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Avatar n tn The saliva glands under my tongue were also sore. A few days into the sore throat I developed a small rash on my right arm on the inside of the elbow. Approximately a dozen small pimples, light pink to red. They didn't itch, but scratching or squeezing caused them to get a dark center. One week later the sore throat is mostly gone and the rash is beginning to fade. I am terrified now, though I did not start that way.
Avatar m tn But Teak I am having diarr. as well as brown spots coming on and off on my body and then sore throat and rash.I never had fever though.I had sore lymph nodes all over my body 3 weeks after exposure.I feel tired all the time.Do I need another test at 4 or 6 month mark.
Avatar f tn Ive noticed a bad rash on my breasts wit sores and i have a sore throat, should i be worried?
Avatar n tn A few days after the rash first appeared I developed a sore throat which got worse and I still have. I have never had a sore throat like this before. Its very painful, usually only when swallowing but occasionally it will just twinge almost like a cramp. Its not raw or scratchy, no horseness or cough, can't see anything unusual.
Avatar n tn After 3 weeks, i started to have fever , throat sore and boday rash. the fever and throat sore has been lasted for 3 weeks after i took the medicine from the docotor . I started to worry about the towel . i suspect that has been used to clean that previous customer .
Avatar n tn The rash of the ARS is not typically confined just to the legs and the ARS typically involves not only a rash and sore throat but also muscle and joint aches, fever and sometimes diarrhea. Even if all of those symptoms are present, they are far more likely to be due to the flu than the ARS. In general, as we've said again and again on this Forum, symptoms are a terrible way to evaluate risk for HIV.
Avatar f tn I've had a rash in the back of my throat and I took a zpack and it went away then had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and the rash is back in my throat, and very raw.
Avatar n tn for 3 days i had a sore throat with white dots with fever so i went to see the doctor and he prescribed pencillin. he didn't take a culture. i developed a rash so he told me to quit it and then prescribed erythromycin. by the next day my fever had gone, i felt that i really didn't have an infection, so i decided not to pick up the antibiotic. (no health insurance!
Avatar m tn though I got a major hit on my leg knees.
Avatar n tn of symptoms mentioned on your page, how sore does the sore throat need to be (can hardly speak and swallow, or just vaguely irritating) and how high does the fever need to be, to be indicative of a possible infection? How would you rate the following symptoms after intercourse with a prostitute (but condom-protected)? Cough and sneeze starting 10 days after, sore throat starting 13 days after but lasting until today (19 days after the incident). Not really painful, but annoying.
Avatar n tn Six days ago my throat began to get sore and by the fourth day it was extremely sore to swallow. So I went to see a doctor, he told me that I had a viral infection and sent me home with no medication. The next day (yesterday) I started to get a rash on my forehead, it started like little pimples with white tops. Within an hour it had mostly spread all over one have of my face although there was a tiny bit on the other half.
1289692 tn?1273151431 What bothers me is that I've developed an extremely severe sore throat and a rash all over my abdomen at about week 5. The rash is red and blotchy and comes and goes. It extends down my arms. Here is a link to the rash: The rash does not stay, it comes and goes and moves around. It tends to come more when I'm hot. I've also felt quite warm lately despite having no fever. I'm very worried as I've also been suffering EXTREME night sweats.
Avatar m tn I also experienced a stuffed up nose and nasal drainage. Today, the sore throat is almost none existent and I am no longer experiencing nasal congestion. The rash has also seemed to diminish in brightness and size, but is still present. My concern is the closeness of these two “symptoms” of ARS arriving and them seemingly become less severe at the same time. I took an HIV test on Feb. 27 and it came back as negative. I realize that it is too soon to detect for the relations I had on Feb.
Avatar n tn Thank you . So LIZZIE you think it think the rash and the sore are not associated ? And I also hear that the associated rash and sore should appear after a fever , is that true ? Sorry for ask such a simple question , in Chese forum there are too many different answer ...
Avatar n tn Two weeks after, I got really sick, had a sore throat and fever. I was spitting out colored flemgh and went to Doctor, he gave me antibiotics. I didn't think anything of of it, until one of my friends joked "wow, your cough is crazy, I hope you didn't catch something from that guy you slept with!". Then I looked online and saw my symptoms - extreme sore throat and fever were symptoms of ARS and the timing.
Avatar n tn Rashs on knuckles, hands and wrists are less severe, but more rash shows up on forearms, thigh and ankles. Mildly sore throat. Joint pain is the same as on Saturday. He was examined at an emergency room on Sunday morning. The doctor prescribed prendisone and benadryl which he started taking on Sunday afternoon. Today: The rash on knuckles, hands and wrists is almost gone, but he has a rash on his backside and stomach.
Avatar m tn The following night, 2/25, I felt what can best described as nasal drip in the back of my throat and the following morning, 2/26, I woke up with a mild sore throat. The sore throat never hurt to where it was painful, it was more of a scratchy feeling and at some points I would not even feel it. I also experienced a stuffed up nose and nasal drainage.
Avatar f tn After 2 weeks I had severe sore throat and 2 days later now I have very itchy rash on the neck. I am very worried, my palms are also itchy and I had UTI after 2 days of the exposure. Can you pls help as all the symptoms are of ARS.
Avatar m tn I performed an oral sex with another guy. and he performed anal sex with me. he wore a condom while performing the anal but am still worried and anxious up until now because a day after it all happened, i got a sore throat. then a cold another day after. i prefer not to get tested for HIV or STD because i know it's still early to get accurate results.
Avatar n tn i had oral with a girl late november last year. In January i got a sore throat and a swollen gland just under my ear lobe(about 1.5cm) about 3months later i got another sore throat and the gland below my earlobe was still there but they was a new one in my neck, just below my jaw. A few days later a skin infection came out around my lips(not itchy,peeled wen i didnt put cream on it and neva bled).
Avatar f tn I stupidly have unprotected vaginal sex with a guy i know that had told me several times that he's tested negative. About 5 days after, I had a pretty nasty headache, sore throat and was really achey. Lasted for about 3 days and then mostly Went away with sore throat lingering for a bit. No fever, no rash and no swollen glands as far as I could tell. I'm getting tested as soon as it will be conclusive but until then freaking out. Can anyone give me info on how often there's no fever, rash etc?
Avatar m tn The following night, 2/25, I felt what can best described as nasal drip in the back of my throat and the following morning, 2/26, I woke up with a mild sore throat. The sore throat never hurt to where it was painful, it was more of a scratchy feeling and at some points I would not even feel it. I also experienced a stuffed up nose and nasal drainage.
Avatar n tn I have been looking at Internet since that day for possible symptoms of ARS. Now after 2 weeks I have developed sore throat, muscle aches and two red dots on side of my chest. I am full of fear, guilt and anxiety. Please help what was my risk of acquiring HIV.
Avatar n tn The ARS typically starts two or more weeks after exposure and includes fever, sore throat, rash, and muscle aches. Your symptoms began too soon to be ARS an many of the other parts of the syndrome are not present. As far as alternate diagnoses are concerned, there are at least two different forms or mono an many other common community acquired viral infections could account for your symptoms. I would not worry about HIV.
Avatar f tn I'm on my 17th week of interferon and ribavarin and lately my tongue and throat feel dry and very a burning/stinging sensation. The Dr. doesn't say much about it. Matter of fact...pretty much anything..he sums up to side effects. For example...I have these bumpy red spots on my arms, neck and legs. They itch constantly and the surface of my skin has become leathery. My blood panel isn't to far out of whack..except my TSH which is a 45.1...where the normal range should be .