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Avatar n tn I too, like Seattlemom2plus' husband, used to enjoy a LOT of strawberries. Then one day my face would swell right up after eating them. I was tested and confirmed a strawberry allergy. I never smoked, still don't. I still have the allergy (among others now too).
Avatar n tn Hi. 6 weeks ago I started developing an itchy rash that started on the back of my scalp and upper back. Then appeared on the rest of my back my arms my chest and abdomen been to an allergist and she sent me to a dermatologist that did a biopsy that stated contact dermatitis or medicine reaction. The dermatologist said it could also be a food allergy. She suggested another dermatologist. I feel sick from this. Been using cortisone lotion and antihistamines not working that good. Help.
Avatar f tn The symptoms you describe are almost all neurologic and not the type of symptoms associated with food allergy. I would agree with the Allergist that the localized numbness you describe is highly unlikely related to anything you ingested. The positive ANA of 1:320 is elevated. It is a relatively non-specific test, almost always seen with Lupus but also seen with a variety of autoimmune diseases including those in which vasculitis is most prominent.
Avatar m tn danibwell - Excellent observation on the possible food allergies. Also, drug allergies can develop at any time at any age. I'm gonna guess that's why your doctor had you stop the Bicillin. Perhaps you've developed a penicillin allergy. Drug allergies often manifest as a strawberry colored skin rash and welts/hives. (Sorry... I hadn't read this post before I answered the other one.
Avatar f tn Because every time we had pork... He would get a headache, and then a rash. We stopped the pork... Seemed to get better... But then it began again... So the doc sent him for a food allergy panel. The doctors office just called today... And the doctor wants to see us.... As soon as possible due to the allergies that have shown up on his test results. I am at a loss. They faxed over the report and here is what it showed: The reference range for all is 35 and under is normal. Wheat: 1.
Avatar n tn I went to strip club 1 month ago i got private dance i touched all over her body except the vegina part i got cold after 4 i got low grade cold , bad coughing , very runny nose and i got rash on my chest + strawberry tongue started i went to the Emergency @ the weekend after the cold has gone i showed the doctor the rash and the strawberry tongue and she asked me if i am healthy i told her of course i am , she told me that i have impetigo is that sypmtons of hiv ??? do i have hiv ?
Avatar m tn If it is scabies (the rash caused by mites) you more than likely will develop blisters along with the rash. Scabies is VERY contagious. It is possible for an allergic reaction to last that long if you are not doing away with the culprit. Example: laundry detergent; if you are allergic to it and still using it, the rash will remain until you do away with it. Your rash sounds like a possible contact dermatitis.
Avatar f tn creme for rash and we applied it and rash is also gone. But he still had strawberry tongue and tonsils. So I took him to pediatrician. He asked for blood test with ASOT, Sed rate, plates count, something for inflammation in blood test. And he asked for ECG as well. Same time he asked us to stop all the medications. We got everything done and stopped 2nd antibiotic (So in total 2nd antibiotic was taken for 5 days). He didn't have any fever for the next 3 days.
Avatar m tn I'm a swimmer and have developed this rash which consists of red bumps over my back, arms, front and legs. The rash itches terribly. I've tried creams and lotions and the rash stops itching in about two days. I find if I wash three times it seems to help keep it from getting to bad. Therefore I assume that it is something in the water. It only happens when I swim in my "Y" pool.
Avatar f tn It could be allergy to any pollutant in the water or an allergy to your sunscreen too. It is really difficult to comment. Please consult an allergy specialist regarding this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
1495733 tn?1288817251 I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a viral infection despite the nasty strawberry rash covering my body. It took me 2 weeks to recover and I really want to know the true diagnostic to this because this is not so common.
Avatar f tn How do you get rid of a allergic reaction to rayon, i have itching intensity, a rash?
Avatar f tn April same allergy. Went to Doctor 3 times they doubt it might due to fog allergy. Every time the food is different so I couldn't figure the cause. It came during winter and now spring time.. Changed soap shampoo & all items I doubted. Still it comes. One thing I'm sure is it starts in the evening only. And developing thru entire night or next day. Please help me to find the cause or solution..
Avatar m tn t concerned and suggested I continue to take it. Yesterday (day 9), I noticed a rash beginning on my arm, and called the doctor to advise and update. He asked to see me, and by the time I got there (2 HOURS later), it had spread to my entire body, save my genitals and head. He still was very non chalant, given the potentially fatal side effects. After 1 dose of prednisone, while the rash has seemingly faded in color, it seems more dense. Is this a normal allergic reaction or something more?
Avatar f tn When my face is exposed to the sun I develop a raised rash all over my face which is red and blotchy but also with lots of white spots. The rash only occurs on my face even if the rest of my body is exposed. I wear a factor 50 sunscreen and try to cover my face as much as possible but it generally occurs whenever I am in the sun for a period of time. The rash usually takes up to five days to clear and can be quite sore.
Avatar f tn Hello I got a rash about three weeks after having unprotected vaginal intercourse (he also cummed in me) we also had unprotected sex three times before this but he didn't cum in me. It went away a few days later. I have no other symptoms. They were on my stomach and thighs and were small red, pimply and itchy and my face was also quite sensitive to touch. At the time of the possible infection I also had the morning after pill and started the pill.
Avatar f tn Are these HİV rash symptoms? I have a small patch of red on my chest like size of a silver dollar and no raised areas--no dots-- just red and and İ have allergy symptoms like stuffy nose. No fever. Does this sound like ARS conversion and HIV rash?
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Avatar m tn By Mayo Clinic staff Sun allergy is a condition in which sunlight triggers a skin reaction. For most people, sun allergy symptoms include an itchy red rash in areas that have been exposed to sunlight. A severe sun allergy may cause hives, blisters or other symptoms. There are several types of sun allergy — including polymorphic light eruption (PMLE), actinic prurigo, chronic actinic dermatitis (CAD) and solar urticaria.
Avatar m tn You can also use a barrier cream with zinc oxide paste or calamine lotion or a mild steroid cream like dermacort on the rash. If the rash is itchy,you can take some antihistaminic like benadryl or Claritin. If the symptoms persist then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist.Antifungals may be needed. I hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.