Stroke after chiropractic adjustment

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1300551 tn?1326761490 After previous day's chiropractic adjustment, my hips are really bothering me.
4863232 tn?1360527626 Pain levels are recorder after having a chiropractic massage and adjustment.
Avatar f tn chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, B12-lipid-injection
Avatar f tn Can a chiropractic adjustment cause fever? I just had one a little while ago, the first in several years, to help with SI joint pain, and on the way home I suddenly felt flushed and achy, like I had the flu. When I checked my temp it was 99.5. Would this be a result of the adjustment?
Avatar f tn Muscle spasms, chiropractic adjustment off 3/4 in in pelvis area.
1300551 tn?1326761490 Experiencing great degree of neck/shoulder stiffness.
Avatar f tn JackieCalifornia- got the MRI because of my back pain after the chiropractic adjustment (I wanted to rule out injury). They did find 2 bulging disks in my spine that had never bothered me before the chiropractor. I'm assuming the adjustments must have activated them or something as he would have to have applied alot of force to cause them to bulge. However, alot of people have bulging disks and mine aren't pinching nerves so they really shouldn't cause pain.
Avatar m tn Patients with complicated misalignments can experiences significant structural shifts after a chiropractic adjustment. These positive changes can feel unpleasant initially. That's not to say your chiropractor didn't adjust you incorrectly... if that's the case, then no, headaches/neck pain aren't normal after an adjustment.
1474611 tn?1416632958 I went to get a chiropractic adjustment yesterday AM. I've been hurting all PM today. I'm hoping it settles down overnight.
Avatar f tn I was really nervous and had an anxiety attack beforehand. Chiropractic adjustment. Start Ambien.
Avatar n tn It was slightly sore the day after each adjustment. However, for the last week, my neck is (especially left) has been really bothering me. I feel pain under my left ear and back of my head and into my left shoulder. Slight weekness or acheness in left arm. The pain is always there, however the intensity is worse by end of day. I canceled my appointment today with chiro. I was afraid to be talked into another adjustment. Any advise.
Avatar f tn My legs do that too. Usually I'll go in for a chiropractic adjustment and that helps. The only time it doesn't help is when my son is pinching the nerve.
Avatar f tn t remember much else about this day, except that I was worried a lot.
Avatar n tn Chiropractic care has been helpful to many BUT a lot of people who come to this site have never been diagnosed and are looking for information because their cases are out of the ordinary. Everyone, Please be very careful before getting a chiropractic adjustment before a firm diagnosis is made. Smith2007, if you're a chiropractor are you Dr. Smith? Could you please explain how a chiropractic adjustment can relieve the pain of a severe common migraine.
Avatar f tn I do get adjusted very often. However, I do know some sorness is normal after an adjustment. Also, I have never done any kind of stretching that was recommended by the doctor.
Avatar f tn Remember, you are in control so advise your chiropractor of your comfort level. If you feel a sharp pain after an adjustment, let them know. As far as permanent damage, there's little risk of this, since you've already had a full medical workup, have no broken bones, ruptured discs, or other conditions where a chiropractor may exacerbate a spinal problem. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I have had whiplash too many times than I care to count and I know when I need a chiropractic adjustment because I will wake up with horrible ear pain. I recommend that you either find a way to get a good massage or go to a chiropractor for an adjustment. If you have never had neck problems before you might just need a nice neck massage.
Avatar m tn Can a chiropractic adjustment relieve sinus conditions? I experience some dizziness when I bend my head forward a few inches.