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Avatar m tn I did have cold sores when I was a kid. Oct 26 woke up with a sore throat mild. I still have it. It is not severe. It is almost just a discomfort. I looked at it in the mirror under the light and throat is a little reddish. In one area there seems to be a very small bump no puss or anything. Other than that nothing ubnormal. Gonnerhea urine test on OCT 23 with Nucleic AA was negative. Could this be throat Gonnerhea or HSV 1 or is it just a conincidence normal cold?
Avatar m tn if a male had an encounter with stranger female with deep french kissing and unprotected oral sex, her on him, approximately 4 weeks ago, at 3 weeks had a test for all stds and it came negative, 4 weeks later the male gets sore throat. Could that be Gonnerhea or hepres? This discussion is related to <a href=''>fellatio risks on homosexual relation</a>.
Avatar m tn I posted a question about this last night and received some helpful information, but I wanted to try again. I developed a pretty bad sore throat 2-3 days after having unprotected oral sex (in both directions) and kissing a woman I met at a bar. There was no vaginal sex. What is the likelihood that my sore throat is related to this encounter or an STI? I see a lot of people on this forum mention having a sore throat and its relation to HSV 1-2, so I'm pretty anxious about it. Thank you!!
Avatar n tn About 3 days after that I started getting a tightness in my chest and congestion, but not really a sore throat. The day after I had sex with my TS friend I french kissed a woman friend. My woman friend is now complaining of a sore throat 4 days after I kissed her. Is it possible I got throat gonorrhea from my TS friend and gave it to my woman friend by kissing her? Based on everything I've read, I think I'm over reacting and this is probably a virus that will run it's course.
Avatar f tn Hi, i am 16, a few months ago i made out with this girl and then a had a sore throat for 2 weeks. I went to the docter and i had a fever but they said ir wasn't strep and it was probably just an infection, but ever sine that girl, i have a sore throat after i make out with someone. I was just wondering iif it was some kind of disease or what?
Avatar n tn t have sex or anything further than what i had mentioned. about 2 weeks later i got a sore throat and flu like symtpoms that still havent gone away. the sore throat is more irratating then painful. ive had a runny nose and feel like there is stuff on my throat. today its a little difficult to swallow but not really painfull. if she had a hiv, and in her mouth she was bleeding, what is my risk? also, can i get anything else from kissing? something that would last this long?
Avatar m tn hi I posted a hiv/std question in the hiv only room, sorry about that I have recently, last wed, kissed a man and he gave me oral for about 10 seconds, three days later I started a sore throat, some people suggest I could have throat gonnorhea from kissing, I have no discharge from my penis, its a week now since the episode and I have a bad sore throat kind regards
Avatar m tn well lately my throat has felt a little dry but not sore and now i can look in my throat and i see 1 bump. it doesnt hurt or anything it just feels like something is there and when i reach in the back of my throat i can feel the small bump. do you think that it is anything to worry about?
Avatar m tn A cold, strep throat. You receiving oral has nothing to do with your throat.
Avatar n tn I was recently heavily kissing a woman with our tongues down each other's throats - later she told me she "makes out" with gay male friends of hers while out drinking after theatre rehearsal. Additionally, she takes methotrexate for an autoimmune condition so may have lowered immunity. Soon after our make out session, I developed a sore throat - it's been sore over a week and I am wondering: 1) could my sore throat be due to picking up an STD from her i.e.
Avatar m tn Three days later i woke up really nausous and had a sore throat. I am still nausous and I still have my sore throat. At the time I had a minor bruise on my upper gum area. Do you think I contracted HIV? Please help.
Avatar m tn If someone had a sore throat before than he or she knows how it is. Sore throat has many other symptoms than just sore throat. By the way you are 100% HIV negetive.
Avatar n tn I gave a girl oral sex Sunday and got a sore throat Tuesday today is Wednesday and its still sore. this was my first time doing this and now I'm so scared is this normal? Does this pretty much guarantee I have sti/std? No other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I been French kissing a girl for awhile. She have some bad teeth and a sore throat for about 3 weeks. She told me that she was HIV positive that is all we done was French kissing. I had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and feel like a swollen lymph node on one side of the neck. I had e rash on the front side of the neck just one spots. It went away after day. I did a 30 day antibody test and it came neg. Should I be worry and what is the accurate of the test?
Avatar m tn 25 YO male, 130 lbs, 178cm, presenting with sore throat for 27 days. As of today experiencing sore throat more painful than usual accompanied by dull chest pain and very slightly labored breathing. Believes condition was maybe contracted through prolonged kissing of female likely at high risk of STD contraction. Diagnosis?
Avatar n tn It lasted about 2 weeks, went away and came back. Ive got a sore throat about 3 weeks later followed by a sore on my stomach and a ringworm like patch on my right arm. I havent had sexual activity with someone other than my wife in 4 years. I have kissed a Juicy girl while deployed to singapore in the last 4 months. What is the likelyhood that i could have contracted syphilis from french kissing. It really wasnt prolonged but my toungue did enter her mouth.
Avatar m tn I am I at risk especially with the mouth kissing . Two weeks after I had a sore throat went to the doctor said I had staph gave me antibotic sore throat left but came back about 7 to 10 days later .No fever no swollen lymp nodes the encounter was 7 weeks ago. Do you think I have hiv by this action and by these symptoms.
Avatar m tn can you get a std from french kissing a girl if she has it in her throat?
Avatar f tn After an unprotected std scare I got std tested at 9 days all negative and then tested at 5 weeks 3 days for HIV(4th gen) and syphilis both negative. I still have this burning sore throat. (Been nearly 3 weeks now) been taking penicillin but it has had no effect 5 days from taken them. Back of my throat has lots of white blotches on it. Again I don't feel tied or particularly sick but my throat is on fire none stop. Any idea what it might be.
Avatar f tn We both suffer from bleeding gums. Today i woke up with a really bad sore throat i was wondering could this be stds? Or maybe just a throat infection or allergies? Im also running a fever.
Avatar m tn Had protected sex and open mouth kissing 7 weeks ago after two week of the encounter had swollen pallet and sore throat went to doctor said had staph gave me tecraclyine sore throat went a way but came back after a week had diarrhoea once about 3weeks ater the encounter 6weeks after sore throat with stuffy noise and mucuse had one more time of diarrhoea is this hiv symptoms.
Avatar m tn i am having severe tonsils and sore throat since had intercourse 5monhs back with results-ve. Doctor gave medicines but did'nt work.CBC and IGE levels were normal. What is the cause of such severeness?