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Avatar m tn But were it a stroke, that should have been evident on the scans of the head. I have a parent who has had a TIA and evidence at least of old infarcts was forthcoming on a brain scan.
764912 tn?1322711843 So your symptoms are not stroke related which I suppose is something but if not a stroke then what is the question. I was worried about you but glad you have posted.
Avatar n tn So for the time being, I think I would opt for the endarterectomy if I had to give a choice. I know the minimal invasive option always sounds great. I think if you google carotid endarterectomy vs stenting , you will be presented with a lot of information. I think medication will see you through for a long time yet, giving you lots of time to study this.
Avatar n tn Started in Nov and ruled out vision with eye doc, ruled out sinus infection, so then to general doc, referred to cardiologist. Ended up at Mayo Clinic in MN for 2 weeks of testing. Cardiac exams and tests all normal: included 24 hour BP monitor, 24 hr holter monitor EKG, standard EKG, both treadmill stress plus dobutamine stress test and two echocardiograms - all normal.
Avatar f tn Thanks for clearing that up for me.
1003418 tn?1250185999 The doctor thought I had meningitis due to caring for a pt in the ER with meningitis a week earlier. These symptoms persisted for 3 months and every test seemed to be performed with only positive ANA, elevated IgG and IgM levels as well as pancytopenia. I seem to recover therefore I never followed up with a Rheumatologist. In May of 2009 I had sudden visual disturbances (distortions) lasting 10 seconds. It happened twice.
1166523 tn?1264364643 So many people here have suffered for years, then go to Mayo hoping for answers at last. The huge majority have come away angry, sad and disillusioned.
Avatar n tn Currently, there is no medicine or drugs that to effectively lower your Lp(a). A high Lp(a) is genetically linked. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories. Talk to your doctor about the meaning of your specific test results. The test is usually given as a marker for risk of heart disease. High levels of lipoproteins can increase the risk of heart disease....check the risk of atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries), stroke, and heart attack.
549269 tn?1236130637 Mini strokes as they are called. I am in Rochester MN right now at the Mayo Clinic to see several doctors. YEsterday at my hotel I was taken by ambulence after having sudden severe dizzyness, slurred speech, left sided weakness, difficulty walking, and possible seizures. After 1 1/2 hours in the ER and several tests I started to return to normal. I see an stroke doctor today and Dr Oro in January. Should I call Dr Oro about my symptoms?
Avatar m tn I have MS I have a T2 flair on my frontal Lobe. I went to the Mayo for the MRI The neurologist said I had a stroke after the exam it's MS I didnt need him to tell me this I knew it BUT he refused to show me the MRI when I first walked into his office, I had to order it, A stroke is quite different from an MS Lesion. Then he had his nurse call me and said I had a Stroke and have cancer on my nose from a lesion there. No biopsy ... he figured it out. I left MAYO!
Avatar f tn Her latest neurologist has said that for some stroke patients, headaches are a permanant reality for them. She has been on every medicine possible for headache treatment and nothing has worked. For a while she was taking narcotics every day for the pain but all they did was put her to sleep. She decided to stay awake and in pain rather than spend the rest of her life asleep.
352007 tn?1372857881 For those who are women and are diagnosed with MS who are premenapausal as well as postmenapausal with hormonal therapy, do you find that prior to your menses that you're symptoms worsen or every other month or does nothing happen at all?
Avatar m tn Lyme disease can cause olfactory [smell] hallucinations -- I have had them. The ENT (ear/nose/throat) MD I saw didn't know what it was, but my Lyme dr did. They come and go. However, if you don't have any of the other signs or symptoms of Lyme, then I would think the likelihood that you have Lyme is low. However, I'm not a doctor, so can't say for sure.
464054 tn?1223823033 Among women who were later treated for stroke, the study showed that many of them reported symptoms that were different from the typical stroke symptoms. Aside from the classic stroke symptoms, a woman may have: loss of consciousness or fainting, shortness of breath, falls or accidents, sudden pain in the face, chest, arms or legs, seizure, sudden hiccups, sudden nausea, sudden tiredness, and sudden palpitations. (http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn A value of 3.0 is "high". At minimum, you should treat your high blood pressure but I don't think one needs a cardiologist for that. The Mayo Clinic web site says MVP is harmless in most people but needs to be treated in some. In my opinion if you are over 40 and have a family history of heart disease a cardiological assessment makes a lot of sense.
Avatar n tn t quite understand what exactly causes auto-immune diseases and why it affects women differently. There is no cure just the ability to treat symptoms. I have personally found that each Dr. has their opinion and theory. It's difficult to find definite answers when the syndrome itself is fully not known. As I was told at Mayo...Dr's are constantly researching to help understand it more and more!
Avatar f tn stopping alcohol intake can improve the ataxia but if it is severe, some permanent symptoms may remain. In patients with cerebellar stroke, with intensive physical and occupational therapy over weeks to months, symptoms may become minimal and may even resolve completely.
Avatar f tn In 15 per cent of the women in the US study for example, the ovarian cancer was discovered while the woman was being investigated for some other condition.
Avatar f tn retching symptoms but no stroke. I had a endoscopy and it showed the retching damage as well as Hiatal hernia. I was put on Protonix. I still get that same cough/vomit feeling even when my stomach is empty for 4-12 hours after eating. After reading all the harm PPI can do including stroke I decided to add anti viral herbs to my diet to reduce post nasal drip infection etc. It seems certain foods trigger acid reflux GERD symptoms as well.
Avatar m tn After a visit I was told that my symptoms were less of a nuisance than the treatment for the symptoms (NVC and EMG). He could not make a DX, just that I had a wasted muscle in foot and an Ulnar nerve problem. After being prescribed Cymbalta for "Prehiphrial Neuropathy" I changed Doctors to try to get real answers. New doc looked me over and ordered MRI Brain. Study came back normal. 3 weeks later my back went out, called office and asked for Muscle relaxers and Pain med.
Avatar f tn I am at 25 year old women was born at 25 weeks premature in 1989 weighing 1 pound.
Avatar m tn What I would be worried about is stroke. Can she talk normally? Is she confused? If you ask her to repeat a sentence does she slur her words or does it sound normal? Does she have a bad headache? Can she lift the arm that is numb? If she can't talk normally or can't lift her arm and so forth then she may be having a stroke and you have to take her into the Emergency Room right away. Diabetes can increase her risk for a stroke as well and also peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage.
Avatar n tn A women is having symptoms of a stroke but test come back negative of no stroke, what is the cause of the stroke symptoms?
Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds