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Avatar n tn My urine analysis/test shows that no bacteria present and no culture. I do not have pain on my upper or lower stomach. Sometimes in the night my urine flow is slower and little more pain. Can any you suggest what kind of UTI i have.
Avatar f tn I was 11 weeks, I've had a UTI before but this time I had zero symptoms of one until I started passing blood clots and went to the hospital and the told me I had a miscarriage
Avatar n tn I also had light bleeding and it's been itching. It looks somewhat swollen. My friend thinks it's a UTI, but I'm not quite sure. I'm in a foreign country right now and I need to know what to do because I won't be back in the U.S. for a month and I am not sure if I should wait that long. It had been hurting since the day it happened. I'm taking minocycline for acne, would that help if was a UTI and is therapy really an option or am I over-reacting?
Avatar f tn I have a question i had protected sex my first time 3 days ago and the next day after sex i was having a lot of pain and burning and i was felling nausea now it seems they those symptoms are gone but now everytime i pee lilttle blood comes out and it burns so bad and at night i cant sleep because it either its the burning sensation or i feel really itchy in the vigina entrance and i can say im itchy from the inside too its really bothering me i need help i cant go see a doctor since my parents a
Avatar n tn The symptoms you describe are the symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection). Go to your doctor, they'll do a quick urine test and if it is a UTI, they can give you anti-biotics to treat it. Also, drink lots of water to help flush the infection out.
Avatar f tn It feels like a needle stabbing or cramping in my upper abdomin, almost like when you don't eat for a long period of time so your stomach starts to hurt... I've also noticed with this pain the baby has been kicking me less and I am really concerned. I left a message with my Dr but no call back yet. Is this serious enough I should go to the dr right away?? I am a ftm and the pain has gotten worse today. Advise please!!!
Avatar m tn when the body is challenged by an inflammation every other previous inflammation flares up including your back. do you get lower back pain after bowel movement? did you have bowel symptoms along with bladder/testicles?
Avatar f tn It's not in my abdominal. It's in the middle of my stomach. Like the whole side of my stomach.
Avatar m tn the 2nd day the symptoms seemed to worsen, peeing was a lot more difficult. i drank lots of water and by the end of the 2nd day the symptoms started subsiding. i was able to get a good nights sleep without waking up. the 3rd day i did have foul smell just in the morning, but the symptoms were nearly gone. i did feel the occasional "sensation" after i finished urinating, but it was mild and caused no pain. the color of urine is normal.. yellow to clear.
Avatar m tn some days later i developed stomach incoveniences, sexual disorders, constipation, cloudy urine, flanck pain around the back, light fever,general feeling of sickness. i was prescribed erithromycin and flagil for 10 days. the side effects were too much after 5days and i dropped i with a little bit of relief. after about a week ,all the signs resurfaced ,the most remarkable being sexual weakness.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have just registered on this website and was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I am a female aged 24 years old experiencing severe stomach pain. I also have other symptoms which include weight loss, passing urine frequently, burning on urination, I have a heavy vaginal discharge and notice that sometimes there will be a streak of blood in it.
Avatar m tn Vance and Grace, I do not have words to express my graditude for the help and service you are offering to the community. Thanks a lot!! I have symptoms from 3-4 months including pain and burning in penis and rectum (am a straight man). Stomach pain and inflamation in middle line and nearby areas and inflamation of skin undereyebrows. I have a few questions and i would appreaciate if both of you can comment on the following -: Q1.
Avatar m tn Maybe just a very little redness on the upper half, the doctor didn't notice it but I can see it. upset stomach and pain, frequent feeling of having to urinate, especially when I bend over. Irregularities in bowel movement and insomnia. Could it be a STD and I keep getting false negatives or is there something else that has these kind off symptoms?
Avatar n tn Hello mom's or mommies to be in 17 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby, I went to get my blood test results and the doctor said I had a UTI she prescribed me some antibiotics but I don't feel safe taking them I did my research but some woman at its fine others said it gave them some problems in just curious on what some of you did. That is if you guys have had a Uti infection before?
Avatar n tn I’m scared of having intercourse these days because of my suffering, burring and sever pain will lasts for four hours my symptoms are chilled hand and feet and severe burning and urge to go for urination every 2 mins I don't get stomach pain or fever not even blood in urine. But it makes me very tired and I can't even walk and also I get suicidal thoughts when I suffer I drink four liters of water alone apart from other fluids everyday, I urinate before and after intercourse.
Avatar m tn The urine test came positive and the doctor put me on some antibiotic for 3 days. I still had the pain in my stomach after I finished the medication and I went back to the doctor again, who prescribed me with a 5 day antibiotic. The AB worked but the stabbing pain in my bladder came back when I went to the doctor and he said I could have another UTI, but the urine test came negative and put me on Macrobid for 5 days. In the meantime my periods came in.
Avatar f tn at night] - digestive probs - mucousy stools - heamorroids - constipation - grinding teeth during sleep - numb hands - pain in navel - pain in back/thighs/shoulders - burning in stomach - drooling whilst asleep - menstrual complaints - cysts & fibroids - eating more and still feeling hungry - skin probs. - forgetfulness - depression - chronic fatigue - water retention - crawling feeling under skin - floaters - liver/gall bladder probs.
Avatar m tn Just to follow up, I have some more concerns about the massage incident and my ensuing symptoms. My prostatitis symptoms have basically returned to normal - partly thanks to your reassurance. So, many thanks for that! But about a week or 10 days after the incident (which happened in the first week of January), I noticed a bump next to my anus.
Avatar n tn i have pain in my while stomach as if its swollen from inside or somethin..
Avatar n tn i am a 46 year old woman who has been experiencing orgasm/bladder pain on & off for about 10 weeks. There have been 2 episodes that follow this pattern: I am asymptomatic; I have sex; upon orgasm, there is a searing pain that feels as if it shoots from my clitoris into my bladder; this is followed by 10-14 days of UTI-like symptoms (pelvic pain & burning/frequency/urgency). I went to the Dr. both times and got antibiotics which did not help.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 yr old female who has been in a monogamous relationship for 2 years. Currently I am experiencing pain in my abdomin which is similar to UTI except no fever or burning urniation. I do have increased frequency. When I do go it feels crampy. My stomach has been feeling like its collapsing in on it's self. I went to my doctor thinking it was a UTI, they said the urine didn't have blood or elevated white blood cells, but since I had just been on vacation it might be a UTI.
Avatar n tn About 1 month ago I had a headache and I took about 1300 milligrams of aspirin (which I know is too much) and about 2 hours later developed intense lower stomach pain followed by diareha. Ever since then I have had lower stomach pain which is mostly positioned on the left side but sometimes is on the right as well. Pain is not intense but is enough to be annoying. Bowel movements are now sometimes soft and regular followed by being runny.
603054 tn?1219951819 I am dealing with the symptoms of a UTI again this year... this is my 4th reoccurance. Here are a list of all the health issues I am dealing with JUST THIS YEAR. Fibromyalgia, Acid Reflux, Fatigue, (Yeast, BV, UTI???
Avatar n tn Frequent urination and abdominal pain can be anything from a uti to symptoms of early menapause. I don't think you are pregnant, but if you want to be sure, take a test.
1527510 tn?1392304944 That's when I noticed the blood when I wiped, and every time after that there was more blood than before I the pain I had in my stomach when trying to pee was unbearable. It was making me feel so nauseous and dizzy, I honestly thought I was going to black out at one point. I called the out of hours and off I went. The second she dipped that stick in my urine she was like 'blood, protein and white blood cells are all in this, it's definitely an infection.; You think?!!!
Avatar n tn You don't usually pee blood with a UTI it normally burns to pee and causes stomach upset,headaches and many other symptoms.
Avatar m tn hello, perhaps someone else has had the following: since about december i have been having pain in my lower right abdomen and pain during sex (feels like he was poking something in my lower stomach). i went to the obgyn and he said everything looked nromal and not to worry because "sometimes girls just get pain". at the very end of january i went back to a GP because the stomach pain still hasnt stopped and is now accompanied by an aching pain in my lower back.
Avatar m tn I can understand your concern for the burning pain because the site of pain is non specific. Moreover the symptoms have been persisting for over an year. Few possibilities which I feel should be ruled out for such burning pain are: 1) The first possibility is of course urinary tract infection. Although you have got done a urine examination, but it would be better to get a urine culture done to confirm the diagnosis. Any infection of the urinary tract comes up on urine culture.
Avatar m tn chills, frequent urination, pressure in my stomach, and bloating. I called in and received a prescription to treat a UTI. I took the first dose of antibiotics last night and am not really feeling better this morning...still always feeling the urge to pee. My questions: - Is it concerning that the UTI symptoms waited awhile to show? - Can sex trigger an initial herpes outbreak? - How common is it for a UTI to be confused with herpes only on the urethra?