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Avatar f tn Primary prevention is a lot less effective than secondary prevention (as judged by the number needed to treat to prevent one stroke per year).Recent guidelines detail the evidence for primary prevention in stroke. Because stroke may indicate underlying atherosclerosis, it is important to determine the patient's risk for other cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease. Conversely, aspirin prevents against first stroke in patients who have suffered a myocardial infarction.
Avatar n tn Whereas the ADA used to recommend low-dose aspirin for every diabetic patient over the age of 40, their new guidelines suggest aspirin as a prevention strategy only in those with diabetes whose cardiovascular risk is above average. This includes men over age 50 or women over age 60 with at least one additional major risk factor. In other words, according to the ADA, younger diabetic patients without associated cardiovascular risk factors appear not to benefit from taking aspirin.
Avatar n tn i was having sex right stroke after stroke and when i was about to ejeculate i felt that the condom has bust and i withdrew but when i withdrew i ejeculate but out side the vagina and im not sure if i had contact with the skin but when i withdrew to see the broke condom immidietly ejculated
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Avatar m tn Arthur Agatston taking daily aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke. Recent research has shed new light on this. Indeed, mounting evidence reported in a number of leading medical journals now suggests that if you’re healthy and not at significant risk for a heart attack, you should not be taking aspirin preventively. That’s because the studies show that aspirin doesn’t reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke in healthy people.
1310633 tn?1430224091 Previous reports have focused on higher rates of binge drinking among males, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in its report, aims to raise awareness of binge drinking among women as a serious problem that's held steady for more than a decade. "Although binge drinking is more of a problem among men and boys, binge drinking is an important and under-recognized women's health issue," said Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director.
Avatar m tn Of course there is a difference in preparation and lowering your risks to help prevent stroke or heart attack. Prevention is always the best approach, as much as possible that is.
Avatar n tn I did about 3 strokes (2 with the direction of growth and 1 against) and then realized it was not my razor and stopped; the final stroke produced about a 5mm cut on my upper lip. I estimate the razor had not been used for about 36 hours or more.
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Avatar n tn I recently had a mild stroke in the left hemisphere of my brain. About two weeks later I started having a problem with my left arm and hand falling asleep. At first this was just an annoyance however, the tingling sensation has been happening more often and with more intensity. Could this problem be caused by the stroke? Will it eventually go away? Can I do anything to help eliminate this problem? Could someone explain why this is happening?
Avatar m tn I would say in general terms that loss of peripheral vision be it from glaucoma, stroke, retinal disease like retinitis pigmentosa or other causes is usually not something that can be rehabilitated. There are some new computer programs with vision simulators that try to help patients try to rehabilitate the use of lost peripheral vision mainly from stroke and there has be at least some encouraging, though limited, results with that.
Avatar n tn Treatment of stroke depends on whether the stroke is ischemic or hemorrhagic and on the underlying cause of the condition. The long-term goals of treatment include rehabilitation and prevention of additional strokes. In your uncle’s case it could be ischaemic or hemorrhagic stroke due to high BP. If it is a ischaemic infarct, anti platelet drugs, anti coagulants and thrombolytics are employed in the treatment. If it is hemorrhagic infarct the hematoma needs to be evacuated with surgery.
Avatar m tn . but if you can simply tell me if her blood and fluid getting under the rim of my condom, with my semen, could facilitate the replication of the virus in my condom while im still inside of her.
Avatar m tn The guidelines from the manufacture of the tests is 3 months.
Avatar f tn After unprotected sex I had a negative result 13.5 weeks after in an std exam that also looked for HIV 1 and if reactive they also would test for HIV 2 and both were negative. I feel very confident in this result, I live in a country ( Canada) where healthcare is good but why do some people insist on six months testing? In my case im Tottaly in the clear right? I'm just asking again since my doctor didn't tell me any testing guidelines and some forums say 6 months is conclusive.
Avatar f tn If he was falling frequently, sometimes the risk of staying on these meds (bleeding with fall that could lead to death) outweighs the benefit (stroke prevention which is a few percent per year), which is something his physician needs to determine. Given his age, and history of blood in stool and falls, it is reasonable to keep him on warfarin (coumadin), especially due to the evidence in people over 75 on Pradaxa, and the difficulty of reversal with Xarelto given his falls history.
Avatar m tn Search for ‘Antiplatelet therapy for secondary prevention of stroke’. Under Aspirin, you will get the details. Good Luck. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Available for iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad™, Android™, and BlackBerry® Learn more June 7, 2011 (Boston, Massachusetts) — The Endocrine Society today unveiled a Clinical Practice Guideline on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of vitamin D deficiency, with an emphasis on the care of patients who are at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Michael F.
Avatar f tn This question goes to Vance, I noticed that yesterday in a post to the user called whitehouse you told her that she was basicly lied to and you said after 8 weeks her results were conclusive. I will post the link below, but I was wondering is it true are those the new guidelines how are you so confident? http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn // and other members to your question in the HIV Prevention Community I suggest you look here and check the health department guidelines in your country. Best of luck.
18796040 tn?1468082290 There are many changes happening due the new CDC guidelines. Doctors are panicking over these guidelines, reading them as law. I fear for the future of people who are chronic pain patients. It is just awful what is happening.