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Avatar m tn Hi,my swollen left tonsil has white spots circular in shape,right one normal,with no pains,fever,sore throat but burning sensation on the left throat from outside little below,sometimes ear pain,left face burning like,headace for last 3months,medication as oratil500,enzoflam,smoked average 5to6 buts a day for 22yrs and alcohol twice a week,is it symptom of any cancer
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you see an MD for your sore throat and an oral surgeon for the white spots on your throat.
Avatar n tn My son has had recurring white spot on right side of throat. It comes and goes without any pain but just a feeling of something lodged in throat. Had a course of penicillin couple of weeks ago seemed to clear it but 4 days ago it was back again. Took him to see Doctor and has been given stronger dose of penicillen. The gland on right side of neck enlarged which has worried me considerably, doctor has suggested if swelling hasn't gone down in approx 2wks we should pos think of tonsilectomy.
Avatar n tn After about only 5 minutes we stopped, and he never ejaculated in my mouth. Now, I have a sore throat, and white spots on my tonsils. About two weeks ago I visited the doctor and was treated for an ear infection. I am wondering if I should be worried that I contracted gonorrhea, or if the sore throat is just conincidental? Would gonorrhea cause white spots on my tonsils?
Avatar m tn As the throat culture was negative, what was the culture looking for? If it was to see if there is any bacteria and that showed up negative, it may be a viral infection, or a fungal infection. It could also be that your tonsils are diseased. Ask your doctor to do a swab test to get it analysed at the laboratory and a referral to the Ears, Nose and Throat specialist. Keep drinking lots of fluids and get some throat lozengers. Do follow the instructions on the packet - they are not sweets.
Avatar f tn I still have some drainage. This week my throat is sore but not painful, with red and white spots. No fever, but the infection is in the back of my throat, could this be from the sinus drainage? My voice is horse as well.
Avatar f tn if present it could indicate that there is persisting infection. White patches are common in many throat infections. The sore throat and tonsillitis which you had may have contributed to it. In response to the infection the body produces soft white debris which collects in the tiny indentations in the tonsils called crypts. Repeated salt water gargles will help. Mix one teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm water and gargle.
Avatar m tn Now, every year about this time I get a throat infection and know the white spots are not from last night. However, does the fact of having these spots increase the risk of HIV if he had some pre *** and it actually came in contact with these spots? Will be going to the doctor later today and know he'll be prescribing an antibiodic (like I said, happens every year). But, is there cause for additinal concern?
Avatar n tn I woke up four days ago with flu like symptoms everything has gotten back to normal however I still have a severe sore throat with three white spots on them that hurt when anything touches them any idea what I might have. My dr. this morning thinks that it is just a viral infection not bacterial. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I had a similar experience the day after a deep cleaning and the placement of a white amalgam. I did not have Novocaine. It began as a sore throat and progressed into white spots. I hope to see a physician tomorrow for antibiotics. I agree with Sunnysgirls hypothesis of bacteria falling on the back of the throat, but have also considered that the light used to harden the amalgam killed off the bacterial colony and it is returning with a vengeance. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn It feels like something is in the back of my throat. when i looked I have white spots inbedded in the back. What could that be?
Avatar f tn t gotten those white spots. So this morning still feeling horrible, my mom let me stay home but complained to my dad that she thought I wasn't too sick and she just left to drop my brother off at school, I just checked my tonsils and they have the white spots now. Its most likely I have strep again and I had it 2 weeks ago and ended treatment 1 week ago.
Avatar m tn About 8 days later I developed a very minor sore throat and noticed white spots in the back of my throat (looks like strep) but now the white spots are starting to go away. I don't have any other symptoms in any area of my body. 1) Am I at risk of an STD - should I get tested? 2) Are the white spots related to an STD infection? 3) Since the white spots are going away is there still any worry?
Avatar f tn You are saying that you had a bacterial throat infection back in December? Tonsilitis? Did you take antibiotics? White spots on your throat are not indicative of throat cancer. Here's the symptoms of throat cancer and you don't mention any of the symptoms . White spots on the throat can be a sign of throat infection like you had previously. https://www.healthgrades.
Avatar m tn A little over a week ago, I perfomed oral sex to a friend of mine. I just noticed white spots at the back of my throat, namely the tonsils. They aren't inflamed or swollen, just white spots. they don't hurt or anything. Could this be tonsilitis or some kind of std/sti? no pain or discomfort as of yet, I'm planning to get them check out. but for a small peace of mind for now, can anyone tell me what they might be?
Avatar n tn Now, it seems to be getting worse. The back of my tongue has this white film over it, and the taste buds look inflamed. The back of my throat is looking pretty gross as well, with whitish patches, and a mucuosy film over my uvula. I've been feeling sick for the past few weeks on and off. I had a sinus infection and took anti-biotics, felt better, and now seem to have a cold or flu. I was thinking it might be strep throat or mono, but my throat doesn't hurt, and i don't have a fever.
Avatar n tn I've had pain in my mouth and throat for the past few months. I get these spots on the end and edges of my tongue. They are raw in the middle and have a white ring on the edge. I only see these on my tongue. I do not see these anywhere else in my mouth. I have tested negative for HIV & Diabetes. What is this?
Avatar f tn Infection can cause your glands to swell up bad, and when glands are swollen in your neck, it often causes pain when you move your neck or touch the gland with your fingers. Yup I agree with Evie, check your throat for little white spots... if you have tonsils the spots will be on them or if not, they will be on the back of your throat. Get better soon!
Avatar m tn And then I found that now there are areas of white spots in my throat. I think these white spots were not there when I visited my doctor because it wasn't sore at the time and he would have obviously noticed them had they been there. So should I be worried now about oral gonorrhea and revisit the doctor before the test results are out? Or does it sound like other kinds of infection? Any input will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn 3 Days ago I noticed white spots on throat around my tonsils at first my throat would just hhurt not the pain has somewhat gone away but the spots are still there, it sometimes hurt when I swollow but nothing serious.
Avatar m tn i developed an ulcer inside my mouth within a weeks time, experienced on and off tingling for a month. i have white patches at the back of my throat and few white spots on my tonsil for an year now. it is not causing any discomfort though. I have tested negative for hiv, hsv 1,2 igg at 6 months mark, hep b and syphilis.. my question is: 1. what is this infection? why the white patches are there in the throat for an year now? 2.
2075737 tn?1379447682 Try drinking lots of water. Are there white spots on the back of your throat?? I know you can get strep without having white spots on your throat but If its not better by tomorrow I would go to the hospital just to make sure it isnt anything serious. Do you have an urgent care in your town you might be able to get in to today?? They are at least cheaper than a hospital.
Avatar n tn I have white spots on my tongue and it feels like sand paper hard to taste food sometimes sore throat efects my ears to I seen a ears nose and throat specialist that I had a longer hair line what ever that means but I was healthy what should I do.
Avatar f tn i have a blotch of white spots on the back of my throat. im not sure if it is caused by oral sex or kissing my boyfriend. ive researched and researched so much about it but im not sure of anything is related to hpv. Nothing is sore...nothing hurt but its just odd and i need a possible answer. i had strep throat as a child and i read that it doesnt re occur in adults.
575043 tn?1217685199 I just recently suffered from tonsillitis and i had the swollen tonsils and the white spots and the whole thing. I had the sore throat and the ear infection to go right along with it. it lasted about 4 days until the pain stopped and the white spots started to diminish, however the tonsil is still swollen. can you tell me if i should get treatment or if its not all that serious.
Avatar n tn My wife performed oral sex on me before we knew what I had and the small blisters were just apearing. It has been a week now and for the past 2 days she has had white spots on her tonsils which seem like pus. She has also had simptoms as if she had a cold with fever. She dosent have any sore when she is peeing but she seems to have a little cut which I cant seem to tell if it is a blister in the lower part of the vagina.
Avatar f tn she also took a swab of my throat to see is it was the streptococcus infection (strep throat) but I did not get told when the results would be back. My tonsils aren't as sore because I've been staying on top of pain relief and I've been taking the right dosage of antibiotic which my ear infection isn't as bad but tonsils haven't seemed to decrease in size. The white puss spots on my tonsils have also gotten whiter, what does this mean?