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Avatar f tn Im very stressed out because of my situation im so scare i might go in labor early than my due date can any1 tell me what stress does to the baby im tryn to stop stressing but my situation not letting me im 16 weeks
Avatar f tn Ok then that's a different story but don't stress ur self it's not healthy for ur baby in can cause u preterm labor ,and put money on ur phone only when u can
Avatar f tn How much does stress truly impact your unborn child ? My whole pregnancy has been completely miserable !! And I have been put through a lot , along with losing all appetite and losing a rapid amount of weight .
Avatar f tn No need to stress yourself and the baby. Stress is not good at all d for ur unborn child!I kno us saying leave is easier said then done but you have to put u and ur child first! !!!!
Avatar f tn Second hand smoke effects everyone and is especially bad for baby. Did your doctor explain any of this to you? A drug test is something to worry about, but you and baby's health is much more important than that.
9532182 tn?1421991391 Ive looked up the dna test for an unborn baby and they are way expensive.
Avatar f tn Any stress is bad for the baby. But if it makes you feel any better I'm a crybaby and having a hard time in my marriage. So I've been crying alot. I'm 25wks....
Avatar n tn Stress alone could delay your period as well as many other things but if theres any possiblity you might be pregnant, take a test. Whether for your peace of mind or the health of your unborn baby...the sooner you know the better. Good luck hunn!!
Avatar f tn Im going thru alot of stress and not getting along with my partner..and not eating alot and always crying. . I think this is is between me and my partner i dont think he love me and my unborn child...i need help...can anybody give me any advice on how to handle this?
Avatar n tn How much damage or what kind of damage can stress and depression do to my unborn child? I really have no way to manage my stress nor can i only live on one job. Any idea on damage?
Avatar f tn A lot I had my daughter early due to stress she had to stay in the hospital for two months and ten days so try to find a way to stay stress free
Avatar f tn It's unlikely that she'll quit if she has been using for all of her pregnancy so far. The damage is done. Her baby's nervous system is wrecked, and the baby will likely scream throughout early childhood and will have difficulties all his life. Even if she quits today. And then there's the added burden on the child to have a mother who does meth, and therefore won't care for the child adequately. Tell her it will take a month, and see if she'll quit.
Avatar f tn Any level of stress is harmful for your unborn child as you are its main life sorce, try to get as much rest as possible, over working yourself can cause your unborn childs heart rate to increase which would lead to a heart attack :( If you are in your first Tri haveing your one year old on your stomich is fine, as the sack which holds your baby is actually in your pelvic area at the mommnet . I know this one bc my 5 year old jumped on my stomich and I whent to the ER. lol all is well.
Avatar f tn 5 centimeters ive tryed not to be stressed but never seems to work out between parents from both sides andbetween us cux of parents then my sister who is due n e day now went to hhospital for her baby and labor pains then the same day my grandfather had a heartattack.
Avatar f tn I know I'll need some but no idea how to even start that process!
Avatar n tn m trying to stay strong because I know the stress is not good for the baby I just am not sure how to slow my brain down from worrying about what ifs......
Avatar f tn Anyone know?
Avatar f tn So sorry for your loss. I know it's difficult to say try not to stress in this situation but please try not to. If you have a support system keep them around you to help you pull through. My prayers are with you and your unborn. Take care of yourself.
Avatar n tn No. Nothing going on any different than it has been. I may have possibly misunderstood. Maybe it's a stress test on the baby. But still - there are no problems. I can't understand what the need would be for any of that.
Avatar f tn There is a non stress test AND a stress test.... There are different reasons for both. During a non stress test they hook you up to a monitor and just keep an eye on baby's movements and heart rate... During a stress test they hook you up to a monitor but they induce contractions to see how baby reacts.
Avatar f tn Every day I've been stressing and fighting w, I hate him so much w, a passion. He always made my life a living hell. Im only 9 weeks pregnant and I feel my baby won't.make it w, the situation I've been going through :(((( cz when I stress my blood start rising.and I start shaking cz im so upset. I called my.mother in law and thnk God their letting my husband, son and stay w, them for awhile but.till then we, need to find a place. My.
Avatar n tn Gardasil is for HPV not chlamydia. If you have a positive chlamydia test then see your Dr for medication.
Avatar f tn Honestly, it's better to get it out before the babies here so you can be strong for her, however, stress isn't the best for a baby as it can put you into labor! My mom always told me "calm mothers make calm babies" haha, so sorry you're going through this pregnant, when you're emotions are already a roller coaster! I hope things get better for you!
Avatar n tn I use to blaze for along time until I came out pregnant my doctor did me a blood test to see that everything was fine with me andsure enough she tells me everything came out normal except you're dirty on marijuana so she told me if I wAs still smoking n I told her no the last day I smoke was August 2 2011 .
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is really making me feel horrible.. He's not trying to do anything for my unborn baby and he gets mad when I buy thing's I need for my unborn ..He's not working and he don't seem like he trying to get a job ..I'm just ready to have my baby so I can feel happy again..
Avatar f tn I am supposed to have a stress test for my baby in a couple days . I am worried its going to hurt. Has anyone has this done??
Avatar f tn A stress test or a non stress test? Because they are different a non stress test is just a monitor that they put on you to measure the babies movements. A stress test actually induced contractions and is used to see how baby reacts, like if there is movement or if there is a drop in heart rate.