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1399033 tn?1449587779 Well my fiancé and I were out shopping last night and I came across a little baby shoe made into a keychain. Can I just say how cute that thing was?! Lol....We started talking and thought it'd be cute for the grandparents to have. So for our mothers we thought it would be neat to make them open a box that says to "Memaw" and my mom..."Nana"......
Avatar m tn My nearly 84 year old mother suffered a "major" stroke 2 days ago. She has not opened her eyes, though she shows signs of awareness and can follow directions when asked. She is sleeping allot. Initially she lost movement on her left side, but it very slowly seems to be coming back. She is saying words, though they are hard to understand. She is receiving IV fluids. The doctor said they would give her another day and see if she "wakes up".
Avatar n tn we are doing some research into how we can raise awareness of strokes and what peoplpe can do if someone they know has one. I was wondering if there was anything any one wishes they had known before the stroke happened - either to yourself or a relative / friend?
Avatar f tn i am a 42 year old female. last year i had a tia (mini stroke) followed by severe fatigue, migraines, bone pain, shaking chills with no fever, pale skin and ringing in my ears. they found I have several vitamin deficiencies in b12, folic acid, D and iron but it is unknown as to why. I have had multiple blood tests, any you can imagine, including for leukemia and all negative. i have high leukocytes on the regular and daily runny nose qith occasional sore throat.
Avatar n tn My father had a hemorrhagic stroke 10 days ago. His right side is paralyzed and he can't speak and he can't swallow. In the first five or so days, he seemed to have some awareness and was able to answer yes or no questions by pointing at YES or NO on a sheet of paper. When they asked him to hold up two fingers, he could hold up two fingers. Unfortunately, because of the dysphagia, he had to go on and off of a ventilator twice, and now he seems to be much less cognizant.
Avatar f tn My friend's fiance put her diamond ring on her keychain and she just happened to see it dangling as she opened the door at the end of her date .....
Avatar f tn I was told that my elderly mom had a major stroke, first by a clot, they have said.. and then another issue days later(?) cause by an atrial fibrillation. Now they say the situation is critical... R sided stroke, and my mom hasn't really regained consciousness. her MRI shows one major stoke, and then a subsequent one caused by bleeding. Mannitol given and swelling of the brain has greatly subsided. Reacts to painful stimuli, by moving toes, when pinched under the arm. NG tube in place.
Avatar f tn Are you thin? If so, this is totally normal to see. Some people can see and feel their heart beat more than others, it isn't an indication of anything, just awareness of the heartbeat. When I lay down and after a minute or so, I can sometimes see my heart beat. If you were nervous or stressed out than that can cause your heart to beat faster and more powerfully (stroke volume increases) and it makes much more obvious. Again, perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned over.
Avatar f tn Strange occurrence After my operation I was in hospital ten days post surgery and after clearing my bowels of stool it was mainly mucos or water would pass I noticed what looked like a piece of metal it was mybe a cm long and it resembled a keychain on a micro scale I believe flesh was attached to this and I know from a fistula gram that there was a perforation in my large bowel above the stingma i told a junior doc and they told me they phoned about this and told me everything was normal they
744637 tn?1250803022 Hi, It is difficult to differentiate complicated migraine from stroke. The symptoms of stroke develop very rapidly while the symptoms of complicated migraine develop insidiously. MRI and CT scan in patients of stroke shows the characteristic small vessel ischemic changes. The best treatment for migraine is recognition and avoidance of trigger. Medications like NSAIDS are used to abort acute attacks of migraine. Other medications include butalbital, isometheptene and botox.
750852 tn?1254234267 You will get better advice from those that attend regularly, but i did go for a month. I was terrified my first meeting and was only a day clean. The second I walked in, i felt comfortable and when i got my welcome keychain I got a bunch of hugs. If you cry then cry and if you don't want to say anything, you can just listen. There will probably be some other young people there too and finding those that you can relate to and WANT to be clean will do you good.
Avatar f tn I had a stroke at the age of 39. I am currently 41. I had a stroke in my sleep. When I woke up the next morning my left arm was completely numb and had lost complete strength. I thought perhaps it was maybe caused my a pinch nerve or something. Then my daughters came home and made dinner, they asked me to watch the dinner in the oven. By the time my daughter came back into the kitchen dinner was burning in the oven, and I had no remembrance of her even asking me to watch what was in the oven.
Avatar n tn Me too, I have the same problem. I’m also looking for answer to what cause penis retraction in adult male. I am healthy 34, slim and fit. My penis retracts into my public bone when I am sitting or walking. It felt very uncomfortable when walk, because it pull the foreskin inward. Is there any treatment for this condition?
1292648 tn?1303158253 I pincht my finger from sombody elses keys, ther was like pin on keychain and it pickt my finger it was not bleading but when I scquesd my finger it was,I have chronic hbv and I am realy woried.
Avatar f tn I felt so proud getting my keychain. Plus, you will see that there are people just like you and recovering addicts seem to really care about your sobriety. Imodium is great and essential (in my experience).
Avatar f tn I had a stroke that involved the cerebellum and had ataxia from it. One of the best things you can do is try to keep your core and leg muscles strong. I wish you the best!
Avatar m tn The first time I noticed it I rushed to the E.R. thinking I was possibly having a stroke. So after the E.R. evaluation the doctor said it was parasthesia. I have had dental problems and had a root that needed to be removed and I had that taken out back in April trying to see if the tooth was the cause of the numbness. And at 1st it seemed to be. But the numbness is back with a weird left eye AWARENESS?? The eye doesnt hurt, the vision doesnt blur, but I am just aware of it for some reason.
Avatar f tn I got my SO/daughter...daddy/daughter keychain and necklace set. The keychain(for him) says "theres this girl who stole my heart and she calls me daddy"and the necklace is a heart(for our daughter for when she's older) that says " daddy's girl" and the necklace fits inside the heart that's on the key chain :) can't wait to give it to him.
7201263 tn?1391585994 On boxing day I had a symptomatic stroke and I have been the same since having right side loss of movement face numbness and eye twitching and vertigo and my tongue is messed up I cant talk..I saw my family doctor today and he hasnt even heard of Chiari malformation and I am confused why this is? I am waiting now to hear from my doctor tomorrow he may hospitalize me to get further testing.
Avatar n tn My husband, 50 yrs. old, had a massive stroke. He can't swallow, eat, talk or move right side. Can anyone please tell me if they know of people regaining these abilities as he now has a peg in his side for nutrition and I am very depressed as I found him, but did not get to him soon enough. It was probably 4.5 hours before he got treatment. I need some Hope.
401095 tn?1351391770 My brother is in town so we all went nieces, my sister, my parents, mydaughter and her hubby and whole family minus a few as the others live out of town also....i was supposed to go to a st paddys day bash but chose to go there/with my family instead...enjoyed...get up to leave and pull out my son-in-law says "Is that a NA keychain" right in front of everyone...I say "No" and walk on....geez...what a bumber!