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389679 tn?1200520658 I have found on 3 occations of eating whole wheat by the next day I am almost passing out from pain. Almost like contractions.... I feel the cramps in my back legs and stomach. I have been told that I have ibs, but nuts, fresh fruit, raw vegitables do not bother me at all. Could it be just something to do with whole wheat????
Avatar f tn Do these things have any relevance? During Lent, I fasted from wheat products (not all gluten-containing foods, however). I felt SO good. I could run without being as short of breath, I was mentally clear, all rashes were gone, I was "regular," and was happy and full of energy. Shortly after, I got tested for CD. Doctors say this fast threw off the test results.
172411 tn?1287089865 we have been together for 3 years and just founded out that he cant eat wheat and that was what was causeing problems with his stomach. my problem is what can i make for him that doesnt have wheat in it or processed through wheat.. supper has been meat and pototeos for a long time now and im so sick of eating that all the time. alot of food that is glution free is nastey any advice on this would be great. thanks for reading.
Avatar m tn She was diagnosed a month ago and have been complaining about stomach pain, sometimes worst than others. With her stomach pain, she also experiences horrible chest pain that comes and goes. I have taken her to her pediatrician, and am now demanding to see a specialist because sometimes she is doubled over in pain. What crazy it that once we get to the hospital, the pain is not as severe. The doctors assumed that she was lying about it, but I know thats untrue. I don't know what to do anymore.
Avatar n tn Stomach pain that radiates to the back often suggests pancreatitis, but it's usually a pretty severe pain. Could be the h. pylori is back, or just a general gastritis. For celiac disease there's a blood test you can take, but if you have no bowel symptoms it's probably not that - plus you would probably notice the association with eating wheat. There is a blood test for it if you're still unsure. Keep at it and you'll eventually find the answer. Good luck.
Avatar m tn My Fiance has some problem. she has vomiting, Cold & stomach pain problem,, after endoscopy and blood test doctors says please ignore wheat from diet for 2-3 years... in blood test 15% negative report shown please tell me.. how to solve this problem...
526146 tn?1287445848 For approximately a month I have had excruciating stomach pain. I had a baby 5 months ago and had terrible heartburn for the last 2 months of pregnancy and I wondered if it was that that was re-surfacing. I have also had a LOT of stress in the last year and through my pregnancy. However, it got to the point where I was in so much pain I felt winded. I have pain up towards my lungs and in my stomach. It stops me eating etc.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 years old. Have been having stomach pain for the last 6 month. I get it every time I eat anything, it doesn't matter what it is. I'd describe it as lightheaded, dizziness, I almost feel "high". And after those symptoms pass, they are followed by constant stomach churning and gurgling, and it's painful. I barely have an appetite anymore, I've lost 30 pounds or so since this has started, I'm not a shy eater so I'm very confused why this is happening out of the blue!
Avatar n tn In a few weeks I had gone from not being able to get comfortable in any position to being able to move pain free without so much as a tylenol. All of my foot pain was gone. I could sit in a chair for hours. I could finally sleep through the night. My friends and co workers were amazed. One of my co-workers had and 11 year old daughter who had been diagnosed with anemia.
Avatar m tn My daughter has been suffering with nausea and stomach pain for four months. Our family doctor and two gastroenterologists have been unable to diagnose the problem. The pain is located directly below her ribs in the center. She has not lower abdomen problems or unusual bowel movements. (regular, normal) She has had blood work done twice, H.pylori, celiac, ect. all came back normal. She had an endoscopy of her stomach, with a biopsy, all normal.
Avatar f tn and walking even 20 feet after eating causes terrible pain in my stomach and chest to the point that I want to vomit ( but I don't I just cough uncomtrollably for several hours) Could I be suffering from CD or wheat glutin allergies and if so could my GI Dr. order those tests?
Avatar f tn which basically means your stomach doesn't empty the food out into your intestines and I have had weeks in a row where my stomach wouldn't empty. My doctors diagnosed the cause of my stomach pain from dysautonomia. It really is painful, I feel for him. Try fludrocortisone if he can tolerate it, also, dysautonomia may also cause GERD which further complicates the stomach problems.
Avatar f tn I have lost total confidence with my gp practice as previously I have been told I was suffering from a stomach bug to norovirus to which I have not any symptoms at all or suffered from. For my health, I desperately require a proper diagnosis & not guess work a.s.a.p.
Avatar m tn i have had this shooting pain in my stomach for about three weeks. i can't seem to find out what it may be. it's so bad i double over in the floor. i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. it's not just in one spot it's all over my stomach. thanks.
Avatar n tn One of my daughters from an young age always had stomach and headaches; she was always so pale and did not look well for years; doctors tried a whole slew of tests and medications. It wasn't until she was in her 20's that she saw an environmental doctor (I knew she wouldn't be committed to changing her diet as a teen if she had to). She found out she had allergies to wheat, corn, eggs, dairy ...
Avatar n tn Hi Johnson, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I'm glad you found us but sorry to hear about your land standing stomach pain. You've seen a physician but has he/she performed any medical testing? have you have an gastric endoscopy? If this has been going on since you were a small child do you have a structural problem? Have you had any diagnostic testing? If you haven't seen a gastroenterologist I would certainly suggest that you make an appointment to see one.
Avatar m tn At that point, I had been eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol - (irritated stomach?). That pain has also since ceased. I have had, on average, 1 alcoholic drink per day - a mixed drink of 4 ounces alcohol in a 16 ounce glass for the last several years. I only mention this to establish that I've been staying within a routine. I drink about 80 ounces of water per day (kidney stones). No blood, nausea, weight loss or anything out the ordinary save for above mentioned issue(s).
Avatar m tn i have a swollen distorted stomach, pain down the right side which varies from wanting to make me scream to mild nagging pain... i have constanst diarreha.. which occurs after every meal and is worse in the mornings, i feel bloated, tired and sometimes sick....
Avatar m tn I ate Raisin Bran randomly last night, and literally 2 minutes later, I had very severe stomach pain and ran into the bathroom, and everything came out. I've gotten a pregnancy test and I'm not pregnant, I don't have any STD's, I'm negative for Celiac... I don't know what's wrong. The only thing I can possibly think of is that I got a parasite when I went to South Africa in mid-April, but I doubt it because I mainly ate apples and bread.
Avatar m tn I'm sure they have, but have they done tests for heicobacto pylori, celiac disease, gluten or wheat sensitivity? Which particular bllod tests have they run? What exact area of your stomach hurts and what tyoe of pain- cramping, stabbing, burning, etc? If it is the upper right quadrant it could be more related to the liver or bile ducts. Have they checked that ? I'm guessing that you have been through trials of Aciphex, etc.? Do you still have your gallbladder?
Avatar n tn For the past 2-3 years I have had extreme lower stomach pains, cramps, diarrhea. I have also had moderate-sever lower back pain. I went to the Doctor to get help with the back pain and he reffered me to an Orthopedic Specialist..I went there and they done an MRI of my lower back. They found acute bilateral facet osteoarthritis on my L-5, S-1 Bones, they also found a 12mm mass that was Defenitely not a cyst. on the anterior cortex of my kidney.
Avatar m tn You also could experiment by eliminating stuff from your diet (wheat products for one). Alcohol? etc. The other possiblility if that the pain is referred pain from something going on in your back. Pulled muscle, spasm etc. That pain seems to go directly to under the breast bone where you describe yours. My pain was never diagnosed and just eventually went away. Demon possession? Keep letting us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I have red bumps that have spead across my stomach and sides and they are extremely itchy. I also have bloating in my upper stomach with slight annoying pain in my upper stomach. It feels like something is in there, numbing and hard. My rash started over 6 months ago. I have been on Zertec everyday with an anti acid for the last month, this doesn't help. I have also have been given creams from my doctor for exema the month prior to getting on zertec and have tried eurecin.
Avatar n tn For the last 2 weeks my stomach/intestines have been in constant pain. This pain gets worse after I eat. My doctor has prescribed anti-spasmodics for my colon, and although this helps the "twisting" of my intestines, the pain remains and is concentrated under my lower left rib. This pain also sometimes spreads across to the other rib.
Avatar n tn Just a month ago she started complaining about stomach pain around her belly button. She only complains when she's really in pain. She also loves school and have been missing a lot of school because of the pain. At first it started out happening about every few days then it got more and more and now it was happening constantly. She said that she was always in pain but at times it would hurt very badly. It seemed to be morning and night and everytime she ate food.
Avatar f tn My stomach would flutter but felt like my heart was skipping beats which in turn made me dizzy. Acid reflux. Loose bowels. Stomach pain. Finally I went to a naturopath who explained how the gut bacteria work and why mine was out of control. Years of high sugar and high wheat diet churned up the bacteria and made little holes in my digestive system. When I would eat a "normal" food, it would seep through the holes and cause pain.
177465 tn?1288242063 Another thing to watch out for is using a knife to butter a piece of wheat toast. You can spread the stuff from your knife to the butter container or the peanut butter jar and contaminate it. This is called cross-contamination or cc. Wheat flour is also bad because it is a fine powder and can get air borne and be very hard to get rid of all of it. It should probably be illegal! But there are gluten free flours available like Tom Sawyer brand or Bob's Red Mill.
541234 tn?1266678697 Ok i have been so sick for 3 weeks chronic diarrhea with alot of stomach acid bile burning my butt ,had a gastroscope done dx with severe gastritis no h pyloric hiatle hernia and one hyperplastic polyp, removed 2 yrs agao i had 5 polyps remove so my body is growing them so i am on metamucil capsules absorbing the acid , food is staying in longer , so my IBS is almost gone, so food allergies is key now i am buying bob's redmills on line and seem to be losing wt no diarrhea no stomach bloating
Avatar n tn She had all the test done that you could think of and they saw nothing.... The doctors are saying that chronic stomach pain stems from have high sugars for a long period of time. Once the sugar is better controlled, the stomach problems will subside. I promise, we go through the same exact thing from time to time and it is awful.