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1510910 tn?1290212649 Have they given you anything for it? Just because you don't feel burning doesn't mean it's not acid reflux...
Avatar f tn After vomiting I still feel nausea and burping. Both of them only after induced vomiting. This has taken a toll now. I usually sleep 8 hours a day. I don't drink or smoke. Yes I do eat alot of spicy food and citrus also adds in my diet. But I have stopped such food intakes for the past three weeks. But the problem has grown. What should I do now?
Avatar f tn Breath test for Helycobacter pylori infection of the stomach. One of the most often infections, it goes with burping and bloating, which are not necessary very obvious. 2. Gastric emptying test. She eats a meal, prepared in hospital and containing contrast substance, then they take images to see, how fast the stomach is emptying. 3. Is she complaining about anything, anyone, school...I mean any psychic problem? 4. Where exactly she feels soreness, at which exact point of abdomen? Any heartburn?
Avatar n tn Hello, Gender: Male Age: 24 Weight: around 140 lbs. I have burping every 10-15 minutes almost for two months. It has not gone away. Sometimes when I sit and dont move my body a lot the burping slows down, meaning I wont have burp until 17 or 18 minutes have gone by. I don't get nauseated. I get a dull pain that goes away but doesn't happen everyday. I am worried it might be stomach cancer. I hope someone will shed light on this.
Avatar n tn After a bowel movement I noticed a strong pain in my stomach which brought on the vomiting. The pain would not stop until everything in my stomach was out, food or bile. The bowel movement were either semi-formed or soft. Those symptoms occurred only in the mornings within 10-20 minutes of me waking up. Until a week ago when I became nauseous out of the blue in the evening time, which has now become a steady happening. Bowel movements do not always precede the evening sickness however.
Avatar m tn I passed stool twice, both times it was soft and very green in color. That night I went through the same series of events, only without vomiting. My stomach got uncomfortable and I had bad gas. I then had awful diarrhea several times through the night. Very liquid and acidic again. I experience very painful butt burn. There is no blood in the diarrhea. I have had a cough for the last couple days of it. Also, a stinging in my left arm, right above and around the elbow.
Avatar f tn I started out vomiting then felt a little better then tried to eat and lost that then felt better tried to just drink and ended up sulfur burping with soon to vomiting blotted and feeling like vomiting every burp body achs
Avatar f tn I started out vomiting then felt a little better then tried to eat and lost that then felt better tried to just drink and ended up sulfur burping with soon to vomiting blotted and feeling like vomiting every burp body achs
Avatar f tn I've had stomach problems over the the years pretty often which i think began from stress. My issues started with my stomach constantly growling when i wasn't hungry, then extreme nausea & stomach pain as well as an irregular digestive tract. I went to the gastro and he did an endoscopy which showed that i had H. Pylori. He gave me antibiotics and the symptoms subsided for a while.
Avatar f tn Have you been checked for the presence of H. pylori or possible gastritis? Also have you been evaluated for gallbladder issues? All of those could in some individuals result in sulphur-like burping. If the vomiting produces a fair amount of yellow or yellow-green substance, it could be bile and it would reflect possible problems with the gallbladder.
2057209 tn?1330581257 my question for u is doctor that other than hernia , ulcer , tumor etc what is causing huge acid formation in my stomach after a small meal ??? why do i keep burping and bloating after every meal when everything in my stomach is absolutely fine ??? is there any other test i must go through other than the above mentioned to be 100 % sure ....... imp thing to mention is that my eating habits are quite good and healthy . i usally eat home made food ....
Avatar n tn I've have seen postings going back to 2001 with people having these symptoms. I, too, suffer with the rotten egg burp (truly nauseating) which start off with just a hint of egg taste/smell and work it's way to a full blown, run you out of the room stench. This is soon followed with stomach nauseousness, then diarrhea and then vomiting. The vomiting is usually of the projectile type - very violent and ending in dry heaves.
Avatar f tn Nausea, vomiting, pain under right rib, stomach pain, burping. She has been ruled out of UTI, mono and strep?? Her primary care is having us set up and ultrasound and HIDA scan this next week. Is it abnormal for a 14 year old to have these symptoms?
720228 tn?1530911279 This happens when acidic stomach content refluxes up into to esophagus and causes heartburn, burping, and sometimes vomiting. Eating certain foods, overeating, or taking medications can trigger this. In your son’s case, I am wondering if he has been eating new or different types of food, or if he has been taking antibiotics since the surgery? These could be the culprit leading to gas, bloating, GERD, and more burping than usual.
Avatar f tn I have a colicky feeling in my stomach that usually dosnt produce flatus almost always (wheither or not the burping episodes are going on) but other than that, there is no abdominal pain associated except for the vomiting. No diarrhea associated with it. I suppose I should say for the record that I havnt been eating eggs or anything containing eggs or sulfur. My doctor reccomended calcium antacids, which neither prevent or stop it from happening.
Avatar f tn 3 and do have some weight in stomach area, slight bloating … feels like my stomach lining has been disrupted....I am cooking bone broth from chicken, eating yogurt, green/black tea, water, taking colostrum by symbiotics, and renew life intestinew for lining of stomach, renew life probiotic ultra care, banana at least once a day,....ANY SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED...
Avatar n tn my mother is 85 years old and woke up at 4am today with strong stomach cramps and vomiting (no diarrhea but not constipaed). she has vomited several times today, and had a fever for awhile (which is now gone). she also has a bloated stomach which is painful to the touch and has strong to severe throbbing pain. is about 5'1" and weighs about 90 lbs. had her aortic valve replaced with calf valve about 10 years ago (fyi). i gave her some rehydration powder which she is taking with water.
Avatar f tn I was just concerned because my first son had pyloric stenosis and needed surgery for the incessant vomiting as he had a blockage in his stomach but Brayden seems to be gaining weight but I do think we overfeed him as well.
6884012 tn?1386235386 Woke up at 2AM with really bad stomach pain and vomiting, so I went to the ER and they then treated me for pain which is all they said they could do. The stomach pain subsided slightly since then, but I now have been having REALLY bad gas (burping mostly), stomach cramps ALL OVER (pelvis, lower left and right abdomen, and upper abdomen), diarrhea throughout the day, acid reflux, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, and it feels like I have a lump in my throat.
Avatar n tn the result was esophgal errison. last day I ate more fatty fods sleepiness ,burping ,heart beating fast and vomiting and I trired . I think hital hernia I every time ate more spicy or fatty foods ate vomiting. especially vomiting not hole some onion,tomato and meats.
Avatar m tn This is something related to Gas in stomach. Try Giving him Crushed Raw Garlic empty stomach or before eating. Will surely help!!!
Avatar m tn These include narrower stools, mucus in stool, difficulty passing stool, burping more, passing gas more, abdominal pain, sometimes burning pain in my stomach and chest area, having far less bowel movements where I actually pass stool(usually about three) but now I have only one everyday in the morning, and feeling like I have to go the bathroom, but not actually passing any stool. My stools are just about every time narrower, but sometimes i'll have normal sized ones.
Avatar n tn This burping has been accompanied by pain, both persistent and at times sharp, placed ina triangle shape with the point of the triangle directly between my breasts and the two other points resting just above where my ribs end. I hadnt eaten alot, as it was difficult to swallow. Last night I went through 2 hours of dry heaving and finally vomitted the pepto bismol and gavison i took earlier attempting to solve my problem.
Avatar m tn When I get this, around half a glass of my stomach food/water will come to my mouth.Is it a common GERD symptom? Sometimes, I also have pain in the stomach such that it is getting squeezed. Only vomiting will give some temporary relief at that time. My doctor is suggesting to go for Nissen Fundoplication. Though, it has some side effects, I can go for it. But, my first question will be is my symptoms will lead to surgery and will the surgery treat my symptoms.
Avatar m tn thanks for ur reply :) i do get burping sometimes... but no heartburns.... btw am new to US, from India... tis been a month... shud think twice before i consult a doc, with no insurance... tried drinkin ginger, lime n honey mixed with water dis morning... so far nothin gud.. anythin else i can try..?? dis makes me feel so irritated, cant concentrate on anything else..