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Avatar m tn i will test at 3 months mark but just i want to know that whatever symptoms(Sore thoat and running nose) i have are part of acute hiv symptoms. Because i have not read running nose is symptom of acute hiv.
Avatar n tn of symptoms mentioned on your page, how sore does the sore throat need to be (can hardly speak and swallow, or just vaguely irritating) and how high does the fever need to be, to be indicative of a possible infection? How would you rate the following symptoms after intercourse with a prostitute (but condom-protected)? Cough and sneeze starting 10 days after, sore throat starting 13 days after but lasting until today (19 days after the incident). Not really painful, but annoying.
Avatar f tn Well im freaking out its ars so was curious if its only a sore throat is that ars?
Avatar m tn When someone has a symptom such as a sore throat it is criminal to link this in anyway to an HIV infection. I hear of more and more people being convinced that they have been infected with HIV because of a sore throat or some skin rash. That includes myself. What follows is immense stress and all the consequences that go with it to say the least.It is therefore every responsible person's job NOT to mention the word HIV in any forum related to everyday symptoms.
Avatar f tn hi there , i've been having a mild sore throat for one month ... a clicking sound when i swallow and some kind of a strawberry tongue ( small patches on the top of my tongue). i had protected vaginal sex 5 weeks ago,and im worried i might have HIV.i am afraid the condom ruptured and i didnt notice.this sore throat is driving me to panic all the's not getting it an hiv symptom ? they say yes,,,please any suggestions im going crazy !
Avatar m tn You have multiple negative tests, thus conclusively you do not have HIV. I do not doubt that you have a sore throat but to expect it to be due to HIV with multiple negative tests is unrealistic. Furthermore, had you had the ARS, the sore throat, accompanied by other symptoms would have come and gone by now. My advice is to stop worrying about HIV an see a health care provider to get their assistance in sorting this out. If a GP is not helpful ask to see and ear, nose and throat doctor.
Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms such as fever and sore throat do overlap with the symptoms of recently acquire HIV infection however these same symptoms are also caused by a number of other far more common problems including both bacterial and viral (non-HIV) sore throats. In fact when symptoms typical of the ARS have been studied, less than 1% are due to HIV. Further, the presence of white patches on your throat is typical of bacterial (strep) throats. I woul urge you not to worry.
Avatar m tn 1. could the sore throat (1 month for now) be a symptom of HIV? 2. How long does a sore throat last if someone is infected by HIV? 3. Do the cuts increase the risk of having HIV specially from Oral sex? 4. Are the tests i have taken assuring/conclusive? what do they tell you? 5. i am planning to take a test after three months from possible exposure (for my peace of mind)...which test should i take? Combo, ELISA, PCR, etc...
Avatar f tn Are you sure? The sore throat is completely random and very intense. 3 days is too soon for symptoms. Overall I feel great but this soreness is very weird.
Avatar m tn i encounter last sex 3 month before, after that i feeling fatigue, pain in legs , sore throat and sometimes pain in testiciless, if they are indication of hiv sympotms, i always do protected sex but sometime unprotected oral sex..
Avatar m tn Hello, if you have a sore throat due the hiv infection (ars symptoms), is it very painfull?? I had a risk 18 days ago, since the 5 th day i have an up and of going sore throat it is not that bad, could it have something to do with ars symptoms? I dont have no fever, headache, no swollen lymph nodes.. just the sore throat..
938921 tn?1257296256 was really nervous and took hiv test at 4 and 6 weeks=negative. at week 6-7 had a sore throat wich just wont go away. 2 doctors took a look inside my throat and could not see anything (no redness no swollen glands) my quastion is can a sore throat that goes on more than 2-4 weeks be a symptom of HIV? if it was, can doctors see anything? had no fever... please help i promise i wont post again.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a woman and after 2 days I had a sore throat which lasted for 6 days (no medications taken) and then again I got it exactly 2 weeks after the day I had unprotected sex and this time it was bad but no fever and any other symptom. I went to the doctor and he gave me antbiotic and it went away in 4 days.. I am dying with anxiety iuf it can be HIV infection. Please advice.
Avatar m tn Whilst Teak has put my mind at rest on the breast milk, I have still developed muscle pain and a sore throat. I am encoraged that I seem to have no rash or fever. However I am worried that some sites suggest that even a sore throat alone can be a sign of developing hiv. Dr HHH seems to suggest that if fever is not present then there is almost no chance of hiv/ars. Can anyone explain the conflicting views.
Avatar m tn On Jan 22nd, I started getting a cough and sore throat. I feel generally unwell with a cough, cold and sore throat. In addition, I feel warm and have a fever of 99 degrees. I do not believe that the condom failed, but I am not sure. I know that symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but do I have anything to worry about? I have never felt like this before and gotten sick twice so quickly. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I am really scared now. Since tuesday I have been having a slight fever, a slightly sore throat and a slight irritation in the scrotal area. I am really worried about the fever and the sore throat as I read that there is always an onset of a flu like initial infection when you get HIV Please advice - I am starting to really freak out.
Avatar m tn It occurred too early and when HIV causes symptoms the fever is accompanied by other symptoms such as severe muscle aches, sore throat and a rash. I suspect your fever is just the sort or viral sore throat that travelers get from time to time. Antibiotics will not help this. I hope these comments are helpful. Please do not worry about HIV from the encounter you have just described.
Avatar f tn Long story short. I had my last encounter of unprotected sex 10 weeks ago. Before that last encounter I had had unprotected sex with the same guy twice and shortly after I noticed my throat was a little irritated and my taste buds were enlarged. I went to the doctor and had a full panel of std tests run. Everything came back negative and he swore to me he was negative for everything and if he wasn't he would have never had unprotected sex with me.
Avatar m tn If you feel the need for your peace of mind, I can tell you that if your sore throat had been due to HIV, your test would now be positive. I am confident that will not be the case.
Avatar m tn in your practice or in HIV literature did you hear about sore throat being the only sign of early HIV infection? Thank you again.
Avatar m tn Feeling like you have a lump in your throat or difficulty swallowing can be an anxeity symptoms but if you had anxiety, you would have other symptoms as well. The sore throat has nothing to do with your protected sex. You most likely have a NORMAL run of the mill infection that is causing you to have a sore throat. 12 days is quite a while, so go to the doctor so they can get a look at your throat.