Stomach pain and fever

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665587 tn?1265946924 I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this or not, but here goes. My husband is laying in bed with severe stomach pain and refuses to go to ER...he says "it's the stomach flu...eveyone has it" My concern is this...he had this for 1 day in November, another on Christmas day that lasted 30 hours, and again woke him up at about 1 am and been hurting since. Now he says it's getting better. The only other symptoms are nasea, no diarrahea, no fever..
Avatar f tn Woke up this morning with really bad off and on stomach pains. Eating or drinking makes it worse. I'm sweating and also shivering with no fever. My doctor won't pick up. What should I do?
Avatar n tn what is the reason beehind upper left side stomach pain in the age of 21 male with fever and cold?
9435730 tn?1403754999 I'm 12 weeks and I get lower pains in my stomach almost like a flu symptom but with out the naseau or throwing up. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I had an attack of diverticulitis a few years ago that started with stabbing colon pain, then chills and fever. VERY painful, and can be life threatening.
Avatar f tn So I am 12+1 weeks pregnant and am I have really bad lower stomach pain like 2 or 3 inches below my belly button. I've had gas all day which my gas pains are on my left side 2 inches below my ribs. I'm scared that something is wrong with my baby.
Avatar n tn it started on the first of the month. I got some sort of cold/ fever got up to 103f. I thought that i was getting better after a couple of days, but soon was awakened with a stomach flu in the middle of the night, I'm not throwing up anymore, but still have diarrhea and a very consistent pain in my abdomen, which I'm pretty sure is gas.
Avatar m tn Unbeknownst to me, soon after getting in bed he became quite ill with nausea and pain in the stomach and testicles. He was distressed with this condition all night long and got no sleep nor was he able to regurgitate anything. He's been sleeping off most of today without eating anything yet and drinking very little of the plain camomile tea I made him. He's had at least 1 bowel movement and relieved his bladder too. No fever, color's good/normal.
Avatar n tn have you seen your family doctor, wright now i'm having stomach pain all over and fever and throwing up. i went to see my family doctor 6 times and i was in hospital for 1 week.
Avatar n tn My 8 year old daughter has stomach pain when she eats, which causes her to eat very little then 1-2 hours after she will have diarrhea. Sometimes she has diarrhea and stomach pain without eating anything.
Avatar m tn For the past 15 days I have although a mild pain, under my right rib cage both in front and back. This increases when I bend. I have big stone in my gall bladder. I have no fever. Please suggest. My age is 63 years and I am a male.
Avatar n tn Oh and also in the last month there have been about four days, three together at the about 4 weeks ago and one day a week ago, where ive had stomach pain and loose feces...just a flu bug? Not all that worried, just curious.
1365550 tn?1278868824 for the last two weeks i have been to er 2 cyts,pain during sex, fever and sickness in my stomch, adnd pain in my legs and buttocks.Can you tell me how this swelling goes away, and why at times they are for one day, or like right now its been a week. I was diagnosed with pcos a few years ago, my left ovary is the bad saide that usually have pain., the er said i may have endomitriosis.
Avatar f tn I have been having upper middle stomach pain right below breast and top of rib cage. The pain is like a dull burning sensation that comes and goes. May last 15 minutes to an hour. My mid back also has a dull ache at the same time. Usually laying flat on my stomach tends to relieve the pain some. It does occur after eating sometime but not with any particular food. It could be cereal or steak it does not seem to matter. I do not have any nausea or fever.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir my son age 16 got high fever on22 oct 2010 we have consulted the doctor he has given paracetamol table & amoxcilin capsule & B complex tablet & advise some blood test , like tlc dlc , widal, platelet count hb, etc. platelet is presently 130000 & fever was not going down. 2nd day then nimoslide tablate given now fever is under control,but he is having loose motion followed some time vomiting if he is taking any food or juice then state he is going for motion .
Avatar m tn But after I started drinking and being around my mother in law, I have been having this burning, crampy pain in my upper stomach and it hurts well enough to wake me up at night. I feel like I am either going to belch or vomit all the time and it lasts for a weeks or two... Does anyone know what is wrong with me or what I should do???? Please help. Thank You.
Avatar n tn It will start with slight chest pain, feels like stomach is filled with gas after ~1hr shivering will start followed by fever. this will only last for 3 to 4 hrs and will be normal after that. This started 6 months back. it repeated after 2 to 3 weeks later. The last one happened yesterday and it was little bit serious. After chest pain I fell unconscious for about 1 minute. After that shivering started followed by fever. After 4 hrs every thing was normal. I have done blood test 2 months back.
Avatar m tn But i have been drinking the Valerian Root Tea for few days now and from yesterday i started having this stomach pain. And when i go to bathroom its not normal. It feels like i have diarrhea but i dont but i feel like i need to go to bathroom. I wanted to know if these herbal teas could cause this kind of stomach discomfort. I havent been drinking anymore Valerian Root Tea today but i still have the stomach problems.
Avatar m tn Huband has low grade fever and sharp like knife pains on left side of stomach under heart What can be the cause. Can this be a heart attack? No stiffness or pain in arm.