Sore throat and white spots

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Avatar n tn I would suggest that you see an MD for your sore throat and an oral surgeon for the white spots on your throat.
Avatar n tn After about only 5 minutes we stopped, and he never ejaculated in my mouth. Now, I have a sore throat, and white spots on my tonsils. About two weeks ago I visited the doctor and was treated for an ear infection. I am wondering if I should be worried that I contracted gonorrhea, or if the sore throat is just conincidental? Would gonorrhea cause white spots on my tonsils?
Avatar n tn I have a sore throat that comes and goes. It tends to get really bad at night. I ahve started also coughing. This has been going on for about 1 week. When I look at my throat it is red, I see no white spots. My tongue has enlarged taste buds I think. Do I need to see a docotor, I have no heatlh insurance?
Avatar n tn by the middle of the day my throat was no longer sore (still swollen though) and the white patches went away. This morning I woke up and my throat is not sore again, a little irritated, but not sore, and the patches are back. I don't really think it's Strep, but I have no idea what it could be. Any thoughts?
Avatar m tn I had low sex risk receive unprotected oral which i took tests yesterday at 3 month for conclusive result. I have white spots in the back of my throat which i took antibiotics but did not seem to work. I feel like i had some stuck phlegm in my throat, when the air is cold is worse it gets dryer. Could this be related to something else something i should do some remedy?
Avatar n tn I woke up four days ago with flu like symptoms everything has gotten back to normal however I still have a severe sore throat with three white spots on them that hurt when anything touches them any idea what I might have. My dr. this morning thinks that it is just a viral infection not bacterial. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Hi, you need to see a doctor. Do you have a fever and are there white spots on your tonsils or the back of the throat? It may be strep throat and you may need antibiotics.
2208061 tn?1338977595 I have never had spots before like this, I am 19 and only last week has my forehead broken out in spots, some of which have white heads. My throat has become very sore also and is sore to swallow around my tonsil area. What does this mean?
20107585 tn?1490291356 My canker sore did not get smalller, it got much larger (larger than my thumb nail now) and changes colour every day, from green with red spots to white and brown. Behind my canker sore I have seen what I presume are my actual tonsils, but there's two growths, one large the one above small. There is a white pattern on these with brown spots in the middle of them. There is not much inflammation but there is redness. There is horrible pain on swallowing. Help please.
Avatar f tn It started out with very swollen tonsils and white on them as well. Day 4 and the white spots are now ulcer like sores and I have sores on the back of my tounge and roof of my mouth. What could it be? Hand foot and mouth is going through town but my daughter didn't get any spots on her hands or feet. Any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn I performed an oral sex with an anonymous guy 3weeks ago, and after a week, I had fever that comes and go, and bad sore throat. I went for a check up for HIV antibodies reactive, the results showns negative, doctor given me prescribed me with some medicine and the sore throat is recovering but now very small white spots is appearing in the mouth. is this the symptoms of HIV?
Avatar n tn however my left side of throat began to feel slightly sore and i notice my tonsil on my left side begin to have white spots. Around the same time i found some food deposits in my lower wisdom tooth that was decayed and smelled bad.
Avatar n tn There are white spots on my tonsils, and they are enlarged, more so than usual. I was wondering is there anything that I need to worry about, or is this just a bad seasonal attack on my sinuses? Please help thank you!
Avatar m tn if the sore throat continues, go to a clinic to have your throat looked at and a throat culture. Are you having and fevers or chills?
Avatar f tn I also stopped smoking weed 4 weeks ago and thought my throat hurt cause of that but it’s been 11 days now and I checked my throat and saw two white spots on my left tonsil. I’m worried it might be std related like hpv cause after receiving unprotected oral from her we smoked a joint together. Could this be due to an std?
Avatar f tn Hello, recently I went to the doc. fearful b/c I'd performed oral sex on a guy for the first time & a few days later had white spots appear on my throat. I also had a slight sore throat, no fever, no headache, etc only a slight throat irritation. So i went to the doc. & was told I have tonsillitis & that it had nothing to do with my sexual activity & was prescribed Augmentin. However, the doc.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 10 weeks today and have a horrible sore throat. It's red and inflamed but no white spots indicating strep. I think it's from post nasal drip, I am also choking up phlegm mostly clear and light yellow. I used the netti pot twice today so far and it's helped my nose but not throat. Also tried a shot of apple cider vinegar and failed spectacularly at getting it down. I do not want to take over the counter medicine but I know you ladies will have more natural ideas.
Avatar n tn I have white spots on my tongue and it feels like sand paper hard to taste food sometimes sore throat efects my ears to I seen a ears nose and throat specialist that I had a longer hair line what ever that means but I was healthy what should I do.
Avatar f tn and on Tuesday I got a sore throat. Currently I have red spots, white spots, tongues kinda grey near back, trouble swollowing, stuffy nose ect. I think it's strep throat, but I really don't want to go to the doctor with my parents because I will have to mention the sexual actions that took place in front of them but my throats extremely sore. any help would be great.
Avatar m tn I noticed my tonsils were swollen and there were some white spots and some white discharge. Since the emergence of the sore throat (3-4 days ago) the soreness has gotten much better, but the white spots and discharge are still there. My questions: 1) Is it possible I contracted oral gonorrea, syphillis chlamydia, etc from the kissing or cunnilingus?
Avatar n tn It went away for about 5 days but when I woke up this morning my throat was sore and hurt to swallow. Now I have been noticing my ear aches on and off and I have white spots on the back of my throat as well as spots on my tongue. I read somewhere that it could possibly be strep but no symptoms for strep throat list ear aches. I 100% believe that its not an STD or STI since I have given him oral multiple times before and this has never happened.
Avatar f tn So, I have had a sore throat for a week now. It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
Avatar f tn Now I have tonsillitis. I had white spots in the back of my throat and my doctor sent me off with bacteria killing antibiotics. Now I have pain on my right tonsils and right ear. I Also have bad mucus. Do you possibly know what it is? I visited my doctor 3 times and everything she gave me didn't work. But the white spots are gone.
Avatar f tn My first symptom I realized my throat was very sore and I had dry cough. I had white spots and my throat was huge on both side and I had red spots at the back of my throats indicating a sore throat. Other than this , when finding out I had herpes I had no symptoms. Before I had unprotected sex , keep in mind this was during spring and I had really bad allergies even before I had unprotected sex and where I am from there are tons of trees everywhere.
Avatar m tn Ok ot just was like i was having ars symptoms fever . my throat hurts i have three white spots in my throat and this rash like blisters the burst and scab In ny face back chest scalp arms .does a ars rash itch ??
Avatar n tn have you been taking any antibiotics recently? The white stuff on you tongue are they like hard spots?