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Avatar n tn Hi, for the past week or so, i've had a sore throat which has no other symptoms ( headache, fever and etc) i noticed that it started on the day i had ssome particularly spicy food and since then its been there.. I also have a history of sinus problems.. and sometimes my sneezing irritates my throat is there anything to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn I've had a moderate-severe sore throat for about a week now with no other symptoms (no cough, no phlegm, no cold). My throat doesn't hurt when I cough, just when I swallow. Occasionally my ears hurt as well (especially the left one), down low near the jaw line (feels like it's connected to the sore throat somehow).
Avatar f tn I have no other symptoms besides the bumps and extremely sore throat, which is why I don't think it's just a cold. I would have thought it was possibly strep throat, but the bumps on the back of my throat made me kind of nervous. Any help is appreciated!
Avatar n tn I have asore throat with no other symptons Ihave had the sore throat for 4 days.
Avatar f tn It is totally painless, no tender or anything I smoke alot of cigerrates,sheesha ans other tobacco.. I have no other symptoms What it could be?
Avatar m tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Sore throat is possible without other accompanying symptoms. Localized infection of voice box, pharynx is possible. Another cause is GERD or gastric reflux. This can cause sore throat like symptoms. Those who use voice too much like singers or teachers too get this. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn Dr. Handsfield, Thank you for your reply to my earlier message. It was quite helpful... I've been reading among the forum that many people who experience acute HIV symptoms will often complain of fever, malaise, myalgia, and so on. I can see how these non-specific symptoms can be attributed to the release of chemicals (cytokines and interleukins) from the immune system in response to the acute infection (at least, I assume that is what is happening).
Avatar n tn No one can tell you whether your symptoms are in relation to HIV or not, see a doctor and get it diagnosed. Sore throat alone and no other symptoms doesn't seems to have any relation to ARS What was your risk?
Avatar n tn I have had sore throat for over a month now, with no other symptoms of anything (cold or flu) is there a reason to be concerned? or how serius can it be?
Avatar f tn I know it is easy to write off this thread and say you had no risk, but it would put my mind at ease to know that I would have had other symptoms with my sore throat or It would have lasted longer than two days and would have been servere.
Avatar n tn You are wrong about symptoms; most STDs of the throat cause no sore throat or any other symptom. When symptoms rarely occur, they generally are mild. Chlamydia almost never infects the throat; when gonorrhea is there, it clears up on its own in a few weeks--but of course antibiotics make it go away faster. Transmission of oral gonorrhea to a partner's genitals can occur, but is rare.
Avatar n tn of symptoms mentioned on your page, how sore does the sore throat need to be (can hardly speak and swallow, or just vaguely irritating) and how high does the fever need to be, to be indicative of a possible infection? How would you rate the following symptoms after intercourse with a prostitute (but condom-protected)? Cough and sneeze starting 10 days after, sore throat starting 13 days after but lasting until today (19 days after the incident). Not really painful, but annoying.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat for about a week and have had a cough for about 5 days. No other symptoms. I went to see my doctor a week ago and told him what happened. He advised me to come back in January for HIV & STD Testing which I will. I called him again yesterday and told him the sore throat is not going away and he gave me amoxicillin for ten days. He did not check my throat, just over the phone after I told him my symptoms.
Avatar m tn Feeling like you have a lump in your throat or difficulty swallowing can be an anxeity symptoms but if you had anxiety, you would have other symptoms as well. The sore throat has nothing to do with your protected sex. You most likely have a NORMAL run of the mill infection that is causing you to have a sore throat. 12 days is quite a while, so go to the doctor so they can get a look at your throat.
Avatar n tn my son came home from school today crying his throat hurt when he swalloed. he has no other symptoms except a little stuffiness. i gave him childrens chewable tylenol. he was fine for 2 and a hlf hours. now that its wearing off, he wants more tylenol. i dont know what else to give him. hes eating a popsicle now but that is only temporary.. whjat should i go buy over the counter??
Panda For my patients with similar symptoms, if they have a sore throat without a fever and no difficulty swallowing I typically recommend Listerine gargling 4-6 x a day. I find this works better that salt water. I also recommend to them motrin 600mg three times a day with food (as long as they are not allergic). However, if their symptoms worsen or fail to improve after the first 24hrs (or they have a high fever or difficulty swallowing) then they need to be seen.
Avatar m tn It has been 12 days since I had protected sex and I feel that my throat is sore. During no part of sex did I use my mouth for anything.
Avatar n tn Could it be that the penis irritated my throat? Any advice is helpful. I've had no other symptoms beyond sore throat, slight muscle stiffness, and maybe minor fatigue. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I did have cold sores when I was a kid. Oct 26 woke up with a sore throat mild. I still have it. It is not severe. It is almost just a discomfort. I looked at it in the mirror under the light and throat is a little reddish. In one area there seems to be a very small bump no puss or anything. Other than that nothing ubnormal. Gonnerhea urine test on OCT 23 with Nucleic AA was negative. Could this be throat Gonnerhea or HSV 1 or is it just a conincidence normal cold?
1609501 tn?1299205202 I know oral issues from HPV are rare but my throat looks fine yet is burning and I have one of those, you need to clear your throat but nothing comes out or one in a while a tiny bit of phlem comes out. No sores or other symptoms other than I had bacterial vaginosis due to the vinegar used for the biopsy and I had very bad headaches from the oral med so they switched me to the cervical gel. I am sure the infection is gone, my period ws very different, very dark and lots of clots. So...
Avatar n tn As I said earlier, when I got the throat infection after 2 days I had a sore throat which lasted for 6 days (no medications taken) and second time which is exactly 2 weeks after the intercourse, it was severely inflated and had some pus in it and I took antibiotics and it went away in 4 days..
Avatar m tn if a male had an encounter with stranger female with deep french kissing and unprotected oral sex, her on him, approximately 4 weeks ago, at 3 weeks had a test for all stds and it came negative, 4 weeks later the male gets sore throat. Could that be Gonnerhea or hepres? This discussion is related to <a href=''>fellatio risks on homosexual relation</a>.
Avatar m tn It appears in the alternate days, one day after the other. I had a sore throat for the first time in the recent times on 13th of last month and it was there for 4-5 days and it cured without any treatment. Now it again started appearing from 26th of last month. It is not continuous appears usually during the afternoon hours. But today i had it right from 11 in the morning. I've not consulted a doctor yet. Is there any thing serious in my concern?
Avatar f tn I have no other symptoms other than this sharp pain, and i have never kissed anyone in my life. Any clues on what this could be??
Avatar m tn I've posted in you forum before I had a possible exposer on OCT 22 07. I had a sore throat since about a mounth after with possible swollen lymps groin and neck with a pain in my lower right abs. I have been tested viral and rapid and blood since and rapid twice after the 90 day deal. The pain in my neck and sore troat will not subside . At over 100 days since possible exposer if the sore throat was due to acute HIV would I get a positive test for sure.
Avatar n tn Since then (it's been almost a week) I have woken up every morning with a sore throat and from time to time the throat tightening is still happening. No other symptoms, and I don't smoke, rarely drink, and am otherwise healthy 31 y/o female. Could this all be from the one case of acid reflux? How long will the symptoms continue for? Zantac seems to help, but only a little bit.