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Avatar f tn Do u have stomach cramps too? My cramps and achey legs get worse at night.
Avatar f tn Normal to get side abdominal cramps all the time. They feel like if I'm sore. Sometimes they feel like the cramps you get with leg cramps. I noticed I would get them during sex, but now I'm getting them all the time and I dk if its normal. I'm 22 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have leg cramps on a weekly basis. Some are so bad they make me sick to my stomach. What do you think could be the cause of this?
Avatar f tn I always rotated my shots. I avoided my left leg because I've had a knee replacement, so I'd do: L stomach, R stomach, R thigh, then repeat. I haven't had the kind of leg cramping you describe. I don't know how much you've been rotating sites, but that might help. Because the shots are given subcutaneously, you could also potentially give them in the fatty tissue on the back of the arm, but that's more challenging to get to.
11319269 tn?1427344026 Same !!! With out fail atleast twice a night in each leg my leg cramps then goes into braxton hicks in my stomach its terrible advice I got last night when asking was drink more water and eat plenty of bananas...
1770029 tn?1325802355 Hi and sorry you are ill. There is no such thing as "stomach flu" meaning the influenza virus does not cause flu in the stomach. It is considered gastroenteritis. The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, low grade fever up to 100 degrees and possible cramps are caused by many things, virus or bacterial. However, the most common cause is a virus called Norovirus. It is spead from person to person by fecal oral contamination.
Avatar f tn Any of u ladies having cramps in your legs that start st the bottom of your stomach and to the yop of your knee cap. Like is this normal? I'm 27 weeks pregnant and its gettn unbearable. I work at a real stressful job wer i stand, bend, lift heavy, and not to.mention the heat.. So ready for it to b over..
Avatar f tn Anyone else have or had the stomach flu while pregnant? I'm 4 months and have had the flu for past 2 days. Was given a prescription for zofran but I'm still super exhausted and worried it will hurt the baby all this vomiting and and soreness around my back and stomach.
Avatar f tn ve added night sweats and stomach cramps (that would wake me up in the night) and lots of hand, leg and feet cramps. She referred me to a rheumatologist and she ran the tests again. This time, my ANA positive jumped to 1:1640 and I still have the Centromere Pattern but nothing else is coming back positive. I still have all the symptoms listed above and some days it is worse. My hands are weak, hurt a lot, swell all the time.
Avatar f tn I have been using vicoden for 4 and 1/2 years, I started cutting down 3 weeks ago but going on 6 th day without any, I managed to get through the symptoms of the flu but I am going nuts with the leg cramps. I have not slept in 6 nights and my legs won't stop, I am ashamed but I broke down last night in the middle of the night and took a vicoden, slept for 7 hours. I just had a melt down, I feel hopeless, sorry bad speller!! Can anyone give me hope as to when the legs will stop moving??
2090601 tn?1334515062 Does anyone els get leg cramps. Is there anything to help with this? Already drinking tons of water.
Avatar f tn Throwing up everything INCLUDING water...stomach hurts so much..muscles ache from throwing up..back hurts so much..cramps..sweating and headaches..and on top of that Cody decides he likes to kick me from the inside..I'm hungry but food is making me sick.
Avatar f tn I have cramps in my stomach and my legs pain. They hurt when i walk esp. the part below knees. What can it be? Please help me!
550943 tn?1330727580 Tiger- Hang in there girl you will have your baby soon probably before Kim and I...LOL! Kim- I agree out of nowhere it seems like every sign of labor just appears on one day.....I have yet to try pineapple the acid at this point I think would be enough to kill me! crysi- They are awful the leg numbing cramps I don't know what hurts worse that or the burning bowling ball feeling I have in my pelvic area or the feeling like someone is punching me in the top of my stomach! Yuck it all stinks!
Avatar f tn I have just recently gone off amitriptyline taking about 24 days. It was causing severe leg cramps also does remeron cause leg cramping like spasms? I get these when I take it and don't have them if I skip a dose. I am weaning off the remeron because of the leg cramps and I no longer need it. I have been on both about 10 years. My withdrawal symptoms are diarrhea, jerking of my body, burning of my arms and legs and pain and cramps in my legs and pain in my arms.
5603486 tn?1372218164 I woke up with the worst leg cramp... Now im having pains shooting through my stomach and my back... and if I press on my stomach even a little it hurts more..
Avatar f tn Throwing up everything INCLUDING water...stomach hurts so much..muscles ache from throwing up..back hurts so much..cramps..sweating and headaches..and on top of that Cody decides he likes to kick me from the inside..I'm hungry but food is making me sick.
Avatar n tn Chronic health problems such as diabetes can cause problems with leg cramps. Hormone imbalances, pregnancy and vascular problems can also be the cause, as can a bad case of the stomach flu with diarrhea. A deficiency in the electrolyte, potassium may bring on leg cramps. Potassium is an essential element the body requires in order to regulate heartbeat and blood pressure.
Avatar m tn I was takn bout ten to fifteen a day. im sick like i got the flu. Body killin me everything hurts. Stomach in knots. So lazy dont wanna go to work. just so miserable. I do have the thomas recipe but it seems like its not workin. I have family support but they have no idea what im goin through. I wanna go eat a damn pill but im doin this for ma kids. Any ideas or help for me?
216149 tn?1299601438 I had the leg cramping and back pain and just found out I am preggers.
330481 tn?1309488243 I just am getting over it. I got it 3 days post transfer. i was hoping it wasn't the flu, but my family also got it, so i know it is. It was horrible!!! I am still recovering. I hope that maybe yours isn't. But I have horrible stomach cramps, vomiting, all over body aches, headache, head congestion. yuck! I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn the drug counciller explained what was going to happen that i take a different med that mimicks the effects of the codeine and then diazapan for the leg cramps n restlessness and lopperamide for the runs and buscopan for the stomach cramps (the 1 im most concerned about) and zopliclone for sleeping she administers em each day visits 2x daily and does blood presure but she didnt tell me truely what to expect when i av ran out in the past 3 hours without im in agony hence why im scared of the cra
Avatar f tn does it feel like you are getting stomach cramps like you have to go to the bathroom, but aren't going? That's how my labor started, if you're concerned at all I would go to l&d and get checked, better safe than sorry and better early before it's too late to slow it down if it is preterm labor.
Avatar m tn -omeprazole -suntacids -chlordiazepoxide she told me that it was still a gastric flu, but a different form from the usual kind of gastric flu. I am worried as the gastric pain/stomach cramps would get very bad sometimes and I am scared that I have a stomach ulcer. what are your opinions Dr?