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Avatar f tn If anyone is in the greater Fredericksburg Virginia area, I am helping to organize a Chiari Awareness Walk in September 2011. The goal is to raise public awareness about how it affects our lives.
707563 tn?1587576687 PM: Thank You, Means a lot to finally after all these years to have a place to go to talk about my issues,hear others,& offer help to anyone with my own experiences. I have tried other Medical Forums,but much ado about nothing.
Avatar n tn My 85 yo mother has suffered a massive stroke 6 weeks ago. She is paralysed on her right side and has lost most of her speech. She is able to eat thickened food but cannot drink as she aspirates into her lungs. She has developed severe tremors in her left leg with associated loss of awareness and loud groaning. She appears to be in pain, but does not lose consciousness. The loss of awareness begins before the tremors and continues after the tremors. These events can continue for over 10 minutes.
458384 tn?1295720656 So much of life we all pass by With heedless ear, and careless eye. Bent with our cares we plod along, Blind to the beauty, deaf to the song. But moments there are when we pause to rest And turn our eyes from the goal's far crest. We become aware of the wayside flowers, And sense God's hand in the world of ours. We hear a refrain, see a rainbow's end, Or we look into the heart of a friend. We feel at one with mankind. We share His griefs and glories, joy and care.
Avatar f tn anyone suffered with severe pain in most joints on both sides(not just the side affected by stroke) and horrible stiffness in most joints in morning and electric type shock pain throughout body during the day since tgere stroke? i had a stroke in nov 2011 and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? feeling of cannot move whoke body and all joints have seized up in morning. seems to ease a little in afternoon but eletric type pain goes on all day.
1184518 tn?1264238389 This is a heavy food day-I think I show my love for the boys by cooking and eating big, gorgeous meals. I won't take any second helpings. I'm going to give myself time to get into a good place-time to gear up!
Avatar m tn My nearly 84 year old mother suffered a "major" stroke 2 days ago. She has not opened her eyes, though she shows signs of awareness and can follow directions when asked. She is sleeping allot. Initially she lost movement on her left side, but it very slowly seems to be coming back. She is saying words, though they are hard to understand. She is receiving IV fluids. The doctor said they would give her another day and see if she "wakes up".
1975961 tn?1326083459 Today I had a stroke
Avatar n tn I posted under the 'stroke and awareness' earlier, but should probably have done some general questions first.
Avatar m tn For one of my final year projects I am intending to design a product/service that aids stroke survivors through rehabilitation and the transition back to day to day activities. The brief also touches on making assistive technologies more aesthetically pleasing, moving away from large chunky white handrails for example. I understand that every stroke is different but would welcome any thoughts you may have towards my project, as well as any other issues you my have.
Avatar m tn s thankfully improving, with right side weakness and spasticity gradually improving. However, her cognitive awareness is minimal and so is her short-term memory: she can understand the present, but loses it all in half an hours' time. Long term memories are better though. She is also not able to realize that she needs to perform basic daily activities like gooing to the loo, eating, etc by herself which (perhaps) is leading to bowel control problems.
Avatar n tn I keep going through the day my husband had a stroke over and over in my mind almost every day. My husband had a bad headache...that was the first symptom that I didn't recognize. Then, he asked me to help him to the bathroom...he leaned on me...second clue. Last, I noticed his speech was kind of slurred...third clue. It was my husbands payday and I thought he had been drinking and that's why he had the slurred speech.
484160 tn?1343397921 On Sunday hubby woke up with his left arm numb and tingling. It drove him crazy all day. We figured it was most likely a pinched nerve. Sunday evening, he was still complaining about his arm, and just before he went to bed he mentioned, almost as an afterthought, that he just didn't feel right. I told him to get some rest and that I hoped he'd feel better in the morning. He woke before me on Monday, and went to work.
1110049 tn?1409402144 When I had a stroke on 17th June my face dropped on one side. i had a bleed on left side of my brain. My left side is weak and I find talking difficult. I was taken to hospital straight away, and spent nearly two weeks there. That was 8 weeks ago. i have been struggling. My speech hardly improved, and now i have lost my voice, but that may not be due to the stroke. my walking not too bad, but cannot use my left arm and hand.
Avatar n tn He is confused and very tired and often loses concentration and I think he is struggling when we get into a complex conversation but from pretty much the day after the stroke his awareness has improved every day. He does not want to watch TV and I do not think he can read and seems to have some cognitive problems. The main problem is he cannot speak, but does laugh and occassionally and will whisper "YES" and "NO", but not on command.
1291534 tn?1288818691 mom had a stroke.
101028 tn?1419603004 april 26th at 8:30 est on mtv - all part of the april is std awareness month as well as the GYT campaign ( get yourself tested ). Check out the GYT campaign on facebook too - https://www.facebook.
168348 tn?1379357075 00PM - 08:00PM (EST) September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Please join Dr. Mark Lupo on September 27th from 7pm to 8pm (Eastern Time) for a live, one hour health chat on the MedHelp website. Click here to register and ask your questions now: You'll also receive a reminder e-mail closer to the chat's date. See you soon!