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Avatar n tn Yeah I get gas , diarrhea Even after I go , I get cramps , I am still kinda gassy My doc doesn't think anything wrong , This has been going for a few years, doctors seem to think something I eat but , I been watching what I eat , I try not to eat the food that's a norm for gas and diarrhea
Avatar n tn Am 10 weeks and I was just wondering is it normal to have stomach cramps, just worried due a previous ectopic and mc.
Avatar f tn It lasted for about 5 days, and consisted of extreme diarrhea, gas, and nausea (no vomiting). Ever since then I have had abdominal cramps, gas, sometimes acid reflux, and have had to use the bathroom a lot more often than usual. Lactose products make me feel worse, but if I eliminate lactose from my diet the symptoms don’t completely go away. It has been two months since I originally had the stomach virus. does anyone know what could be wrong.
Avatar f tn For me it started out small cramps then it went to period like cramps for me I never had bad cramps then it went to the cramps that I get when I run really hard and far.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies i need help.. im 15 weeks and get horrible stomach cramps after eating .. any advice?
Avatar n tn m 5 weeks 3 days pregnant today and my lower left side of my abdomen keeps getting a hard ball in it and its the side that cramps the most...also I felt it in my stomach last night and this morning. Is this normal? I've had alot of problems in my past pregnancy and I had a miscarriage so every little thing is freaking me out. Thankss.
Avatar m tn I have occasional stomach cramps it lasts about 20-30 minutes per attack happening several times per week but lately daily. It usually is in my lower quadrant of my abdomen on my center to left side. I break out in sweat as I sit on the toilet thinking I need to use the toilet. I can hear gurgling in my stomach and occasionally have gas. Some times it is accompanied by diarrhea, sometimes not. When I feel like I go to the bath room I feel as though I am giving birth through my back side.
Avatar f tn For the last 2 weeks I have had problems with nausea, vomitting, lightheadedness, stomach cramps and gas. After I eat I feel very nausead like I am going to be sick but for the last couple of days I have been getting sick randomly even if I don't eat. And when I am done eating I still feel like I am starving. I'm not sure what is going on and would like some input.
Avatar f tn Girl it totally sounds like gas. Your intestines and stomach are on your left side.
Avatar m tn Recently, I've been having rather painful intestinal cramps, and am unsure of exactly what it is. I'll try to describe this as frankly as possible. You know when when you have gas, and you can feel grumbling and the gas moving around your intestines, causing a brief uncumfortable cramp or something similar, but as soon as you fart, it goes away. Well, I've been feeling the exact same thing, but its prolonged.
Avatar f tn I have slight cramps after I eat a meal, usually dinner; slight pain in the stomach. I heard that because I eat fast that may have something to do with it? After a while the pain disappears. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Yes often when I have gas I know it because my little man flips and turns and I get cramps and sharp pains until it comes, perfectly normal.
Avatar f tn I can feel it on the outside of my stomach (with my hand) and sometimes I can actually see my stomach move. At first I thought maybe it was gas but I am pretty certain that it isn't. I also went 2 months with no period then I finally had one that was really heavy and then had another one only 3 weeks later. I still feel like I am on my period now. Occassional cramping, breakouts, etc. Has anyone else ever experienced this? What should I do?
Avatar f tn From Yesterday i have a constant gurgling in stomach with bloated stomach with gas and morning i have got watery diahrrea.Yesterday night I couldnt sleep because of gurgling.What would be the cause?Is it due to improper food?
Avatar f tn try some GAS-X ! they work great- ive used the chewable tablet kind, extra strength. THey help the stomach pains so much! also you may need pepto or immodiium if you are having bad diarrhea...
Avatar f tn Ever since I started puberty (at 10 years old) I've had this stomach thing that almost every time I eat, 20 minutes after I've eaten, my stomach would start hurting and cramp up and have sudden sharper cramps from 30 minutes to 3 hours. And it happens more often/lasts longer when I'm concentrating on something or doing homework. I've always had stomach problems (i.e.
Avatar f tn It could be gas or stomach cramps from being constipated. Not sure tho.
Avatar m tn s been the second week and my cold has gone away, HOWEVER, i have intense abdominal cramps, tons of bloating, tons of gas, to the point where as soon as I eat something it gives me cramps and gas. My stomach just has not been normal and is in a lot of pain. My doctor says he thinks I may have a parasite because I travelled to Cuba a year ago and had a parasite. My thing is, I took the medication so why would the parasite still be there an entire year later?
Avatar f tn m 36wks hd similar cramps try to gt a pillow under ur belly wen u lie on ur side, ur other cramps cud jus b gas drnk plenty of water hppnd to me is similar cramps thn as soon as I go to the loo thn the cramps go away, an keep ur bck warm as well for the pains an aches hope ths helps, its nt gallstones dear lol, I'm goin thru the sme thng its mostly gas so plenty of water dear
Avatar m tn Can anybody offer advice or share similar symptoms?  I have very bad cramps under my right rib cage going around to my back, not a pain as such, just an extreme hot cramp which is pretty much permanent. Cramp feeling goes down to my groin. Have had ct scan, ultrasound and blood tests and all okay. Feels like a golf ball is getting squeezed under my rib cage. No fever but loss of appetite. Such an uncomfortable feeling.
Avatar f tn Trial and error with your diet may help you avoid gas cramps when you exercise. You may need to reduce the amount of food you consume prior to working out and eliminate foods that cause gas on your workout days. Drink water every 15 minutes as you're working out, especially if you eat a high fiber diet. Dairy products also can add to gas pains, so avoid milk or yogurt prior to working out. Gas pains may need a little help. Peppermint tea is an effective treatment for gas cramps.
Avatar f tn s white sugar or other, bread, pasta, rye, rice, or dairy will exasperate the symptoms of bloating, cramps and gas. You may have a yeast imbalance. Avoid the above foods for a while. If this helps within a couple days, then continue avoiding those foods and also look for good quality probiotics to supplement. And make sure you're well hydrated by drinking spring or filtered water. Avoid all junk food as well. Do conscious deep breathing. Check the normal breathing website for details.
Avatar f tn i was cleaning the bath tub the other day and i stood up and my lower back on the bottom right started to hurt. that was almost a week ago. today i've had cramps in my lower stomach that kind of hurt. it feels like i have to poop a lot but when i go to the toilet it's very little. i take sleeping pills a lot because i have a hard time sleeping. i am over weight also. im female and 24 years of age. i've also had fluttering in my stomach as well.