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1336491 tn?1340619541 I just logged on to facebook but there were lots of pages for MS Awareness, which one do you suggest?
Avatar f tn There is a new facebook group I created called "Raise Awareness about Infertility and make it a mandatory insurance coverage" If you are on Facebook please join! There are so many women and men out there going through this and there are definitely strength in numbers! Most insurances do not cover infertility...let's try and make it a mandatory coverage!!
1435895 tn?1304291241 Please tell someone everyday about this disease. We have to help spread awareness. More awareness, more research, more funding will hopefully lead to a cure or at least better treatments.
1006035 tn?1485575897 What are you ladies doing to spread Endometriosis awareness this month? I've changed my facebook profile picture to the endo yellow ribbon and made a status about it. I wish there was more effort going into funding research! I also have plans to be more vocal about my problem instead of getting upset when people don't understand why I can't do everything that others can.
Avatar m tn I recommend you join the Arachnoid Cyst Awareness Network on the Web. There are many of us who have Arachnoid Cysts there and we discuss many aspects of living with them. Facebook also has a couple of AC groups--Arachnoid Cyst Family and Arachnoid Cyst Awareness.
414018 tn?1268611672 Hi ladies just wanted to share success stories for raising awareness for ovarian cancer this February! As you would all know Feb is the international month for raising awareness and to spread "teal" as far as we can. Locally here in Australia I got in contact with our OVCA organisation and offered to share my stories with any media outlets interested. I was contacted my my local newspaper and had a story printed in it a few weeks ago!
155056 tn?1333638688 For those on Facebook. Please go to WylersLight and "like" the page. Wyler's is donating $100 per "like" between May 7th and May 18th, up to $25000 to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to help them in their mission to raise awareness of this dreaded disease. Please share with your friends and family. Happy Mother's Day.
Avatar f tn If any of you are on Facebook and feel like doing some patient advocacy, please go to the pages for those two organizations (type in the full name, not the acronym in search) and post your experience with thyroid care from endocrinologists and with TSH as the primary diagnostic tool. Once again (for the Thyroid Awareness campaign) both organizations have put up posts stating that TSH is the gold standard for diagnosing and monitoring thyroid dysfunction.
Avatar f tn My platform and the reason I chose to compete is to spread awareness for dysautonomia. I dedicate this to all of you! I have not posted for along while. Many of you may not be aware my own two girls were totally disabled from it. After a year of research I found a treatment that you will soon hear about. My girls were the clinical study. I have been blessed. When my girls were suffering I prayed everyday. Now they are completely perfect(on meds). I will always keep my promises.
620923 tn?1452915648 So my daughter found something on Facebook and sent it to me. On September 19 at 10:00 pm Niagara Falls will turn purple for chiari awareness! I just thought that was so awesome and worth sharing!
Avatar m tn My nearly 84 year old mother suffered a "major" stroke 2 days ago. She has not opened her eyes, though she shows signs of awareness and can follow directions when asked. She is sleeping allot. Initially she lost movement on her left side, but it very slowly seems to be coming back. She is saying words, though they are hard to understand. She is receiving IV fluids. The doctor said they would give her another day and see if she "wakes up".
Avatar n tn Hello, my one year old son had a stroke during birth, there is a lot of support on facebook... That is a group of stroke survivors. Im also part of a group of parents that have children that have had strokes. To be honest with you ive learned a lot more from the group im in then the specialist can tell you. If youd like the link to the other group let me know.
Avatar f tn For all members who are on facebook (or not), I have found this page about a book written about having dysautonomia - one sufferer tells her story. I have not read it yet, but I am in the process of ordering it. The author is a fellow sufferer and is trying to raise awareness of this condition. She is also trying to get US programmes to do a feature show to raise awareness. If anyone is interested below is the link to the page:
Avatar n tn we are doing some research into how we can raise awareness of strokes and what peoplpe can do if someone they know has one. I was wondering if there was anything any one wishes they had known before the stroke happened - either to yourself or a relative / friend?
Avatar f tn i am a 42 year old female. last year i had a tia (mini stroke) followed by severe fatigue, migraines, bone pain, shaking chills with no fever, pale skin and ringing in my ears. they found I have several vitamin deficiencies in b12, folic acid, D and iron but it is unknown as to why. I have had multiple blood tests, any you can imagine, including for leukemia and all negative. i have high leukocytes on the regular and daily runny nose qith occasional sore throat.
Avatar n tn My father had a hemorrhagic stroke 10 days ago. His right side is paralyzed and he can't speak and he can't swallow. In the first five or so days, he seemed to have some awareness and was able to answer yes or no questions by pointing at YES or NO on a sheet of paper. When they asked him to hold up two fingers, he could hold up two fingers. Unfortunately, because of the dysphagia, he had to go on and off of a ventilator twice, and now he seems to be much less cognizant.
Avatar m tn My 35 year old daughter had a stroke on August 26, 2008. I have also been looking for a message board or a group for support for her. Everything I am finding is for older people and I must say, young people's issues are so different. If any of you find something please come back and post it. I would be curious to know why you each had your stroke at a young age? My daughter's was from birth control pills and I think this is more common that most people realize.
758011 tn?1332269002 Conceivable Dreams has organized the PRAM PUSH FOR IVF FUNDING on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10th, 2009. Our goal is to raise awareness for the issue of IVF and infertility funding as a lead-in event to National Infertility Awareness Week. Imagine a sea of strollers and baby carriages pushed by infertility patients, their families and friends as we march to Queen’s Park.
Avatar f tn I was told that my elderly mom had a major stroke, first by a clot, they have said.. and then another issue days later(?) cause by an atrial fibrillation. Now they say the situation is critical... R sided stroke, and my mom hasn't really regained consciousness. her MRI shows one major stoke, and then a subsequent one caused by bleeding. Mannitol given and swelling of the brain has greatly subsided. Reacts to painful stimuli, by moving toes, when pinched under the arm. NG tube in place.
Avatar f tn // and We have some wonderful members who will be able to help, I'm sure. I'll let you know as soon as I know about the photos.