Stomach pain after traveling

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Avatar n tn Are you having any symptoms besides pain? Any swelling or redness? Is this pain in your joints or your muscles? Does it get better or worse with activity? It may be time to go see a doctor and see what he/she can do for you.
Avatar f tn a day after the pain began traveling to my left waist my bottom left stomach. All on the left side. Today and last night the pain Is on my right side and waist too. I'm not sure what's going on. The pain ranges from a 3 to a 7 out of 10 and keeps me up. Advil doesn't help. any ideas of what this could be?
Avatar n tn In October I went to lift something heavy and got a very big pain in my upper right part of my stomach. the pain moves sometimes and I can feel a bump. I get nauseaus after eating alot...especially big meals. I had a doctor check me out. 1 cat scan, 1 mri, 2 ultrasounds, bloodwork and an upper endoscopy found only a very small hiatal hernia and some fatty tissue on my liver. This is to the point it is getting scary. If anyone can throw an idea my way it would be great.
Avatar n tn I have the same pain. It was a kidney stone traveling from my kidney to my bladder.
Avatar f tn In a week I will be flying back to Florida from a long 4 month vacation and I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been having bad nausea and dizziness, it worsens if I have an empty stomach :( anyone have any advise for traveling with these symptoms?
Avatar f tn Duplication of ureter has nothing to do with your stomach pain. Please check your stomach, you might have too much acid or some other stomach problems that can be easily solved .
Avatar f tn i have had these pains threw my hole pregnacy i am waiting for my pain to get worse before i call lnd and i think it maybe his position my stomach isnt hardening either..
5615074 tn?1378316840 So I posted in another forum asking if I should bring food that calms my stomach on the plane with me, as I have to travel 3 hours there and back in one day by plane for an appointment that I can't get where I live as it is a small island in Alaska. I will fly on Monday morning up to Anchorage and fly home Monday night. In Alaska since its mostly small villages and islands medicaid pays for our flight and cab vouchers.
Avatar n tn My father in law has just been experiencing a traveling pain. First it appeared in his toe, then a few days later is hand and arm. Along with the pain comes swelling. He went to see a doctor who gave him a cortisone shot and wrapped up the hand. Another day or so went by and the pain switched to the other hand, he also has been having swollen glands and sore throat. This time the doctor just wrapped up the other hand. What direction should we be looking in.
Avatar m tn Do you now have epididymitis from the chlamydia traveling to that area? I doubt it as the pain would be constant. Since you did have an std i would advise a follow up with the doc.
Avatar f tn Help! I have been having traveling joint pain for about two months now. I think this all started when I got a really bad strep throat infection. About two weeks after the infection pasted I started getting bad burning pains in my wrists when I move them (especially flexing them up or down) It was so bad I couldn't get dressed by myself in the morning) I started wrapping my wrist and that seemed to help.
Avatar f tn m experiancing is stomach pain mostly under my ribs some traveling around the stomach. The doc told me I have to wait 4 weeks after the tratment to take the test again . I really hope it works and I wount have to repeat te meds again.
Avatar n tn I get severe intestinal pain, gas, experience incontinence of the bowel, diarrhea, for 2 to 3 days of traveling for more than 6 hours by car, or when wearing any clothing that fits snugly (not tight) against my upper abdomen. Do you have any idea what this is or what I can do to availd it.
Avatar n tn 30 minutes after each meal about 6 weeks ago. There was no pain or nausea asociated. After the purging, she felt fine. Went to her regular doctor that knows her history of diaphram hernia (left side) at birth, ECMO and bowel obstruction 12 years ago, all surgically repaired. He gave her zofran and reglan. We tried for 1 week. Still having bowel movements. Vomiting/heaving started to hurt but no stomach pain at this time. We were referred to a pediatric gastro.
Avatar f tn Does it feel like it's traveling down you leg because I have that right now. Debating on going to the hospital. It's not sciatica. It my right lower abdomen back and it's spreading to my leg.
Avatar n tn It starts off under right leg, then to stomach, then under left leg, to under arm and finally nose (not severe). That first time it went on for many months then went away. A few weeks ago it started all over again in the same order but each duration is less time than the first. I have to take burning hot showers to relieve the itching. Anyone ever hear of this?
Avatar f tn But I have shoulder blade pain on my left side and around my left boob. My stomach is constantly making noises and it feels like something's movie(even though there isn't lol) I don't have insurance so I don't want to go the doctors unless it seems like a need . Lol . I've also been having really bad periods since October and the pain in my left side started to bother me in late November .
2032869 tn?1333989114 m feeling great after I have him as I was with my last son. I was walking around a couple hours after birth and use the bathroom. I usually travel there just about every weekend sometimes. I've been living here for about a year and a half so this the baby I think about traveling only an hour though....I guess its a test to see how I feel after birth.
Avatar n tn Can eat a normal meal most times fine, then will routinely post-meal complain of sore stomach (ouch, my tummy hurts - again); often has stomach pain first thing in morning. Zantac did nothing. Prilosec seems indifferent to helping. H. Pylori negative in stool and blood. Ova and parasite clear and clean. Seems that it is largely tied to a meal/snack and frequent in morning (but not always). Lactose withholding does not seem to help (can eat ice cream just fine).
Avatar f tn ^oooh fun! I'll be heading to Hawaii next week too at 20weeks. This is actually the safest time during pregnancy to travel. Later on it's too much of a risk.
Avatar f tn I will be staying home for awhile im done traveling nd want to be close to home
Avatar f tn No most airlines won't let you on a plane after 35 weeks I'm sorry hun
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I was wondering at how many weeks you should stop traveling? I'm 31 weeks and I was planning on going on a trip when I'm 32-33 wks.
Avatar n tn dear doctor ive been traveling around oz for the last 8 months and about two months ago i noticed white pimp on my penis head on the part where the fore skin is joined to the head of my penis i picked this twice on two different occasions and each time it has bled a little and grew back in the last two days ive started gettin pains in my stomach on the left and right sides the pain feels like ive done alot of sit ups but it wont go away do you know if this is an std and if it is is there a cure