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Avatar f tn i have tried checking out the blog but apparently it doesn't exist. I would love to know your thoughts on Neuro Aid because my father had a stroke around four and a half months ago and we are interested on trying out this drug on him. Any advice will be greatly helpful. Thanks.
Avatar m tn This was an interesting blog posting on the ancient chinese medicine. It confirms my thoughts on magical stroke recovery. Here is a clinical trial but I couldn't read it. If this truly worked scientists and survivors would be all over this. Probably good as a placebo or just the normal 6-12 month spontaneous recovery attributed to the drug.
Avatar n tn Neither you nor your parents can do the work for him. Progress can continue years after the stroke. Passively waiting for stroke recovery will not accomplish anything. Your parents are now enablers of his passivity. Read Peter Levines blog on cavemen and strokes. Good luck.
Avatar m tn If you have access to a gym you could work on the exercise machines that require two arms and start exercising with both arms and slowly remove the good one and keep going with the bad arm at the lowest weight setting.. Read the book Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine for lots more ideas on what recovery will look like.
Avatar m tn m afraid with stroke recovery anything goes. What may be real for you might not be the reality for other survivors. Can I ask when your stroke was?
Avatar m tn All she can do at the moment is open her eyes and look to the Left and stare. The Doctors told me that this is how she might be for the rest of her life. Im scared to death because she is so young and i cant picture my life without her in it .So far we have been in the hospital for a month & I was wondering will she ever be able to talk and respond again?
Avatar m tn I received tPA within the hour but still ended up paralyzed. The doctor said I missed the fast miracle recovery and would have to settle for the slow miracle recovery.
Avatar m tn s been 60 days since she had the stroke. My question is does anyone know if someone with similar stroke recovered even partially and if so after how long. I know that every patient is different and their recovery won't be same. We are doing physio but all cases we heard so far are accident cases and they do seem to recover after a while but I never care across any patient like my mom who recovered.
Avatar f tn My brother had a massive stroke with a bleed on the brain and brain swelling, he was on a ventilator he can't eat or talk he has nothing on his right side but his left side is functional and he is very alert holds and kisses my hand and he acts like he's trying to tell me something what r his chances of being able to eat and talk again...
1821865 tn?1317522031 My mother had a stroke back on 11/15/2012 at work. She had suffered a schemic stroke on her right side which paralyze her left side completely. She was given tpa a week later she had a cranial bleed. They removed her right skull a few days later she had a second stroke where she lost her ability of speaking. Since she has not said a word. Now she is at a nursing home rehab where she makes 5 steps behind then forward now the place told us they are going to drop her because she is not improving.
Avatar f tn He was unconsoius when brought to the hospital. The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?
1226884 tn?1272081604 I can understand your worrying concerns about post-stroke recovery. Unfortunately, rehabilitation is the only effective way to help the patient regain function to the possible extent and prevent from permanent losses. If rehabilitation program is appropriately instituted, most of the stroke patients can regain maximum functions with appropriate therapy, training and support services.
Avatar n tn Is it true that the (stroke) recovery that one makes 6 months or 1 year later is probably the most they will recover?
Avatar n tn i actually had a portion of my cerebellum removed when i had my stroke. (the part of brain that controls balance and coordination). with ALOT of practice and repetition you can do anything!!! great motivation helps too! PATIENCE!! it just takes time. the brain is amazing.
Avatar m tn Or in the meantime, I would contact an attorney to try to stop the hospital from discharging your mother as well as requiring them to continue the feeding tube.until you can find another hospital.
Avatar f tn Most doctors have no clue on which people can recover past the standard 6-12 month spontaneous recovery. Read the book Stronger After Stroke by peter levine and a couple books on neuroplasticity by Sharon Begley.
Avatar m tn Post stroke the residual neurological symptoms and speech may improve or it may not. It depends on the location and size of the defect causing the stroke. You must take him to a speech therapist and his neurologist to assess whether speech will come back or not. Speech therapy, physical therapy and motivation is important for recovery. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn No one will be able to give an answer to that question since the damage to the brain is different for each person. The standard response is that the brain cells that were just knocked unconscious usually come back in six months. The recovery of functions that were controlled by the now dead brain cells will require your brain to work on neuroplasticity, basically moving control to another part of your brain.
Avatar m tn My mother had a severe stroke due to blood clot in blood of vessel brain,at age 40 leaving her paralyzed on her left side.The stroke also affected her site on left side.after stroke we rich hospital in 1 hour.
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Avatar m tn The only solace I can give is that other stroke victims say that the sleep is very peaceful and they were in no pain. The waiting is so hard. Here is a link to another stroke forum. Hang in there. http://www.************.com/boards/forumdisplay.php?