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Avatar n tn These word are only for those afflicted and I charge anyone reading these words that they shall not depart out of thy mouth from henceforth and for ever. Except for the Bible quotes. God bless you all, shalom alechem.
Avatar n tn I believe the RN here quotes 50-75% of Birad 4 biopsies are benign, but my surgeon told me about 75% are benign. For a stereotactic biopsy they use mammogram (or some use a similar proceedure with ultrasound) to find the area to biopsy. They make a 1/4 inch incision for the needle which I understand can point different directions to take numerous samples. Very, very thin slices of tissue are removed using a vacuum type suction.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have plates to extend the jaw, but they are very small... but still, more hardware than I want. I believe each plate has 2 screws, so its a total of 4 plates and 8 screws. Hahaha... I shouldnt be laughing, but again, another lie from my doc. He told he had phenomenal success with this surgery, but as I said, I met 2 of his other patients, and they both were having complete revisions with other doctors. I guess in a way he was right...