Symptoms of mild stroke in women

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Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds
469720 tn?1388146349 In most age groups, more men than women will have a stroke in a given year. However, more than half of total stroke deaths occur in women. At all ages, more women than men die of stroke. Use of birth control pills and pregnancy pose special stroke risks for women. Prior stroke, TIA or heart attack - The risk of stroke for someone who has already had one is many times that of a person who has not.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm wondering if my symptoms are indicative of a mild stroke. I've had this same thing happen a couple of times over the last decade, with varying severity, the most recent incident being two weeks ago. I went to sleep with a headache and woke up extremely dizzy, hoping a couple more hours of sleep would make it go away, which it did not. A headache persisted for the next two days and after it was finally gone the mild dizziness and general weakness has persisted ever since.
620877 tn?1282764097 had mild burning in left arm, left eye twitching, tingling in legs. Had first medical massage. Very stiff and sore saturday night. after being in (obviously) wrong position, got out of bed and fell - stiffness was so bad couldn't stand. some mild anxiety.
Avatar n tn if she had transient symptoms, she may have had a TIA or transient ischemic attack. this is a warning sign of stroke and needs to be treated as such. she should see a neurologist or a primary doctor as soon as possible and look for the cause. she may need a brain CT or MRI, a heart echo, blood work and dopplers. She should do it as soon as possible.
1344197 tn?1392819171 “Hysterectomy in women aged 50 and younger substantially increases the risk for cardiovascular disease later in life and removal of ovaries further adds to the risk of both coronary heart disease and stroke.” Erik Ingelsson J. Kyle Mathews, MD Plano OB Gyn Associates Plano Urogynecology Associates www.drjkm.
Avatar n tn Agree to test cholesteral based on history of stroke symptoms
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
Avatar m tn Men in both exercise groups showed similar evidence of exercise-related improvements in heart structure and function, according to the study that was to be presented Friday at the EuroPRevent meeting, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Research presented at medical meetings should be considered preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.
338734 tn?1377160168 Went to hospital ER due to stroke symptoms. Had CT and MRI as well as bubble echo. Suggestion of shunt. To follow up with TEE.
2078882 tn?1333486061 So I have a month to monitor some of my symptoms and then hopefully will have some direction in a diagnosis the end of April! Its been a rough three weeks, with major symptoms and I feel like a burden has been lifted for now.
1444838 tn?1456170952 wen i wiped myself today i had fresh watery blood on my tissue, wen i got home there was nothing still haveing mild pains in my stomach and my boobs are mild to
1417531 tn?1365597725 Had a phone consult with the doctor last night in regards to a plan of what to do about it... as it turns out, the doc claims FET is still a go for March 14th however, when the beta comes back positive, Lovenox will be prescribed until week 36 at which Heprin would be prescribed. At first I was glad to hear that there's still a point of doing the FET however, now I'm a bit nervous about the meds. THe idea of going on any blood thinner doesn't sit well with me.
676143 tn?1312941771 I'm feeling a lack of symptoms today. I'm not nearly as nauseated, but I do gag a lot and I have the ache in my pelvic area again. I might be imagining it, but it seems my pants are tighter. I almost want to take another pregnancy test, just to be Even though I obviously haven't started my period and I have had symptoms the whole time, I still get nervous at the beginning of the pregnancy.
1474856 tn?1288289049 numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body; confusion or difficulty in talking or understanding speech; trouble seeing in one or both eyes; and difficulty with walking, dizziness, or loss of balance and coordination. I have this all the time, but the Dr's just keep saying it is just migraine. I am so worried about feeling like this constantly, but i encountered a problem when i tried to see a new Dr within the Henry Ford health system.
Avatar n tn My mother is 87 and has been complaining of numbness inside of her head (is the only way she can describe it) She started having these symptoms ever since she had eye surgery two years ago to have a caterac removed. They gave her a shot in the eye as part of the procedure. She had a mild stroke the first of the year but there was no damage . She has had 3 MRI's this year and nothing showed up other than a sinus infection and the fact that she had a mild stroke.
604185 tn?1233960857 Been having mild headache past few days. Had diarrhea couple of times. Lower abdomen pain. Pain in the boobs not sure. Feeling very tired and light headed. May be they are from the progesterone harmones.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 47yrs had a mild stroke 1yr ago and have been on hbp meds and a low to no salt plus I only eat raw veggies drink water mostly exrcse every living day for the last year I lost a lot of weight and feel weak most of the time my doctors recomendation now 1 year later I'm getting worse okay wen I got the stroke something happened between the back right of my neck near my ear and my shoulder I felt like something go loose the US test results hasn't coming yet also when I'm asslee
Avatar f tn The side effects vary depending on what form of pill you're taking. Some have only one kind of hormone, some have multiple. It's best to look up your specific brand (like on google) to see what kind of possible side effects show up. That being said, not everyone experiences side effects and even if someone does usually they're not very bad.
Avatar f tn what happens with significant MVR some blood fails to pumped into circulation with each stroke. To maintain adequate blood flow with a decrease in stroke volume is to increase the heart rate. The math for cardiac output is stroke volume times heart rate for one minute. Frankly, I don't believe you have significant MVR because you should also have the symptoms of shortness of breath with exertion and muscle fatigue.
667923 tn?1421462724 I have been experiencing intense pain,numbness on the whole left side of body. The weakness has been so bad that I can't even move my left hand or foot.I felt like a 40lb. weight was laying on my hand and foot to keep it from moving. I felt like I was having a stroke and after doing research on it, I did. Maybe it was an Ischemic attack or TIA. I have had 3 or 4 of these attacks and don't want to wind up having a full blown STROKE.
Avatar n tn A mild stroke in January left me with numbness and spasticity on the left side. That condition remained without change until a couple of days ago. All of the muscles on my left side became much more knotted. Instead of discomfort, I now feel severe pain. Additionally, I pulled my left hamstring muscle making what I thought was a routine movement (stepping forward and bending over at the same time.) I can't imagine what is causing my condition to worsen.
Avatar n tn Today I experienced sharp pains in my left hip while standing. Short lived. Blurry vision in left eye....mild. RLS as usual Still taking Gabapentin 300 mg twice daily.
2175879 tn?1338355028 It was determined today by another doctor that I had a mild stroke, not a TIA. That explains atleast for me, why although my symptoms have improved but not gone away like a TIA is expected to. Reading all these questions on TIA sure helped me deal with this, but I think that there are other people that have had strokes and been labled as TIA's because, just like me, the stroke fixed itself, but has left its footprint.
Avatar m tn ) The fatigue has continued, but yesterday I began having mild pain in the left side of my neck and my upper left shoulder area. Today, I became very cold/sweaty and thought I was going to get sick to my stomach. I am only 27, but fear I am having symptoms of a heart attack. I have a long family history of heart disease and don't know if I should call my regular doctor or just head to the ER? Thanks!
Avatar n tn After 1 week in a hospital, 2 weeks as in-patient in an high intensity stroke rehab hospital followed by 8 weeks of out-patient therapy I am doing great physically. Left arm is 99% back - only minor tingle in finger tips when arm is very tired. Left leg is very good, balance is 95%, stamina needs a little more work, walk 1/3 of a mile twice a day. Physically I am very pleased with progress todate and it keeps improving. I do 1 hour of therapy exercises at home each day.
Avatar f tn laying on left side. Woke up with painful stiff left hand, mild vertigo. Mild stomach cramping in early morning. Stomach issues continued & worsened throughout the day. Weakness in legs and upset stomach/cramping/gas by evening. Early to bed & slept well.