Stomach cramps during early pregnancy

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Avatar f tn You can get periods during pregnancy in the early months.
Avatar f tn In early pregnancy do u start to feel soreness on the sides of your Lowe stomach??
Avatar f tn Ihad cramps during early pregnancy too just try not to stress cause its bad for the baby
Avatar f tn Hi congratulations on your pregnancy, I've found out I'm pregnant this week too and also have some cramping just little cramps now and then not too painful, it's completely normal if you have any concerns though might help getting checked out xx
Avatar f tn Cramping is really common in pregnancy, especially early pregnancy. The times when you should start to become concerned are when they cause you to double up in pain or cause tears, or when you have them accompanied by bleeding. Good luck!!
9310208 tn?1410859285 You'll cramp on and off throughout your entire pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Cramps are normal in early pregnancy. If you begin to have painful cramps with bleeding, go to your doctor. Otherwise don't try to worry much. I know it's hard not worry. I am ttc my 3rd child and hoping I conceived this month. So you should be fine, take prenatal vitamins if you haven't already.
Avatar n tn I have also been having cramps during sex. One time it was so bad that my fiance was like dont touch him any more cause it scared him.
2034425 tn?1329997021 Hi all... just had a miscarriage on dec.5th, 2011. Didn't realize I was gonna get pregnant again soon after. I consumed spirullina and omega 3 pills, only to find out today that I am 5 weeks pregnant and my Ob/Gyn said I shouldn't have taken them during early pregnancy. Is it gonna affect my pregnancy in any way? Is menstrual-like cramps normal, by the way? I told my Ob/Gyn this and she scheduled me for an u.s next 2 weeks to rule out ectopic pregnancy.. Wish me luck everyone..
Avatar f tn Yeah its normal to have cramps during the early stage of pregnancy and yes you feel bloated.
Avatar f tn If you didn't fall on your stomach, and your stomach doesn't hurt, I would think your alright. Drink some juice and lay down and wait till your baby kicks and that will make you feel better.
Avatar f tn Me and my fiance are trying for an baby the last six days I have been getting really bad stomach cramps no period yet ive done two pregnancy tests and they have both been negative im constantly checking to see if ive come on I havent been to the doctors yet the stomach cramps have gone away for now.what should I do?
Avatar n tn Period like cramps are normal in pregnancy, especially this early. Its just your uterus streching and growing. As long as they aren't horrible and there is no BRIGHT RED bleeding, you're fine. If either of those occur, call your doctor.
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital twice during the early weeks of this pregnancy because I had bad cramping. I was just stressing it was something wrong. But each time they checked me out and sent me home to take it easy because its just pregnancy pains. I even had light brown spotting one of those times and it was nothing. Unless you have bright red bleeding accompanying the cramps, it's probably nothing. A Tylenol will do wonders ;) good luck.
Avatar f tn Okay so my last period was august 29th, my fertile days were 11th thru the 16th or this month and me and my boyfriend had sex almost everyday in that time, I'm pretty sure I ovulated the 12th, well now the past 2 days I've had weird awful cramps in my lower stomach and I just feel like crap, and really sleepy, my period is always on the 29th so its to early for it to come, what could it be?
Avatar f tn Hi just wondering if anyone else has mild cramps during early pregnancy there's no bleeding though this is my first pregnancy and I'm only 7 weeks along just after a bit of advice?
363110 tn?1340920419 Hm I've never heard of being very cushioning during preggers. Interesting the things you learn while being on an online helping site. lol I hope everything is ok with your baby. I'd say if you get bleeding or horrible cramps then you should go to an ER or something.
Avatar f tn My period is not due to come for another 2 weeks, and this morning I woke up with such horrible cramps in my back and lower stomach. I have been using the OrthoEvra patch for about 9 years and my periods are like clockwork. I had been spotting a bit throughout the day and thought that MAYBE my period was starting early. I went about my ususal routine for the day.
Avatar f tn i had sex 2days b4 i ovulate...n during my ovulation i had stomach cramps n decided to see Gynae he showed me 3 big mature eggs n said the cramping ws because m ovulating...a week after i started feeling tired..abdomen pains..tender breast..frequent urination..white distarche..increased appetite.. my period is 2days late n m usually early rather dan possible that i might be pregnant?