National stroke awareness month

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1280753 tn?1367757932 org/chapters/ham/ May is National Hepatitis Awareness Month, which was first designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2001. This is an important opportunity to help raise awareness about viral hepatitis in this country. With up to 5 million Americans affected by chronic hepatitis B and C, there is a lot that still needs to be done to improve prevention, education, and access to medical care and treatment!
Avatar f tn Shame on them...Sept is national ovarian cancer awareness month ( ? ) ( also national leukemia and lymphoma awareness month ) ?? Waited and waited for some mention of at least one gyn cancer... Obama's mother apparently had ovarian cancer yet not one word!!!!!! As with Ronni I am (no offense) sick of pink ! and have sent my dollars to Yale research in honor of all of you.
Avatar f tn I had a stroke that involved the cerebellum and had ataxia from it. One of the best things you can do is try to keep your core and leg muscles strong. I wish you the best!
Avatar f tn I ate a huge amounts of food when I was Hyper thryroid - yet I had times when I didn't eat at all -- I forgot. I would get nausea because of eating to much and when I didn't because I was so empty. I am sure the abdominal distress is a part of that too. Has the doctor put her on any meds. I found relief from a nausea/ stomach spasm Rx prescribed to me at that time.
Avatar f tn With Sept. just around the corner, I was wondering if you were planning any features on ovarian cancer. There is new research, detection methods, longer survivorship and treatments to report on. It would be nice to see a month of TEAL information.
393685 tn?1425812522 I reckon it would be great for everyone to write to their local newspaper stating it is Thyroid Awareness month and to ask them to run a story of a thyroid patient. Hopefully a good news story, not one of our own sob stories! LOL! I am going to do that, write to the local rag, and see what happens!
Avatar f tn com/science_motherhood/autism_awareness_month The month of April is National Autism Awareness month. Because this is a subject that touches many, and is frequently a topic of discussion not only on this site - but across the entire world of media and journalism – ScientificBlogging will be presenting a special series of articles focused on autism during the month of April.
Avatar f tn But two recent posts have reinvigorated me - so many of us are suffering, we need to raise awareness and medical expertise. Anyway, October is Breast Health Month in Canada and I believe the States -- I am hoping to leverage on the campaigns currently in place to access some organizations that may be able to assist. Does anyone else have any ideas for their countries or in general, for awareness campaigns?
446474 tn?1446347682 The CDC has declared May as Hepatitis Awareness Month and the U.S. Department of Health and Services has established May 19thas National Hepatitis Testing Day as a key component of its National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan. The San Francisco Hepatitis C Task Force and San Francisco Hep B Free are partnering to increase awareness about viral hepatitis in San Francisco and to make hepatitis B and C screening the standard of care for at-risk populations.
572651 tn?1530999357 I had the strangest e-mail a week or two ago, in which the sender's name and subject line both made me suspicious, but only because of some unique naming coincidences. Turns out it was from a young lady publicizing an MS walk in a town not far from here. Our county commissioners last night unanimously passed a resolution to name March "National MS Awareness Month" in our county. (How we have a national month in our one county wasn't made clear to me.
Avatar n tn about a week and a half ago i had sex with a condom on but there was some lubricant used i dont know if it was oil are warter based an about three days later i started noticing very slight pains in my testicals. mine you this happen in june with national awareness month so ever time i turned on the tv or drove a block i saw or herd somthing about hiv and it had my mind playing tricks on me.
865758 tn?1285952904 January is Thyroid Awareness Month, please help spread the word! This disease is horrible and makes you turn into someone you aren't both physically and mentally (just ask my family). Thanks to my family and friends for remembering the before me and know that I am fighting everyday to overcome this! In the words of my endocrinologist, "Not your fault, you a nice lady".