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Avatar f tn During the day today , ive been getting like cramps in the lower stomach almostlike period pain. My period isn't due for another 2 weeks. I used to be on the pill but i have been off it for about 3 months now. Also the other day i noticed a small about of brown discharge on my underwear!
Avatar f tn You are not that late yet but if you are worried you could always run a pregnancy test. A late period is not that uncommon unless you have reason to think u might be pregnant and even then, it is not time to worry yet. Give it another week but it sounds like your body is trying to gear up into having the event. If nothing in a week or so, do a pregnancy test, if that is negative, relax it could be simply stress keeping it at bay.
Avatar f tn Hello there, It may be possible that you would be soon having your normal periods. Pregnancy can cause a patient to miss her period and develop stomach cramps. Other signs of pregnancy include nausea, vomiting, mood swings, food cravings and frequent urination. Are you having these symptoms? Missed abortion, ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy are few other possibilities. A complete medical history, clinical examination and work up are important for determining the exact cause.
10727100 tn?1416715131 s now October 2nd and still no sign of a period. No cramps or anything like that. A few days earlier I woke up feeling nauseous and threw up, at 2 separate times in that day but since that I've had no pregnancy symptoms aside from the fact that I feel a tightness in my stomach. I finally took a pregnancy test and it came up negative almost right away. Me away nd my boyfriend have been ttc for a while now. Anybody had a similar experience?
Avatar n tn I did however, do it on my period for the first time last month. Well, this month I was not only 14 days late BUT I am having horriable cramps. Sometimes it hits me and I can't even breathe, I haven't slept in two days. I took two pregnancy tests (because not only was i late, but my nipples where also extremly sore/tender and bright pink) they both turned up negative. So my question is number one, why are my nipples so bright pink/tender and sore?
Avatar f tn Pull out method isn't the smartest nor best
Avatar n tn the cramps may be more intense b/c ur period is late and may be begining. its happened to me before. i would take a hpt to see if u are pregnant and if so then id make an appointment with an ob/gyn to be on the safe side.
Avatar f tn i have had cramps for the past day but my period hasnt come yet. i was meant to start on 26th of december and all that has happened is tht i got a yellow sticky and stretchy discharge and now there is no dischrge at all just cramping. my breasts arnt sore at all and i dont feel so nuseated. i have had lower back pains, and felt abit bloted. please help me.
Avatar n tn Menstrual cramps are normal to have and I get severe menstrual cramps on the first day of my period as well. Typically it is just from hormones that causes the cramping, as the surge will cause contractions, making her period painful. Prevention is much better than management for pain. Exercise and eating healthy can help prevent menstrual cramps to a certain point, but won't always get rid of them.
Avatar f tn Hi I recently had sex 6 days ago but am due on my period tomorrow could I be pregnant 6 days before my period it was unprotected sex also I have cramps in my stomach but they are not normal period cramps please help also when can I take a pregancy test?
Avatar f tn OMG, I am in the same exact boat as you and can't figure out what is going on. My last cycle was Jan. 15, 2009 and no period, slight cramps on my right side off and on and negative pg test. I had blood drawn last week and negative too.
Avatar f tn Got cramps this morning and it feels like my period is about to start.if it does it is a 40 days cycle this month which is mad.back to TTC. Good luck to everyone.
Avatar n tn last sunday, so a week from today i had brown discharge i guess it was and my stomach hurt and i had cramps, the first couple days i had stomach aches but towards the end of the week and now i feel pretty much fine. i dont (and havent after the first day or so) really have so much discharge, it was more kinda like my period or when my period was ending (i guess you would say in texture?), except brown. could this just be old blood?
Avatar f tn i was expecting my period on june 13th. a few days ago i had ewcm and then it went to sticky/tacky cloudy discharge. now i'm not having any discharge. i'm having very bad cramps and back pain like i normally do before and during my period. another thing is i think i ovulated late, because i had the flu may 21st for a week. do y'all think i ovulated late and my period is gonna be late or is discharge like that normal?
Avatar f tn Okay so right before bed I noticed a wired firm pain in my stomach. It's not cramps or anything like that. I don't know what it could be any suggestions??
Avatar f tn There are many possible reasons for stomach pains, such as cramps indicating an oncoming period, cramps from infection, cramps from pregnancy, and so on. Symptoms really don't mean much, as the same symptoms are also for PMS, stress, illness, etc. Make sure to take the home pregnancy test tomorrow morning, using first morning urine which is the most concentrated. If the test is negative, then just wait for your period to come and always make sure to use protection from start to finish.
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks late on a period. My last normal period was September 26, 2011. My home pregnancy tests are still negative. My previous pregnancy (that ended in miscarriage) took 10 weeks before it showed up on a pregnancy test. My stomach looks as if I'm 2 months along. My symptoms are: fatigue, moodiness, breast fullness and tenderness, specific cravings, cramps without bleeding, back pain, and gas. Can anyone tell me what's going on with my body? P.S.
Avatar n tn It's been 101 days since I had my last period I still really bad cramps seems to still have spotting but no period What is happening either way there's no possibility I'm pregnant
Avatar f tn I took one last nigjt and still neg and now am 37 days late . And I took one at 14 days late and one at 20 days late and 28 days late then 36 days late...
4442122 tn?1354641841 In Novemember 2012 I was expecting to get my period on the 30th and nothing slight cramps that day but nothing. Today is December 4th and still no period but have been experiencing slight cramps off and on now for a couple of days now. How long before I take a pregnancy test? Is it to early to test? What do you suggest? Thank You!
Avatar f tn something different everyday for the past two weeks. Mood swings, upper and lower back pain, dull cramps, stomach upset, constipation/diarrhea, tiredness, etc. I know for a fact I'm not pregnant. I'm gay, so no man is touching this. lol I also haven't had any sexual activities in over a year. But is my period ever going to start this round? I can only remember one time before where I went two months without my period, but I was under a lot of stress at the time.
Avatar f tn I am currently 4 days late. My period was scheduled to come on Mon but it didnt. I got cramps on Sunday so I expected to get it the day after. I never had unprotected sex. Just dry sex with me fully clothed or both of us or just him fingering me. We never had genital contact or any penetration. Neither did he ejaculate near me. But I am already 4 days late. I have been stressing about this ever since so I dont know if this is a factor.