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764912 tn?1322711843 So your symptoms are not stroke related which I suppose is something but if not a stroke then what is the question. I was worried about you but glad you have posted.
Avatar m tn But were it a stroke, that should have been evident on the scans of the head. I have a parent who has had a TIA and evidence at least of old infarcts was forthcoming on a brain scan.
Avatar n tn 2011 dizziness (feeling unsteady - not room spinning type) with sudden onset hypertension, tachycardia and by Feb. 2011 with continued symptoms - flushing on left side of face only, no sweating. Seems I quit sweating in the past year. My BP ranges as high as 210/140 to as low as 88/58 all in the same 24 hour period. HR from 58 to 145 all in same 24 hour period. Started in Nov and ruled out vision with eye doc, ruled out sinus infection, so then to general doc, referred to cardiologist.
Avatar f tn There is the maze procedure. Mayo Clinic provides the following information and is one of a few medical centers in the United States that performs the maze procedure, a highly complex surgical treatment option for atrial fibrillation. Mayo Clinic heart surgeons are highly skilled and have years of experience with this technique.
1003418 tn?1250185999 In 2004, I became very ill with symptoms of fever, severe joint pain, WBC 1.2, anemia, very low platelets and severe fatigue. The doctor thought I had meningitis due to caring for a pt in the ER with meningitis a week earlier. These symptoms persisted for 3 months and every test seemed to be performed with only positive ANA, elevated IgG and IgM levels as well as pancytopenia. I seem to recover therefore I never followed up with a Rheumatologist.
1166523 tn?1264364643 Hi janereed, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in Oct 09. When I first walked in it was a dr that was training to be a consulting dr and he told me that they believed I had a stroke and that I was gonna stay like I was without improving. Well I blew up at him because he hadn't even examined me or anything. And all my other dr's from home had ruled out a stroke and said MS. Well the consulting dr. (Dr. Keegan) came in and did an examination and was very nice.
549269 tn?1236130637 Mini strokes as they are called. I am in Rochester MN right now at the Mayo Clinic to see several doctors. YEsterday at my hotel I was taken by ambulence after having sudden severe dizzyness, slurred speech, left sided weakness, difficulty walking, and possible seizures. After 1 1/2 hours in the ER and several tests I started to return to normal. I see an stroke doctor today and Dr Oro in January. Should I call Dr Oro about my symptoms?
764912 tn?1322711843 Hi, Had an MRI/MRA last week. Now the left cerebellum infarction is called a lesion? Plus they say a large area in left frontal lobe with in normal limits for my age, but this is not mentioned on previous MRI 8months ago? Is that because I also had an MRA this time? I was in the ER for 3 days then they gave me DHE for migraine and said I had a silent migraine, however my balance issues got worse, memory is shot---terrible can't remember names or events...
Avatar m tn I have MS I have a T2 flair on my frontal Lobe. I went to the Mayo for the MRI The neurologist said I had a stroke after the exam it's MS I didnt need him to tell me this I knew it BUT he refused to show me the MRI when I first walked into his office, I had to order it, A stroke is quite different from an MS Lesion. Then he had his nurse call me and said I had a Stroke and have cancer on my nose from a lesion there. No biopsy ... he figured it out. I left MAYO!
Avatar f tn My daughter had a stroke in her thalamus at age 17 and is still having headaches 2 years later... every day... any ideas for treatment or diagnosis??? Her doctor says that it is migraines and the two are not related. It seems like too much of a coincidence to me. Can a stroke cause persistent headaches and what is the treatment????
Avatar m tn Lyme disease can cause olfactory [smell] hallucinations -- I have had them. The ENT (ear/nose/throat) MD I saw didn't know what it was, but my Lyme dr did. They come and go. However, if you don't have any of the other signs or symptoms of Lyme, then I would think the likelihood that you have Lyme is low. However, I'm not a doctor, so can't say for sure.
Avatar f tn retching symptoms but no stroke. I had a endoscopy and it showed the retching damage as well as Hiatal hernia. I was put on Protonix. I still get that same cough/vomit feeling even when my stomach is empty for 4-12 hours after eating. After reading all the harm PPI can do including stroke I decided to add anti viral herbs to my diet to reduce post nasal drip infection etc. It seems certain foods trigger acid reflux GERD symptoms as well.
Avatar m tn So Here goes my Cyberchondriac tendency, I looked up all of my symptoms in the last 5 years, and the closest match is MS. So I placed a call to the Mayo clinic and they did a phone "interview process" asking age, symptoms, etc. I received a call back 3 days later telling me I have an appointment scheduled for multiple test over a 4 day period.
867582 tn?1311627397 Sick throwing up to dry heaves, then when stabilized, had stroke-like symptoms of sudden horrible headache back of head above neck. Thought I was gonna die. Now a blooming urinary tract infection!!! Owwwwwwww!! Does it ever stop? Anyway, my muscle biopsy came back negative for IBM/mitochondrial disease. I think that eliminates musculopathy and leaves . . . neuropathy - motor neuron disease. Or maybe, hopefully it still is MS!!! I've been feeling physically so bad lately.
Avatar f tn ll notice that my right pupil is larger than the left. Should I be worried that these are like stroke symptoms or something else? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn In May 2010 he experienced difficulty speaking, fatigue, blurred vision and severe headaches. At the time the doctors told us he had a stroke...after MRI, MRA, CAT Scan, EEG, EKG and a heart haulter monitor it showed that he had no signs of a stroke. He still experiences all of these problems and prevents him from working. He took speech therapy for 3 months with no change. He sees a neurologist monthly and nobody has any answers.
542287 tn?1280610367 hi,this is hansonkay,I had my ecg at Mayo Clinic and was told i had benign pvc's. the ecg showed,frequent pvc's occured singly,fused,paired andat times in pattern of bigeminy.Episodes ofaivr were seen with the longest run three beats in duration.Sve beats 29 ,singles 22, couplets2. Svtach runns1. longest 3 beats at 14:16:28-1.Max rate at 202bpm. at 14:16:28-1 mean sve/hour1.
Avatar m tn And yes, it could be a consequence of the stroke. I read at the Mayo Clinic site that hiccups are a form of myoclonus which I have. My particular kind causes sudden involuntary jerks of my muscles which was caused by my stroke. The medication, Klonopin, takes care of my myoclonus. Perhaps it would also treat the hiccups. (You'd be surprised how much the specialists don't know about strokes and the treatments for the effects from them.
Avatar n tn Hello... I am interested about how they determined that your 2nd procedure was unsuccessful. Did you have recurrence of the arrhythmia? If in fact you still have atrial flutter, I know that the Mayo Clinic does, as a last resort for cure, perform a surgical procedure called a "mini maze." These are usually performed for curative measures for people who suffer with Afib, but there have been successes with Atrial Flutter as well. You could check out the Mayo Clinic online.
763620 tn?1234462175 I did have an arteriogram in December which confirmed the aneurysm is completely sealed off and am on an anti-coagulant, so the likelihood of stroke or TIA is probably quite low. So, could this possibly be an atypical presentation hemiplegic migraine? Any input/insight would be appreciated. I will be seeing my internist again on Monday and will discuss with him possible follow-up with a neurologist so we'll see what he recommends. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Go to yahoo health groups Fibromuscular dysplasia. Some people have been told to wait and see unless they have stroke symptoms. I personally do not like that option. I found it in my renals and mesenteric since the carotids.
Avatar m tn I am on four medications: Bystolic (40 mg / day), Hytrin (12 mg / day), Benicar (40 mg /day), and Clonidine (2 / day). I started only on Inderal 20 years ago to control mild hypertension and paroxysmal tachycardia. History of possible Lyme Disease otherwise nothing remarkable. A year ago I started having wildly fluctuation hypertension (normally 120/70 went to 240/115 in seconds - repeatedly with no pattern, no identifiable triggers).
Avatar m tn s, PVC couplets and stroke-like symptoms including numbness, memory loss, severe dizziness and confusion. The "events" are sporadic but in general tend to happen in the middle of the night/early morning when I am sound asleep. I have seen 6 cardiologists across 3 different states...have had multiple Holter monitors, event monitors, stress tests, echos, etc. etc....and have had a cardiac catheterization to patch an ASD/PFO.....
Avatar f tn I have POTS and am supposed to go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota this winter. I'm curious who has been to Mayo before and how their experiences went. Did you use the POTS clinic part of it or something else? I am also curious because I am mainly going to see if any doctor can figure out the underlying cause of my POTS (my current doctors are not interested in testing for any possible causes of it). Should I go to the POTS clinic part of it or should I just see a general doctor there?