Stomach pain from pineapple

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Avatar n tn Diarrhea 1 1/2 days but sour stomach for 1 month. No vomiting or pain just sour stomach and tired prob from light diet. Dr. Said irritated stomach light diet to follow, covid test and it was negative. I lost 4 lbs in month and now stomach is just not right but at least I can eat more comfortably now. I think I need colonoscopy?
5623087 tn?1377889284 At that point the acid from the pineapple is to harsh for not only your mouth, but your stomach as well.
Avatar n tn What can I do to help him to alleviate the stomach pain? Is there a medication for such young babies that helps stomach aches? Is there something I can give him to eat that could neutralize the pineapple acid, if that is the problem? Please advise as soon as possible.
10069934 tn?1408164172 So I've heard that eating pineapple can bring on labor, but only if you eat 7-10 whole ones. I cut up a pineapple yesterday, and it was so good, I ended up eating most of it myself. Including the core. I just woke up because my stomach started to hurt. I'm only 15 weeks. And the pain is mostly on my right side, which is where my belly is starting to harden. What is happening?!
Avatar n tn Nothing will happen if you eat pineapple, just be careful with how much you eat, it can give you the trots lol.
10870053 tn?1416581194 We eat pineapple here all the time as part of our normal diet, dr has never told me not to, and i spent most of my pregnancy in the high risk ward in hospital where it was often served for desert with custard, so I don't think its the pineapple causing pain but maybe you have food poisoning? Best to get any unusual pains checked out. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Fresh pineapple but I tried it and got nothing. I tried it 2-3 times .The canning process takes out the natural chemicals that help. Also think about how sensitive your body is to food. I didn't get any effect but I have a strong stomach and digestive system. It takes a lot for something to make me get the runs or get an upset stomach.
Avatar f tn I did eat some and my stomach started making noise lol no pain though and my baby is moving . I'm just a don't know if I should eat the whole pineapple instead of eating bit by bit? .
Avatar f tn 1 1/2 hours later flood of diarrhea and sour upper mid stomach. Diarrhea 1 1/2 days but sour stomach for 1 month. No vomiting or pain just sour stomach and tired, prob from light diet. Dr. Said irritated stomach g as well me light diet to follow, covid test and it was negative. I lost 4 lbs in month and now stomach is just not right but at least I can eat more comfortably now. I think I need colonoscopy or something else?
4374018 tn?1356867642 Some women say that they’ve had zero problems having plenty of pineapple and pineapple and pineapple juice during pregnancy and others claim it brought on labour. It depends on women to women.... I hve never been told to avoid pineapples as it is one of the old wives story... I dont think ur cramps were due to that... Pineapple is a good nutrition fruit could be possible its giving u other side effects such diarreheo or stomach cramps...
Avatar f tn I had pain after eating pineapple but it went away a few hours later. Sounds like baby is just pushing down low which is normal..
Avatar f tn I tried eating a fresh pineapple today. Yea screw that. It started burning my damn tongue! Lol idk why but my mouth just wasn't having it. So I said screw it. Ugh.
Avatar f tn I don't believe in the whole "pineapple bringing on labor" because I have eaten pineapple throughout my entire pregnancy and I am still very much 35 weeks pregnant. But if you are in a lot of pain I would suggest getting checked out or letting your doctor know.
Avatar f tn i get my e-t tomorrow still having alot of pain from e-c and stomach really bloated. but the egg transfer is fine, good luck ssbd!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Not from eating the pineapple. For one thing, pineapple is wet and extremely acid. I have seen nothing that says a stray bit of corona virus would land on an acidic, wet surface and stay viable. For another, SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) is not a stomach virus. You don't get the illness from eating the virus, but from breathing it in.
Avatar f tn I am a 25 year old female who is suffering from severe stomach problems. It doesn't matter what I eat, anything from a slice of bread, ribs, carrots, whatever it is I end up in the bathroom about 30 minutes after I've eaten (sometimes sooner). It's starting to affect and take over my life. I drink plenty of water and I have a pretty healthy lifestyle as well as eating habits. I need answers before I go crazy. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Now I realize the pain is just in my lower back and stomach, coming and going but not frequently and not for long. It actually hurts though! Could this just be braxton hicks? Never experienced menstral pains or constipation in my life so don't know how to explain it... 39 weeks today.
Avatar f tn I've been having sharp pains to my cervixs feels low aswell but I also have pains in my back and lower stomach I have groin pain I can feel a bulge where my hairline is and I've had my show and its still happening and my baby girl does this thing where she presses up and down in my virgina and she's moving none stop aswell
11587059 tn?1427628263 My cervix is measuring 17mm which I think is 1cm in thickness since week 25. I'm now 27+5. I've been having contractions since 22 weeks but they've been mild. I ate pineapple very early this morning like 2 am and I have been is soooo much pain all day and night since then. Could the pineapple have caused me to progress any? I know it works sometimes to induce labor. Anyone have luck with using pineapple??
Avatar f tn ya the eating pineapple to induce is not realistic cause you would have to eat at least 7 whole pineapples and i could imagine how well a person would feel after that! and it has to be fresh pineapple....canned pineapple doesnt have the chemical needed to "induce" if it even would work.... Its more realistic to stay patient till around 20 weeks for movement as everyone is different and some moms dont feel movement even before 24 weeks...
5739386 tn?1378836460 Welp I just ate half a pineapple my tongue already feels wierd but I'm having pressure and miner back pain probably not gonna work but was worth a try lol.
Avatar f tn I love pineapple! I would have had a premie by now if it induced labor. I wonder where this myth comes from... maybe there's some truth to it if your close/meant to go soon anyways. I no bromaline(?) In pineapple breaks down protein maybe it has something to do with that?
Avatar f tn I know it has to be fresh pineapple juice or a fresh pineapple, um sex, nipple stimulation, walking, squats, spicy foods, stairs, birthing ball,
Avatar f tn It's the citrus that helps but again you'd have to eat a lot and it still might not help and you'd have a stomach ache... Now excuse me I'm craving pineapple now lol.
Avatar f tn I suffered the same fate due to Accutane. At one point the abdominal pain was so bad I thought it was better to end my life than to suffer the excrutiating pain. Fortunately, I researched alternative medicine to find some relief for the bowel pain and inflammation and came across Bromelain. It's an enzyme extracted from pineapple and it has helped me tremendously.
Avatar n tn I have heard pineapple has anti inflammatory values and thats great to try but if you need something a little stronger I suggest you see your Dr. There are several drugs that will help you it just finding the correct one. I use lidoderm patches and heat for mine along with my meds. I hope your feeling better very soon:) Hip pain is terrible to deal with it affects your sleep and your daily activities. I urge you to see your Dr and find out your options for relief.
Avatar f tn m having my 1st baby he has been head down for like 3 weeks now my due date is June 9 and still no baby no pain no nothing I mean its a little pressure in the bottom of my stomach but that's it I have walked and walked and still nothing what should I do and I'm only 1cm dialated
Avatar f tn You need to eat like 5 whole fresh pineapple for it to you... I only got half way before I was sick of it...