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Avatar n tn As far as I am aware, dogs cannot contract chicken pox. This sounds much more like a food allergy rash to me. You will need to get your dog to a vet so they can prescribe an anti-inflamitory and an appropriate antibiotic. Can you list what you are feeding your dog? If it includes beef or chicken, I would stop feeding them, as they can be the root cause of allergies in some dogs.
932657 tn?1244560217 My dog once ran through nettles and had a similar rash. Also I have heard that Poison Ivy in dogs is not common, but can sometimes happen. And there are many other plants, both wild, and in gardens, which COULD cause rashes.
Avatar n tn I know a lot of dogs are allergic to certain proteins in their food, so sometimes it helps to try a different food. Some are also allergic to pollen...even dust. And unlike people who often get watery eyes and sneezing, most allergies in dogs cause itchy skin or rashes. Maybe you could ask your doctor for a prescription food to venison. Also, for temporary relief, you could try an oatmeal bath.
Avatar n tn Shop around with local breeders and go in to the area with the dogs. If you can put your self in a room where other breed dogs have not been, stay with them where they sleep, you should know if you are allergic to that breed. This way you might find one that you are not allergic to at all. :) Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn When I am around common animals that have dander such as dogs, cats, bunnies or hamsters, I begin to develop a slight rash and my eyes swollen and I have an asthma attack. Well, I was around a cat the other day. I was holding it and petting it and stroking it. My left eye slightly swollen and my upper arm had 2 bumbs...I had no asthma. I am usually worse around dogs...but are my allergies starting to get better?
Avatar m tn His skin does have a history of being sensitive - he cannot use aftershave or perfumed toiletry products as he comes out in a rash of small red dots (particularly on his genitals). The symptoms he is experiencing now is an uncontrollable itching sensation but with no visible rash or spots. The only place this is apparent is in his hair on the scalp where there are some spots that can burst or bleed when scratched.
Avatar n tn Having worked for a vet dermatologist for years I can tell you that first off dogs cannot get poison ivy they are not affected by the oils but can transmit them to humans. Whenever I hear someone say hives or rash in a dog I chuckle because dogs don't get that either what you ARE seeing is bacterial infection of the skin which means you pup needs to see a vet asap and get some antibiotics to systemically clear things up. Finding the underlying cause is another issue to discuss.
746058 tn?1248344665 Unfortunately, there is no accurate skin or blood test for food allergy in dogs, the test and treatment is the hypoallergenic diet for 6-8 weeks with no other treats, table scraps, rawhides, milkbones, chewable supplements, etc. The dermatitis, hairloss and odor that you are describing is likely a bacterial skin infection, secondary to allergies. Normal bacteria on the skin overgrow and create infection in allergic animals.
Avatar m tn Additionally, skin infections are often symptoms of an underlying disease, and in dogs with chronic diarrhea, food allergy is highly suspect, so you may want to talk to your veterinarian about starting a prescription hypoallergenic diet trial (unfortunaely, there are no accurate skin or blood tests for food allergy, the test and treatment are the hypoallergenic diet trial for 6-8 weeks with no other foods or treats).
Avatar f tn The veternarian diagnosed it as canine acne and prescribed an antibiotic. The rash resolved but then came back. When it returned, I tried using neosporin on it and it went away. Now his skin between his toe pads is dark red and looks raw. We took him back to the vet and he said it was an allergy and prescribed a steroid. Once the steroid is finished, we could try to treat with benadryl. I hate to give my dog a steroid. I think he has an allergy to something he is walking on and/or laying on.
Avatar f tn Im allergic to all kinds of stuff outside like pollen and mold, and also mosqitos, dogs, cats, and rabbits. im probably allergic to more than that, and just dont know it. I also hav asthma. Im around dogs all the time, but I have never actually gotten welts or anything, only sneezing and stuff like that. I considered mosquito bites, but all of the welts are on one side of my face and all over the side of my neck. And I rarely get bitten on the face by mosquitos anyway.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks pregnant with my first child and I keep getting horrible bumps and rashes mostly at night. They itch so so so bad. Is this a pregnancy thing? At first I thought it was my laundry soap but that was ruled out. Now I'm currently thinking I've developed an allergy to my three dogs.
Avatar n tn Sounds like an allergy. Normally dogs don't get a rash what it is, is a bacterial infection of the skin. I work at a vet derm specialist and there are many causes for an allergy. First get any secondary infection cleared with some antibiotics. Second the key to managing allergies could be diet or environmental or flea. Definitely have your vet take another look. You can go to acvd (dot) org and look for a vet derm in your area if your are in the states.
Avatar n tn Could be dry skin or mites, like ear mites in your dogs ears. Cats get these mites too. Check the dogs ears and if not, maybe could be simple case of dry skin or possible allergy. Check with your vet of course.
Avatar n tn A history,and how it started,associated symptoms like fever,itching would help to come to some diagnosis.As spotter i can think of a viral rash,ampicillin drug allergy,nothing serious though.
Avatar m tn If she has no open sores, bath her in a mild shampoo fir dogs then try a diluted cider vinegar rinse. Let that set on fir maybe 5 mins then rinse off. Keep away from the eye area.
Avatar f tn The most common reasons for itchy skin in dogs include skin infections, microscopic skin parasites such as fleas, scabies or demodex mites, food allergy, or pollen/dust allergies. Dogs with fleas or allergies commonly scratch and traumatize themselves, creating a secondary bacterial skin infection/rash that makes the itch worse, and this is something that needs veterinary care. If skin infection is present, it is treated with antibiotics for 3-4 weeks and mild antibacterial shampoos.
679466 tn?1247006054 Redness, skin irritation and itching are very common symptoms of allergies in dogs. Since the symptoms come and go and improve with the cortisone cream, she most likely has allergies to environmental factors such as pollen, grass, and dust.
Avatar n tn One often over-looked area in dog allergies is shampoo. Sometimes people use human shampoo on their dogs because it smells good, but the perfumes can cause allergic reactions. That's one reason that the best dog shampoos have little, if any, odor at all. I'm obviously grasping at straws here, so hopefully someone else with more allergy experience and advice than I can provide.
Avatar f tn I never recommend steroid shots in dogs due to side effects, and in general steroids are minimally helpful in cases of food allergy. The flaking of the skin is most likely due to a secondary bacterial skin infection, which should be treated with antibiotics; steroids will worsen skin infection. The diet change alone will not resolve infection, but the correct hypoallergenic diet should prevent itch and infections from recurring.
Avatar m tn I've visited the doctor and the diagnosis was an allergy reaction. The doctors recommendation was to take claritin and apply hydrocortisone topical cream to my forehead twice a day. It's been roughly 10 days and I haven't seen any improvement. I have uploaded a picture: My day usually consists of the same thing, I eat a Lara bar and banana in the morning along with a sugar free energy drink.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies! I'm 21 and been having the itchy leg problem too for about 3 months now; it's so awful that when I scratch in the middle of the night, I scratch so vigorously that I wake my boyfriend up and keep him awake for hours because the itching won't stop. I've tried Benadryl, anti itch creams, nothing works. I haven't been to the doctor yet, I'm waiting to talk to my dermatologist cousin first.
Avatar m tn For over a year I have been suffering with a changing rash. Several months before this all started I was stung fifty plus times on each arm by Asian Tiger Mosquitoes. two to three months later the rash broke out on my arms and legs, I had what appeared to be poison which went away and then reappeared. I did have contact with some bushes in the yard a week before the outbreak.