Stomach cramps on period

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Avatar f tn During the day today , ive been getting like cramps in the lower stomach almostlike period pain. My period isn't due for another 2 weeks. I used to be on the pill but i have been off it for about 3 months now. Also the other day i noticed a small about of brown discharge on my underwear!
Avatar f tn Hi my last period was February 1st and this Monday I just found out I was pregnant but I have been having stomach cramps on and off since last everything ok...I have a doctors appointment friday..
1660049 tn?1326089018 s the pain has been more like really strong period cramps, not really one one side but all over the front. I really hope that when you go back your hcg has risen. It may be too early for her to see anythig on ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'm an 18 year old female and I have been on the contraceptive pill (Cerazette) for roughly 18months, perhaps slightly less. I'm aware that side-effects can cause irregular or no bleeding at all (ie no periods) and I haven't had any bleeding at all since I started taking it but this was never a problem as it remained this way so that's fine.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies since I've started using Casteberry I experience stomach cramps everyday is it normal or what? please help if I should continue using it mayb it will stop when it gets into my system. ?
1325301 tn?1281616732 Hi i am due to have my period on the 14th, but im currently having stomach cramps, does this mean im not pregnant and will probably have a period?? i have been using clomid to help me ovulate could this be the cause?
Avatar m tn When your period starts it will probably be light and brownish instead of bright red. As your period progresses, it will turn bright red, and then brownish again when your period finishes.
Avatar f tn i got my period on april 18th it was a strange one would bleed a little with also dark brown discharge stop till next day bleed for a little stop again went on for 2-3 days then completely stopped but then for the rest of the month i had period like cramps, ive gotten a bad bloated stomach which seems to get worse anytime i eat, im going toilet more often and i feel so tired and legs can feel so heavy going upstairs.
Avatar n tn If it is from your period I recommend taking a pain killer or laying on a heating pad. If you are not only getting this from your period but getting it very frequently I recommend seeing a doctor because it could be related to your kidneys or other medical problems.
Avatar f tn I feel cramps n sharp pains my stomach hoes completely hard n my ankles swell. And I can feel her moving a lot too. What's going on?? Am I having Braxston Hicks? Because once it's. Done n I move in a comfortable position she kids really hard and a lot. Just want to know what's going on ftm.
Avatar m tn I had ectopic pregnancy last year and removed the right fellopian tube ..and last week I we made love with ma man 4 ago this week I had brown dischage coming and cramps now am bleeding dark brown blood and the cramps r still there ....
Avatar n tn I just got my period like right now and the cramps are already so bad i dont know what to do.
6816919 tn?1397885358 I'm 38 weeks pregnant and a ftm. I went into the doctor Thursday and was told I was a cm dilated. They checked again on Saturday and since then I've had period like cramps and was spotting all night Saturday and some of Sunday. Is this normal?
11928406 tn?1431049111 Im 29 weeks and almost every night I wake up at least 5 times a night with stomach pains not like period like cramps im not sure how to explain it.. its a really sharp pain has anyone gone threw this and if so what are they and how can I stop them??
Avatar f tn Thats totally normal momma dont stress it
Avatar f tn Yeap2. I work in a office. I have backache n stomach cramps. Untill i cannot sit down when i do my work. The way can cure is i have to stand do my work.
Avatar f tn I am having Sharpe cramps. Feel like period cramps. Is this like growing pains?
Avatar f tn Cramps that are minor are normal. I just knew I was getting my period even after I got a positive test lol. It felt like my period was gonna come any minute. Im 22 weeks. If it becomes painful or u have other symptoms with it call the Dr.