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Avatar m tn I am male 25 year old . I have sore throat on 8 th day after exposure followed by running nose. no fever is this acute hiv symptoms. I am worried.
Avatar m tn Also my suspected inital outbreak was on the outter part of my thight about half way up the thigh above the knee. the doctor said folliculities cause i suffer from that anyway however what are the chances of catching HSV 2 with the inital outbreak being on the thigh?
Avatar m tn I have been having that sore throat for the past 6 months. my symptoms are as follow. feel like there's something in the back of my throat like a little tiny rock going up and down but when i am trying to spit it out it will not come out.also, i have been very stressed out lately and i always eat late before i go to bed. Recently a lot of mucus has been running in the back of my throat,especially when i am taking that natural remedy called bragg organic apple cider vinegar.
Avatar f tn All of that but also an antihistamine would be good many times our sore throat is from mucus running from oyr sinuses down our throat. Dr.
Avatar n tn I Just want to give you an update about my situation, after couple days sore throat it has stopped , now i am having stuffy nose, a little bit coughing feels like having a cold. I don't know if I should be having any concern about STDs. if feels like just a cold , Anything else are fine, wonder if its just a cold.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm a 36 yo female and prior to catching walking pnemonia 4-5 weeks ago I was very fit and active (gym 6 days a week and ran about 40km a week). I didn't realise I was that sick as I was still exercising during part of it (struggling though and quiet dumb in hindsight) and going to work (during the time crackling in lung was identified but I did not get diagnosed till a week later after doc said to come back for check up. As the crackling got worse I took an xray).
Avatar f tn OK, so I've had this pain in my throat for the past two days and I have an idea of what might have caused it but I'm not sure. 2 days ago I started running again after a long vacation that I ate a lot on and got pretty out of shape. After running for about thirty minutes I stopped because I was struggling more than usual. I also felt sick and I sort of threw up except nothing came out (it was in the moring before I ate breakfast and had only had water) when I went to throw up.
Avatar f tn Usually, after a pleasant deepthroat I spend one week in bed with running nose, headache, sore throat and tiredness. Doctors tell me that I am healthy and the only way to avoid this is to not give head. I feel like doctors might not being taking seriously my problem, as if I were a straight woman no men would never recommend to not give head. Is there anything I can do to keep me healthy after deepthroating?
Avatar n tn Hi All, On june 21 i went to TJ and condom slipped of while having veginal sex with pro. Started pep after 60 hrs of exposure. Completed 4 weeks of course which was very difficult. Now i am on (15 week after exposure) 11 week after the last dose of my pep pill. i am waiting for 13 weeks to get first and conclusive test result. i was feeling fine but from last almost 6 day i started having very bad sore throat it is not getting over and i don't have any running nose or any cold symptoms.
Avatar m tn 4- After 5 weeks (week later from the rash) I had mild sore throat with slight running nose with very mild fever (maybe half a degree or less) which was cured after 24 hours or so, shall I be concerned about those symptoms being related to HIV or those could be a common cold?
Avatar f tn Well, some women exercise their entire pregnancies including running. (jogging type of running). Maybe you did overexert yourself though (which trust me, if I broke into a sprint right now, I'd have aches and pains as it would shock my muscles and ligaments as they have NOT been running lately. :>)). I had a lot of pressure in my vagina when in my third trimester. That is normal. See how you feel and maybe it was just a bit much for you.
Avatar f tn Zertec, benadryl, humidifier also drink plenty of water and G2... But notify your doctor about your sore throat... I was sick all during my 1st trimester... Headaches, stuffy, running nose,ex... This is what my doctor recommended... But only take the medication if its an absolute must.
Avatar f tn Hi, here is my question. I recently had protected vaginal intercourse with a sex worker in Philippines. She also gave me oral unprotected. I then had another vaginal intercourse (protected) in London with a sex worker 2 weeks ago . She also gave me oral unprotected. Since yesterday I have developed sore throat and am running fever. I don't have any rashes on the body yet. I must add that I have a chronic throat problem since childhood where I have sore throat every few months.
Avatar f tn As for you getting it in the throat, that is very rare. Your sore throat is most likely caused by your sinus problems. If it continues after your sinuses get better, then go to your local planned parent-hood and get tested. If you're not happy and there is no trust, then go with your instincts and do what you feel is right for you sweetie.
Avatar n tn I had alot of mucous in my throat too and it went away after awhile.Do they know what the shortness of breath is from? If you have a sore throat and the choking difficulty drinking ,eating soft foods ect. it could be from that stupid breathing tube!!!!! I had more TROUBLE from that than the surgery!! My throat was sore as hell for 4 days that is what I needed the pain meds for two days for!! HAHA! I had lobectomy on 9/8/09 with possible second surgery - look at uh-oh nodule in Italy! post.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a woman and after 2 days I had a sore throat which lasted for 6 days (no medications taken) and then again I got it exactly 2 weeks after the day I had unprotected sex and this time it was bad but no fever and any other symptom. I went to the doctor and he gave me antbiotic and it went away in 4 days.. I am dying with anxiety iuf it can be HIV infection. Please advice.
Avatar f tn I never had a fever, I did lose my appetite so therefore I lost some weight but after anxiety meds I got it back. But seriously the sore throat with on and off white spots for 3 months has got to be something.... does this sound like an ars symptom?
1472764 tn?1287588186 I hate Arkansas spring time. The pollen is awful right now. I have a sore throat and running temperature. Took some tylenol and it helped. Gargling salt water and using nettie pot and lots of vapor rub. Does anyone have any other home remedies?
Avatar f tn I was researching seroconversion and read about some of the possible symptoms that can occur starting a couple weeks after exposure. One of the symptoms listed was a sore throat. Exactly two weeks after I had unprotected sex, I got a sore throat. It's 3 days later and I still have a sore throat and will get random body chills and I have back pain (but I would not classify it as body aches).
Avatar n tn Cough and sneeze starting 10 days after, sore throat starting 13 days after but lasting until today (19 days after the incident). Not really painful, but annoying. No fever as such: highest temperature was 36.9 axillary mid-morning. No visible rash apart from a few spots on my chest, common enough with my skin and possibly result of 2x 1g azithromycin doses given as a precaution by my doctor 7 days after the incident (although urethral tests subsequently showed no common STDs).
Avatar n tn Hi Guys, I have already told u I had DUO test in my 12th, 24th and 46 th day and they came negative. Just after 1 week of my last test I started to have very strange sore throat. I have never had that kind of throat. its not painful so much but its there. How does hiv sore throat like? Does anxiety cause sore throat?
Avatar f tn i had sex with a sexworker (protected) on new years eve (drunk) and now m worried that i have hiv because after 6 weeks I got running nose and sore throat after 4 days of taking medication my running nose turned into stuffy nose amd my sore throats only hurts in the morning when I wake up plus yesterday I noticed small red dots on my left and right arm (very small).
Avatar m tn I've posted in you forum before I had a possible exposer on OCT 22 07. I had a sore throat since about a mounth after with possible swollen lymps groin and neck with a pain in my lower right abs. I have been tested viral and rapid and blood since and rapid twice after the 90 day deal. The pain in my neck and sore troat will not subside . At over 100 days since possible exposer if the sore throat was due to acute HIV would I get a positive test for sure.