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Avatar f tn -) However, in much younger years I had it many times. Until fairly recently I'd never even heard of brain freeze. From looking that up I learned that the head pain is referred from the esophagus. I believe that others in my family used to get the chest pain, don't know about how recently. It appears that the big majority of people get neither. Maybe it's a hereditary reaction, I dunno. It does seem to be neurological.
Avatar n tn Try one or two pills before bedtime to determine why you have early-morning pain when you have not eaten. Pleasures like milk, ice cream, yogurt, all contain Calcium, and cause your stomach to secrete stomach acid. If you do try these treats, stop it for a night or two and decide whether the dairy products turn-on your stomach- acid pumps. To provide you will ammunition to talk with your doctor, go to This federal website lists digestive disorders from A to Z.
Avatar n tn Oh yeah - last word - my new best friend - VANILLA ICE CREAM! I know you are supposed to stay away from sweets, so I get sugar free and it is just the cat's meow for settling the gurgling in your stomach!
Avatar n tn i have chronic stomach pain on my left side into my back area,after i eat it gets worse,it cramps and i have to go to the restroom after i go 2 or 3 times there is a little releif. but my stool is very loose and runny. a light color but no blood. i have lost about 10 lbs. over 3 month period. i do not drink but i do stomach hurts alot.
881961 tn?1243603037 Dear Journal, Well it's been a while since I came and faced you or spoke about how I feel or what's going on in my life so maybe I better catch you up on some things. As you know my visits to the Doc. have become more frequent, more blood test to find out why my red blood cells are not reproducing or if they are why are they dieing off. But more serious than that was the fact I had fluid around my liver so they thought the opiate abuse for so long had some thing to do with all that.
Avatar f tn My 6 year old daughter is vomiting after drinking a milk... and suffer from stomach pain..
Avatar f tn I am now limiting milk (love cheese and ice cream too much to completely cut it out) and even the random stomach pains (very mild and spordaic) are completely gone. I have heard there might be a link between cediac disease (intolerance to gluten) and IBS. It is very hard to completely cut out gluten but is worth a try if nothing else is working. Omega 3 and probiotic supplements may help by soothing the immune system and increasing your good bacteria in your gut.
Avatar f tn If I have milk in my coffee and then a bowl of ice cream in teh same day, I usually will end up with stomach problems and a headache. If I eat too much cheese, I end up with a headache. I can still enjoy some o fmy favorite dairy products, I just have to be careful with the amount that I have and how often.
Avatar n tn I started having stomach pain so bad and diarrhea about 10 years ago about the same time I found out I was pregnant with my last child. I have had test after test run ,endoscopies and upper and lower GI, I went to gastrointerologist,and family prac. doctors ,i have had gallbladder removed, total hysterectomy,apendix removed,i was told these was maybe my problem but still no change after surgery.They just cant seem to tell me what is wrong.
Avatar f tn For over a week now I have eliminated dairy from my diet, but at night I am still having stomach discomfort. It is not a pain, but a weird uncomfortable feeling. I am also bloated and have alot of gas when I eat anything anymore. Is this all due to the lactose intolerance? Or is there another reason why I feel sick every night and normal every morning.
Avatar f tn I have peptic ulcer disease and have bouts of pain that cause me to miss work and make me only want to eat ice cream and crackers for days. The only time I get relief from it is if I take some vicodin I have left over from a surgery. I can't take NSAIDs, they just make the problem worse. I would like to be referred to a pain management specialist. Does this sound like a problem they could help me with? If so, how do you get referred to a pain management doctor?
Avatar m tn DIfferent stool colors can indicate different things. If your stomach is just making a lot of noise, but not causing you any pain or discomfort then I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't recommend taking any laxatives like milk of magnesia without consulting your doctor. Are you having any constipation?
10374 tn?1242244878 I have had this intense pain right in the center of my body, from right below my ribs to my belly button. It's been almost a week. It's a very intense, burning pain, that goes straight through to my back. Feelling of fullness and some shortness of breath. I go to see my PCP on Monday and I have an endo scheduled for the 15th. Is there anything I can take in the meantime for the pain? It's pretty intense. Feels like the worst kind of stomach ache ever.
Avatar n tn He's been in the hospital for 4 days complaining about major heartburn when he tries to eat. Pain on his left side...feeling very this from the removal of the gall bladder? What kind of test should I ask to be done on him so we know more in depth what the problem is???? He had a 5 bypass heart surgery in Nov. 2006....does that have anything to do with it???? Please help....
Avatar f tn it was around this time that my doctor put me on medication for anxiety/depression and that honestly seemed to help reduce the amount i had stomach pain. however after certain meals it would return. the pain seemed to reduce significantly after high school however within the last year i've been feeling random bouts of nausea. now i don't vomit, but i do feel very nauseous at times.
Avatar n tn 21 y/o male with stomach/bowel problems for 3 years now. I have stomach pain accompanied with diarrhea 3-4 times every day. I have excessive gurgling, popping, burning in my stomach all the time. It is loud and I have excessive burping, along with constant gas. My stool is loose, light brown, and smells abnormal. I thought it was due to certain foods but the problem does not go away whether I eat or not. I can even eat nothing but bread and water or salad and water and still have pain.
Avatar n tn I tried not to get it on my tounge and didnt not swallow any, but I'll bet that is why this awful new stomach pain has come. Has anyone had this from floride tooth paste?? Nausia and severe abdominal pain and tenderness.
Avatar n tn What my mother did do for the family was keep the kitchen cupboard stocked with cookies, famous cereals, ice cream in the freezer, a different cake every week with sugary icing, and chocolate rabbits for Easter. Thats only part of the list of sweet foods that made me a sugar addict. Once I got to natural foods I found honey and dates to help my cavities.
Avatar f tn Ok..I was looking up on some patches. The Lidoderm (lidocaine) is a local anesthetic. It is supposed to be put over the area of pain..This one is good for Arthritis. They commonly use it to treat tingling, burning or stinging pain. Flector (diclofenac epolamine) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory..It is a class of pain killers that include Advil, Motrin, Aleve and Naproxen. OTC Patches..Topical Anesthetics..They use these for burns, insect bites, minor cuts etc.
Avatar f tn All the topical stuff in the world for skin does not work, except for what i read about capsacin (sp), as it all has to do with nerve endings from your damaged C-5 and C-6 vertebrae, and impinged nerves. Ice works becasue it dulls the nerve endings; so did gabapentin -ketoprofin cream you can get from your local compunding pharmacy.
Avatar n tn It helps to pay attention to what you are eating that may trigger the pain, like fatty foods such as ice cream, cheese, etc... The gallbladder can be visualized in the doctors office via Ultrasound. However, you may need a Hidascan with CCK if no abnormalities are noticed via Ultrasound to see if the gallbladder is functioning properly.
Avatar f tn I would recommend anyone suffering from this pain in the upper stomach below the rib cage to speak with your GI dr about doing a diguestion test. This disease causes SEVERE EXTREME pain in the upper stomach/rib cage. For me the pain is so bad i have to puke to get temporary relief. I have had this for 6 years now it seems to happen less often but the disease is an everyday struggle. My food now diguests about 75 % slower than other people.
Avatar n tn I damaged the tendons in my shoulder after carrying too heavy a load on a shoulder strap. Three steroid injections made no difference. The only thing that relieved the pain were "Celebrex" tablets. They can cause stomach ulcers over time though.
Avatar m tn TRANSLATE THIS PAGE: ACIDIC STOMACH/ACIDOSIS/DYSPEPSIA/HYPER ACIDITY/STOMACH PROBLEMS ================================================================== Guys, this one is my personal experience of dealing with a very complex issue. You may exercise your own judgment in following some of cure below. You must read this blog in its entirety for at least 2-3 times to understand the cure mechanism.
Avatar f tn It is 2 different pains there is a sharp pain and then also it feel like in just have a stomach ache. Last Thursday I ate mango ice cream (which makes me throw up since I've gotten pregnant) I felt like I had to throw up but I couldn't cause it was a public bathroom then I started getting the pains. Could it possibly be from that?
Avatar n tn Dear Greg, Momsteroidal anti-imflammatory agents can cause inflammation of the stomach and also ulcer disease of stomach and rarely duodenum. Abdominal pain is a frequent presentation. The pain can be affected by eating. A f;uctuating appetite and abdominal discomfort are nomnspecific complaints. These symptoms may be related to inlammation although motility causes should also be considered.
Avatar n tn STOMACH AILMENTS AND DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES, by Michael T. Murray, N.D. See page 9, References, in my website: and, also see GER/LPR info on page 5, and on LINKS page. PLEASE READ THIS GREAT BOOK. It may possibly be bought on-line, from Michael T.
Avatar f tn Anyway so as I've gotten older I've noticed that around the time of my period, when I'm under a lot of stress, ect is when my stomach becomes the worst...
Avatar n tn I have to disagree - fresh tomatoes are totally alkaline not acid for example a tomato sandwich on whole wheat toast with mayo is a pain free meal! Brocoli is alkaline, etc... please DO NOT FOLLOW BORON'S post - it is INCORRECT! Fruit must always be eaten on its own on an empty stomach. Alkaline veggies and starches are ok together as are alkaline veggies and proteins but starches and proteins together = PAIN! If you remember this simple pyhlosophy - NO PAIN!
Avatar n tn I stood up to go to the bathroom like i always do when this crazy pressure/ Pain came over my lower stomach right in the middle and between my belly button and vagina. on the deep inside! the pain was like really hard to decribe.. When i sat on the toilet to pee i couldnt sit for more than a second. it was sharp like i was being stabed on the inside and it was trying to come out of my bottome! it felt like something was going to fall out of my butt or between my vagina and anus.