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Avatar m tn Now, every year about this time I get a throat infection and know the white spots are not from last night. However, does the fact of having these spots increase the risk of HIV if he had some pre *** and it actually came in contact with these spots? Will be going to the doctor later today and know he'll be prescribing an antibiodic (like I said, happens every year). But, is there cause for additinal concern?
Avatar f tn You are saying that you had a bacterial throat infection back in December? Tonsilitis? Did you take antibiotics? White spots on your throat are not indicative of throat cancer. Here's the symptoms of throat cancer and you don't mention any of the symptoms . White spots on the throat can be a sign of throat infection like you had previously. https://www.healthgrades.
Avatar m tn A little over a week ago, I perfomed oral sex to a friend of mine. I just noticed white spots at the back of my throat, namely the tonsils. They aren't inflamed or swollen, just white spots. they don't hurt or anything. Could this be tonsilitis or some kind of std/sti? no pain or discomfort as of yet, I'm planning to get them check out. but for a small peace of mind for now, can anyone tell me what they might be?
Avatar m tn i developed an ulcer inside my mouth within a weeks time, experienced on and off tingling for a month. i have white patches at the back of my throat and few white spots on my tonsil for an year now. it is not causing any discomfort though. I have tested negative for hiv, hsv 1,2 igg at 6 months mark, hep b and syphilis.. my question is: 1. what is this infection? why the white patches are there in the throat for an year now? 2.
Avatar m tn And then I found that now there are areas of white spots in my throat. I think these white spots were not there when I visited my doctor because it wasn't sore at the time and he would have obviously noticed them had they been there. So should I be worried now about oral gonorrhea and revisit the doctor before the test results are out? Or does it sound like other kinds of infection? Any input will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Infection can cause your glands to swell up bad, and when glands are swollen in your neck, it often causes pain when you move your neck or touch the gland with your fingers. Yup I agree with Evie, check your throat for little white spots... if you have tonsils the spots will be on them or if not, they will be on the back of your throat. Get better soon!
Avatar m tn Four days after I hooked up with this guy. I developed white spots on my tonsils, my throat was sore and felt like I had rocks in it, and my neck was swollen, This all went away after 3 and a half days. On the 3rd day of it, I went and had it checked out for strep, and strep test came up negative. I am still waiting on results for the STD tests, but I am having anxiety and can't wait. The guy swears he is completely STD free. Im just wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be.
Avatar f tn 3 Days ago I noticed white spots on throat around my tonsils at first my throat would just hhurt not the pain has somewhat gone away but the spots are still there, it sometimes hurt when I swollow but nothing serious.
Avatar n tn no std causes a sore throat the next day. stop looking at your lips like this! you are noticing normal things.
2075737 tn?1379447682 Try drinking lots of water. Are there white spots on the back of your throat?? I know you can get strep without having white spots on your throat but If its not better by tomorrow I would go to the hospital just to make sure it isnt anything serious. Do you have an urgent care in your town you might be able to get in to today?? They are at least cheaper than a hospital.
Avatar f tn Every now and then i get these little white things clogged in my tonsils my throat hurts sometimes and then after taking meds the soreness goes away but the little white spot stays in my tonsil it doesn't rly hurt, it just kind of irritates.. i suffer from allergies but was wondering what this could be? i sneeze alot as well.
Avatar f tn The white spots you have identified are a sign of acute tonsilitis and the enlargement of the lymph nodes in you neck are a resonse ti the infection. You should see you physician.
Avatar n tn I have a few white spots on my uvula. Sore throat. And had a headache for about a month. The only sex I had was unprotected sex given to me. I am a male and she was a girl.
Avatar f tn she also took a swab of my throat to see is it was the streptococcus infection (strep throat) but I did not get told when the results would be back. My tonsils aren't as sore because I've been staying on top of pain relief and I've been taking the right dosage of antibiotic which my ear infection isn't as bad but tonsils haven't seemed to decrease in size. The white puss spots on my tonsils have also gotten whiter, what does this mean?
Avatar m tn One week after the encounter, I developed a sore throat with white spots on the back of my throat and tonsils. I ran a slight fever, and my throat became swollen for the next couple of days. I seen two different doctors during this viral infection and both called it a case of pharyngitis and I was given some steroids to help with the inflammation. The infection completely cleared in one week. My question is if I could have contracted oral herpes from the girl?
Avatar f tn i have a blotch of white spots on the back of my throat. im not sure if it is caused by oral sex or kissing my boyfriend. ive researched and researched so much about it but im not sure of anything is related to hpv. Nothing is sore...nothing hurt but its just odd and i need a possible answer. i had strep throat as a child and i read that it doesnt re occur in adults.
Avatar f tn Hi there I started with a sore throat and now have developed white spots in the back of my throat along with blisters inside of my cheeks and on my lips. Attached a photo wink for details. http://imgur.
Avatar m tn sore throat, white spots. Doctor said it was probably a bad virus and it did start to get better. Then, lower stomach pains. This tells me it's chlamydia. My question is this: could I have transmitted it to my wife through vaginal sex if the infection is in my throat?
Avatar m tn Around the 20th of April my tonsils became enlarged and had white spots on them. I went to my doctor, he performed a strep test which was negative. He prescribed some anti-biotics and a few days later the white spots dissappeared. For two weeks the white spots were gone, then they came back. So i went back to the doctor and he prescirbed amoxicillin (a large dosage).
Avatar m tn Tonsil continues enlarged with white spots (doctor said my throat cultures for strep and gonorrhea are negative). On day 8, red bumps appeared around clitoral area. Nothing has appeared blister-like, but now there are white spots on the mucosa near my vaginal opening. Not exactly like blisters or sores, but not normal. I went back to the doctor on day 10, he said that it could be herpes though not "classical" presentation.
Avatar f tn I visited my boyfriend in Paris and he had a bad cough that would wake him up at night. But he didn't seem sick at all. So 6 days after being with him I got a sore throat, which turned into a sinus infection). After doing sinus irrigations, drinking a lot of hot water with apple cider vinger, and eating well for 2 weeks - I seem to be better; however, my throat is now hurting again (it never seemed to go away completely, but mostly).
Avatar n tn I called the doctor and he said its more then likely from the air tube being put down my throat from surgery but did change 1 of the 2 anti-biotics I am on. Well since then my throat has been getting worse, with more redness and now white spots. Did I pick up strep throat or something or could it be something else? I called the doctor back and he just said go back to the ER with no help. I cant afford to keep going back to the ER ranking up my bills.
Avatar m tn A few days later, my throat hurt and and upon inspection I noticed an ulcer on my uvula and some white spots on my tonsil. (picture : ) After 3 days, the spots went away leaving me with only sore throat (which in turn subsided after about 5 more days). What could be the cause of these spots? Is this a standard bacterial or viral infection, an aphthous ulcer or symptoms of acute HIV phase?
Avatar f tn I then finished my course and STILL had spots on my throat, this time I was getting a burning tongue after food or brushing my teeth, tingling and itching in my throat with an itchy cough (but no mucus), but my throat also felt a little gooey at night too. I was laid in bed one night and one side of my throat was tingling like crazy, it felt strange, like pins and needles. Beginning of the following week and my daughter is better now, my partner is better but I am still poorly.
Avatar m tn about 2 days after finishing the 5 day cure my throat began to hurt again. my tonsils were red with white spots on them,and also the back of my throat was red (i could see blood vessels , it looked like an infection). after this i went to see the doctor again, and got 7 days Doxycycline (anti biotic). 2 days on this pill, my throat pain was gone, but it was still red. i finished the 7 day strip, after that my tonsils were still red. i also noticed a scalloped tounge. no pain anymore .