how strong and effective your pump is) x rate. I had to get a pacemaker to deal with all the meds that are used to treat my heart. I love the thing. I makes daily life a more sure thing. It was the highlight of 2008. Good luck with the meds. It is a really small dose of one of the more innocuous medicines and so it isn't likely to cause you too much problems.
1189366 tn?1265223487 For some, if medications have not helped, or if symptoms are still too severe, then catheter based therapy (ablation) may be the right option. Risk of death/stroke/heart attack is a real thing with all invasive heart procedures, from ablation to heart catheterization, with different rates depending on the procedure. For instance, with cardiac catheterization (angiogram), risk of those three complications - combined - is less than 1%.
Avatar n tn Diastolic pressure can be changed either by a volume dependant change in operating stiffness or by a volume independant change in chamber stiffness...operating stiffness changes throughout filling, stiffness is less at smaller volumes and highest at larger volumes. Athlete's heart has a normally slow heart rate and that increases volume as well as stronger contractions. So those are additional factors to be considered as well.
469720 tn?1388149949 150 and strict vegetarians have 80% less chance of developing heart attack or stroke. In my upcoming book, I describe various "regression diets" which have actually been scientifically proven to cause atheroclerotic plaque to diminish in some patients. I can't emphasize enough that without saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet, you will not develop elevated cholesterol and CVD I think that most people significantly underestimate the amount of fat they eat each day.
Avatar f tn It could be blockages in the arteries. It could be that you are physically fit and have a higher than average stroke volume. It certainly does come across that you are fit with an EF of 63%. Another thing to take into consideration is that the best test to evaluate the pressure in the pulmonary system is via a catheterization. They usually get you to lay in the theatre and keep lifting saline bags or something similar while they establish the reading under load.
333672 tn?1273796389 I could be wrong but i didnt think 70 is thought to be particularly old in Japan, so old age might not be such an issues as it is in other countries. It sounds to me like he had a mini stroke or TIA, it definitely sounds like something neurological has happened because of his out of charactor behaviors since this event.
802547 tn?1237850517 Instead, they just ruled out the potential emergency issues (a stroke/hemorrhage, or temporal arteritis) and gave her a follow up appointment with a neurologist (who couldn’t fit her in their schedule for 2 months). They didn’t take a full history - they just dumped her in the most likely diagnostic category (neck stiffness) and let some other specialist follow up. Shameful.
Avatar dr m tn But even now when Brennan is sleeping well through the night, and I'm sleeping about 7 hours every night, I'm still more tired than I used to be, despite running 3 times per week, and being as fit as ever. Could I be going through male menopause? The Facts of Male Menopause I wrote last month about how mothers can suffer from poor sleep due to the effects of menopause on sleep quality, but what about fathers? You may have heard about male menopause, or more precisely, andropause.
Avatar f tn I hope my feet go back to an 8 becasue I bought some killer boots around christmas time and they need to fit! Today I'm in sneakers and stretch pants. :) I told my boss she's lucky I dont come in sweat Unfortunately I'm not really in an environment where I can wear my sweats :( I havent seen gnicole for a bit. I did see marcus' mommy yesterday and she's still around. When is your last day at work?
Avatar n tn In addition using the equation 220- age has been proven to underestimate max heart rates in adults over the age of 45, especially fit individuals. Adults who remain physically fit do not have as great of a drop in maximum heart rate as the sedentary aging population. So like I said before I think you should be proud rather than worried.
Avatar n tn For example, if systemic venous return is suddenly increased (changing from standing to supine position), right ventricular blood input (preload) increases leading to an increase in stroke volume and pulmonary blood flow. Now the left ventricle will experience an increase in oxygenated blood from the lungs, which in turn increases left ventricular preload and stroke volume by the Frank–Starling mechanism.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I had a stroke when I was 21 years old, It was a small stroke and due to my age and stamina only took me 4 months to recover, since then I have been on no medication. I am now 30 years old and now looking back have begun to realise that the problems I am experiencing could be due to TIA's and side effects of the stroke. I am very "up and down", have (which is the opposite to some) very bad hearing.
Avatar f tn (Balci et al). The volume of the hematoma also matters. Chances of recovery are better if the volume of the hematoma is somewhere near 3.3 ml. (Balci et al). Treatment usually involves anti-hypertensives, medicnes to lower the intracranial pressure, antibiotics, multivitamins. Surgery in this case will not help much. Nothing much can be done once the hemorrhage has ocurred. After a few weeks to few months, the hematoma reduces in size gradually.
Avatar m tn I have an EF of 61%, FS of 33%, and a resting stroke volume of 123mL. The MRI showed no late gandolinium enhancement, normal rest perfusion, and no regional or global wall motion abnormalities. I have a massive exercise capacity, as I run about 60 miles a week at roughly 7 flat mile pace, and can race a 5k in the 17 minute range. So, my heart seems to be functioning quite well, and is free of fibrosis and ischemic issues, but I still believe there are concerning issues.
Avatar f tn sends me to a neurosurgeon who wanted me to have a spinal tap and a myleogram to see if surgery was needed for my neck, but he said the narrowing in this area wouldn't cause my neurological symptoms, those were most likely from a disease (maybe MS) Anyway, about 2 hours after the spinal tap/myelogram I ended up in the emergency room with what they are telling me is a TIA, a mini-stroke.
144586 tn?1284669764 The digital radios cannot be operated by the frail and stroke disabled. I am not a happy camper with the ear-plugs, which become lost rapidly. If the volume is kept low the radio can be placed on a pillow next to the ear. Talk-shows and easy-listening music are good ways to full up the empty hours. And, of course bring extra batteries. (6) Usually there are two to a room in nursing homes. Often one patient can walk while the other (your patient) is bedridden.
Avatar n tn I notice that I had trouble riding a sustained 20 mph as I would without the Toprol I understand stroke volume is also reduced for a double whammy. Interestingly, the effect seems to be reduced perhaps 90 minutes into a ride. I suspect I may be metabolizing what is in my system faster than the time release system can re-supply it. At this point, I am quite happy with the Toprol.
Avatar n tn Call your doctor if your blood pressure is still 168/110. Blood pressure of 110 can cause stroke. My husband had blood pressure of 157/100 and was sent home from work and told to go to bed and relax until he could be seen by his doctor. He works at a college where there are nurses to take blood pressure. You need to have heart testing done to see why the sudden change and if anything happened to your heart to be bringing on these symptoms.
975514 tn?1325001538 OK. I've posted this in nearly every related forum, but no one has answered my question. I am guessing because it's way too complex, or perhaps no one has heard of this condition. I certainly never have, but I am at my wits end in pain. I have so many diagnoses I feel like one of those people on that show called "Horders." It's ridiculous. I had a cervical MRI from 1.5 years ago and finally got a hold of the report and was reading it.
Avatar m tn ) When the stroke volume is this high, a little blood vessel constriction can cause higher increase in blood pressure than otherwise. Alcohol in the amount you mention shouldn't increase your blood pressure. Please be aware that blood pressure can greatly increase even with stress you aren't aware of! My blood pressure is (at rest, in bed) 110/60. After dinner it's often 125/70. At the doctors office it's 140/80 and at the cardiologist it's 150/90. Before connecting to EKG it's 160/110.
Avatar n tn this monitor is killing me now with sunglasses on) , the swelling is also now on both sides of my face. They checked me for a stroke when it first started a month ago, when I started having nerve pain down right side arm and my speech was messed up due to "acute right facial weakness" and getting double vision/shaking sensation and out of focus. They have told me now, it is not Bell's Palsy.
Avatar n tn Hi, i was not sure what topic this would best fit in, so I put this in other. And I am also sorry for the long explanation, but I am hoping that whoever reads this can narrow my problem down as close as possible for me and advise me on what to do. I am very worried about my condition because I'm a young person with a good record of health throughout my life. First off I am a 17 year old junior in high school. I am very active and i love to play sports such as football, volleyball, etc...