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Avatar n tn Then i suddenly realized she told me there was the previous customer. I asked her not clean it. After 3 weeks, i started to have fever , throat sore and boday rash. the fever and throat sore has been lasted for 3 weeks after i took the medicine from the docotor . I started to worry about the towel . i suspect that has been used to clean that previous customer .
Avatar f tn I have fever since last night with sore throat. It is my 6 week. What should I do? Is it normal to have it or should I get worried?
Avatar n tn I have asore throat with no other symptons Ihave had the sore throat for 4 days.
Avatar m tn Sir, I had sex in africa, i have sore throat and headache and body pain with no fever for now. I am talking antibodies for 1 week it is not going.
Avatar f tn My bd got me sick , iv been having a sore throat for 2 days now. I keep sweating & feel like crap. I dont have a thermometer at the house & no one can get me one until later tonight to check my temp. Im scared this can effect my baby. Is there anything i can do to try & keep it down if i even have one. I tried drinking tons of cold water & sitting infront of the cold air. Im 29w&5d.
Avatar n tn for 3 days i had a sore throat with white dots with fever so i went to see the doctor and he prescribed pencillin. he didn't take a culture. i developed a rash so he told me to quit it and then prescribed erythromycin. by the next day my fever had gone, i felt that i really didn't have an infection, so i decided not to pick up the antibiotic. (no health insurance!
Avatar n tn BoBi I had a protected (double condom) sexual intercourse since 1 month. After 2 weeks, I developed a sorethroat for 2 weeks and one small lymphnode was appeared under my jaw. There is no fever but i am worried it is a sign of early HIV symptoms This discussion is related to <a href=''>Protected Sex Any Risk?</a>.
Avatar m tn I had a risk 18 days ago, since the 5 th day i have an up and of going sore throat it is not that bad, could it have something to do with ars symptoms? I dont have no fever, headache, no swollen lymph nodes.. just the sore throat..
Avatar m tn Some rashes appeared on my body on the 1st day. No sore throat. Just high temperature. Pls help me. I need to know about ars symptoms. Is my fever for 4 days comparable to ars symptoms or is is strictly a week or more? Pls advise. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Anxiety won't cause a fever and sore throat. You probably have a fever from the sore throat and it should pass within a few days. It's not HIV, so try to stop worrying about this because fear feeds anxiety, and you don't want to make your anxiety worse. Take care...
Avatar n tn I don't want to be an over-worrier, and I realize that since his diagnosis, I tend to see monsters behind every shadow, but it does seem odd that he has no other cough or sore throat symptoms with the fever. I just wanted to find out if perhaps we should up his MRI appointment if these symptoms could be related to his brain tumor.
Avatar m tn It has been 12 days since I had protected sex and I feel that my throat is sore. During no part of sex did I use my mouth for anything.
Panda For my patients with similar symptoms, if they have a sore throat without a fever and no difficulty swallowing I typically recommend Listerine gargling 4-6 x a day. I find this works better that salt water. I also recommend to them motrin 600mg three times a day with food (as long as they are not allergic). However, if their symptoms worsen or fail to improve after the first 24hrs (or they have a high fever or difficulty swallowing) then they need to be seen.
229411 tn?1189759425 Bluebell, sometimes (in fact, many times) there IS no explaination for sore throat, slight fever, and body aches. There are hundreds of garden variety upper respiratory viruses that are EXTREMELY common and easily communicated amongst the general population. Your throat culture may not show a thing. They usually don't.
Avatar n tn There is no pus and I don't have a fever or chills; in fact, I feel fine, otherwise. I don't have insurance, so I really can't go to the doctor unless I absolutely must. What do you think? Thanks so very much.
Avatar n tn I had a sore throat yesterday night and I couldnt even drink water. It is relieved today and I am eating and drinking normally. I didnt have any fever or any other symptom. Can this be ARS? Can ARS be this short and fast?
Avatar m tn I am male 25 year old . I have sore throat on 8 th day after exposure followed by running nose. no fever is this acute hiv symptoms. I am worried.
Avatar n tn If do you it could be a strep throat. IF no fever and no pus but just a red throat it maybe a virus. It should pass in a couple of days if it is a virus. If it dosen't get better then see a doctor and be honest about the oral sex. They can easily do a throat swab for GC and also a culture for strep throat or a rapid strep test and culture. Hope this helps.
5154295 tn?1372287796 I got sick from dinner, has bad diarrhea, runny nose, sore throat, and my fiancé said I was a little warm.. Do he put a water cloth on my forehead (he's a sweetheart) but my body in general seems warmer, I'm 6-7weeks, is it normal?
6710217 tn?1386114492 I've had a fever of 101.5 for 4 days in a row! I am miserable: ( gotta sore throat, nasty cough a fever, body aches, puking. I can't eat anything and barely drink anything cuz it hurts. I called the ob at the er two days ago and she said there's nothing they'd be able to do. She said to drink plenty of water and strictly only use tylenol. I've been doing what she said plus laying in bed and taking baths to try and sweat it out plus I've been eating cough drops left and right.
Avatar n tn However the majority of people who are sero-converting suffer quite severe symptoms for a few days, severe sore throat with a high fever, with malaise. Regarding your sexual encounter, the fact that you used a condom makes it compeltely safe and completely risk free in regards of HIV infection, provided the condom remained in place and did not brake. Therefore I do not believe that your symptoms have anything to do with HIV.
938921 tn?1257299856 Your thread 10 days ago ended with you asking "can a symptom of hiv be only sore throat?". I answered no, then terminated the thread. I have not changed my mind; the answer is the same. Your test results show you do not have HIV. Something else is causing your sore throat. Really, you can stop worrying about it.
Avatar n tn As I said earlier, when I got the throat infection after 2 days I had a sore throat which lasted for 6 days (no medications taken) and second time which is exactly 2 weeks after the intercourse, it was severely inflated and had some pus in it and I took antibiotics and it went away in 4 days..
Avatar m tn symptoms can appear at 3 days as a response to our bodies building antibodies. But like i said if she did not have any sores at the time this risk is quite low. Hsv2 sheds more often than hsv1 but from a one time affair the odds you contracted it are really quite low. I only mention this as an option.
Avatar n tn Hi, Since last 6 months I am suffering from sore throat. It was diagonised as some infection, they did gave me some anti-biotec medicines and it subsided but after I stop taken medecine it comes back. They tested me for Tonsillitis and it was well in range. I am 32 years old from India, residing in UAE and have sitting job (i.e. no exposure to hot and dusty weather). I do not have fever, cold or any kind of nasal problem. Cold drink and cold water or Ice cream causes severity.