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Avatar n tn Hi I'm 18 weeks today and had terrible stomach cramps last night like twinges. Is this normal? It's eased off this morning. I've had people say baby could be in awkward position or first movement I can feel but isn't it meant to feel like butterflies not pain???
Avatar f tn no i don't mind i just didn't want to offend anyone. it feels like stomach cramps when you really have to go, like with the flu. it feels like someone is wringing it out. it takes my breath away now. i am very bloated, sometimes it feels like labor pain. it when i have to urinate is when i start screaming because of the immense pressure in my gut.
Avatar f tn But at the start of this week I started having quite bad stomach cramps which felt like period pain and was confused as I knew I didn't get periods and I didn't know why this could be happening. These got progressively worse through the week and this morning when I woke up I had very light bleeding. What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks and 2 days and woke up this morning with mild stomach pain and cramps. It almost felt like something tugging at my belly button from the inside at one point then sorry if tmi my vajayjay kinda felt like it pulsated for a minute after I got out of bed and sat on the couch. Has anyone else experienced this?? Typical mommy to be freaking out.
3109932 tn?1347071540 Im 12 wks and this morning i was woke up by cramps on my left and right side of my stomach is that normal?!? Im worried sick right now.
Avatar f tn Hi i've been experincing light cramps on my lower side since the morning , it comes up n goes . Is this what you call " braxton hicks" i suppose ?
Avatar f tn 20 years old & Im 13 weeks pregnant almost 14. I work non stop in order tk be financially stable. The fathers child isnt in our lives. Recently my feet are swelling up & stomach cramps are starting to come.. is it because im always on my feet or what? My appt isnt until next 2 weeks & I cannot drop my hours. I have no other money coming in... help?!
Avatar f tn I feel like my stomach is constantly cramping is that normal? I'm 38+3 weeks.
Avatar f tn Im having a constant cramps at the top of my belly, back pains, and my baby is moving a lot. Do u have any idea what this can be ladies?
Avatar n tn Slight cramping is completely normal. I'm at 10 weeks and still have slight cramping. And if you're not having morning sickness you are lucky. I still have all day nausea. Morning sickness doesn't happen to everyone.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 weeks 4 days and was woken up by cramps this morning. They lasted 2 hours or more. It supposedly helps to drink water. Try distracting yourself with TV or a game. It's normal, your body is literally going through growing pains and it hurts lol. If you spot or bleed, go to the ER.
1936550 tn?1348363808 I woke up this morning with slight back cramps and abdominal cramps. Starts in my back first then goes to my stomach. Could this mean contractions are on its way? I'm 39w2d.
Avatar f tn I tried calling the on call Dr but no one called me back today I am not constipated in fact just the opposite I now have diarrhea and cramps not horrible but uncomfortable. I have another child but didn't have any of this with him and have had 2 miscarriages. I heard the heartbeat Monday and Dr said everything was great. I don't know if I should be worried or if this is normally and my belly is just growing. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Im 17 weeks and ive been getting painful cramps everywhere but they come and go and i felt the baby move only twice. a doctor told me the cramps can lead to a miscarriage. Is that true?
Avatar f tn I have been having constant cramps since 2:30 this morning, it is now 8:50. There is like no stop to it just one long, worst part of your period cycle like, cramp. Also my back is in a bit of pain. There is sometimes a wave of how painful the cramp is but it never goes away, even when I go to the bathroom which in the past has help my cramps. I dont really feel like my stomach is tightening too much tho. Is this just Braxton Hicks? I am 38 and 4.
Avatar n tn After that she has been suffering with ongoing stomach cramps - she had cramps and then a loose bowel movements for a few days and then it seemed to switch to her having cramps and no bowel movement. My doctor suggested I giver her 1 tsp of Senokot (a natural laxative) at night. I was concerned that it would trigger diarreah again and he said this dosage would not. Sure enough, the next morning she had a fairly substantial bowel movement but then loose ones - all with cramps.
1523981 tn?1311322195 I have some lower back pain which has been on and off the last few weeks but now I have the lower back pain along with cramps. I am 26 weeks is it normal to have cramps right now?
Avatar n tn I am able to eat at any time, day or night. When I wake up however, my stomach cramps mildy and i experience mild stomach runs, but usually only once or twice, and as the first visits to the toilet.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering in the past 2 weeks with extreme stomach cramps and vomiting and chills, the main symptoms occur at night time, making it very hard to sleep, but recently it occurs in the morning too.
Avatar f tn I also noticed that my sides were cramping too. I felt my stomach, although I am not showing or anything my stomach was rock hard. Is this normal? It's not right now though.
Avatar n tn hi i am a 21 year old male i am in okay shape and my diet isnt so much healthy to be honest(usually cereal in the morning or nothing and then like chicken and cheese in the afternoon and something sweet at night)-this diet is only like a year old- and for the last 4 years or so i have woken up with stomach craps and occasionally my stool will go from firm to diarrhea and last about an hour, the diarrhea seems to get worse when i get up earlier in the morning or i have something i have to do earl
Avatar f tn Have been having pain and cramping in upper stomach area for a couple weeks. This morning I woke up with bad cramps and they've remained all day I've eaten very little. I'm a bit dehydrated but have no appetite at all. I'm concerned it might be my gallbladder. Also had some nausea but no vomiting.
Avatar n tn Basically, the next morning I either have diarrhoea or just general loose movements. This is associated with stomach cramps that on occasion can wake me up. These cramps can occur throughout the day and because of this I constantly worry about whether I will be able to find a toilet. I also find this very embarrassing so I often avoid certain situations, especially if they involve going somewhere in the morning.