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Avatar n tn Hello, Are the nodes on your neck large, bigger than 1 cm? Are they hard or are they moveable? This may have something to do with the fevers. Please advise.
Avatar f tn Now it's May and I've been battling a low grade fever from 99.4-100.3 oral temp daily. Some days I feel ok then the fever comes and it just runs me down. I've had ear pain, sore throat, eye pain, headaches, sinus pressure, changes in vision, sweating, very bad knee pain and joint pain and just a general feeling of being unwell. I don't exercise like I used to. I did just get my braces off and have a food trap in between my teeth.
1949068 tn?1449632119 I never had a fever in my life that lingered like this.I have tried everything to break this nasty low grade fever of mine. Taking cool/cold baths, fever reducing meds (Ibuprofen)--still does not work. Calms the fever down for a while, then comes right back. And including using a cool compress on my forehead & eye area--that does not work either. Only for a few--which is a great relieve! Do you think the infection has spread else where? or I might have something else going on in my body?
4760166 tn?1398360913 I'm scheduled to have my shunt revised / replaced on the 17th ... but for the past couple months or more I've had a low grade fever (I usually run about 97. it's been 99 - 100 ... not even worth a doctor visit) and really the only thing that bothers me about it is my eyelids always burn when I have fever so they haven't stopped burning. And I noticed yesterday that there is a blue/grayish spot on my left sclera (the white of your eyes) ... it is definitely new.
Avatar m tn Thank you doctor. Is having the low grade fever for 5 or 6 weeks mean I should be seeking urgent care/hospital immediately or is waiting for a few more days to see my primary doctor acceptable? Besides the various STD testing, do you recommend any other specific test I should be asking the doctor for? Finally, does my list of symptons sound like I might have CFS/EB or a similar condition?? Cheers!
Avatar n tn I have some trouble understanding the difference between normal body temperature and low-grade fever though. Is 37.2C(99C) during the day consider normal or low-grade? I have heard body temperature will normally peak during later afternoon too(around 4pm-6pm), so body temperature of around 37.5C(99.5C) during that time would also be considered as normal too. But a range of 99-99.5C sounds like low-grade fever to me. Anyone can shed a light to this?
Avatar n tn Sometimes a virus will give you low grade fever, even hepatitis (but usually with nausea and diarrhea etc). A low titer ANA such as 1:64 is usually considered negative but they watch to make sure you don't develop anything. Since you do have a fever something either infectious or autoimmune. I assume you have no other symptoms such as face rash, achy joints no swollen lymph nodes under your neck or elsewhere? Did they test you for Ebstein Barr Virus?
Avatar n tn Chronic Fatigue Chronic Nausea Early Satiety Loss of Appetite Left Sided Abdominal Pain Headaches/Migraines Dizziness/Balance Issues Fainting and Tachycardia Unrefreshing Sleep Muscle Pain Back Pain Sore Throat Low Grade Fever Swollen Lymph Nodes Hot/Cold Flashes Cognitive Dysfunction Memory Problems Brain Fog ADHD Word Loss Anxiety Depression....
Avatar f tn Neck feels black and blue all week. Yesterday I started a low grade fever 100, very achy, headache, nausea and in bed all day today. It might be a virus, but since I have an enlarged and sore neck, am wondering if it could be related. Is it dangerous. Should I wait for nutritionist appt. Wed or should I go to doctor right away? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Firstfull sorry for my bad english cuz iam from middleeast Iam 27 male had unprotected oral sex with sex worker for 1min,, in the next morning i had low grade fever which continue to 10 days after that the fever go away but i discover pain in the neck ( sound like pain in lympthnode) which continue for 10 days so in the day 21 i go to private lap and the doc there tell me that we can now do p24 compo if negative it is conclusive and u dont need any further test so i do it in day(21,27,33) al o
Avatar m tn I have had sore, swollen glands in my neck for over 3 weeks. My Dr. agreed they were swollen but ruled out lymphoma as I had had some blood tests but they were done before I had these symptoms. I don't feel it would be lymphoma, but I thought maybe some kind of virus as I am running a low grade fever from 99.3 to 100.3. My "normal" is usually 97. I was taking an antibiotic (Bactrim) for an abscess I had on my buttock caused by a bee sting probably. Another Dr.
14947301 tn?1437508268 I've been having low-grade fever for 8 days now (99.5). My normal temp. is usually 98. It starts around noon and only subsides late in the evening, around 11:00 pm. Tylenol doesn't bring it down. I am also extremely tired, have a headache, a sore throat and neck (the front of it) and an ear ache. And most my muscles are achy. Oh, and my face feels like it's burning all the time, I expect it to be bright red, but the color is normal. Do these symptoms point to babesia?
Avatar n tn Lymph nodes swell become sore-painful in throat, neck, BACK of neck (which I didn't know THEY were lymph nodes) and back of my elbows (also according to doc, lymph nodes). I'm exhausted, just flat out bone tired. Had a ton of blood tests have ruled out "mono", chest xrays rule out lung cancer & ruled out thyroid.
1618577 tn?1388803044 I have extreme fatigue, deep muscle aches, hypersensitivity to touch where if someone barely touches me I feel like i'm burning, fairly low grade fever (99.5 area), muscle weakness, sore throat (not strep) tender glands, joint pain ( not visible swelling), tight feeling skin like my hands are swelling but they arent, severe lower back and neck pain, keep waking up in the middle of the night not sleeping well.
Avatar f tn Hi , I am 26 and have been suffering from repeating low grade fever. In a year itmigh repeat several times and persist for weeks too. Recently I have been suffering from it from 4 week and above . The fever is around 98.6 or 99 or 99.5 or sometimes 100 during evening and persist for one hour or so and then starts decreasing. In the morning too sometimes I feel feverish a bit. But the fever doesn't cause any body pain.
Avatar f tn It comes with a swollen throat, and the skin on my neck is very hot. When my sore throat goes away, the fever goes away. Along with that, my left eye is bulging and in the corner of both eyes are sore red patches. Should I call my general practitioner or just wait for my appt on friday?
Avatar m tn 9, ESR 2, AST 30 ALT 36, ALP 79, GGT 20, Iron 25 After finishing therapy my chest X ray showed no patological changes, but low grade fever persisted. So they performed another blood tests and medical researches. Results were within normal ranges again: RBC 4.59, HGB 145, PLT 169 | WBC 6.3, ly 21%, ne 69%, mono 9% | CRP 0.3, fibrinogen 2.9, ESR 6, AST 30 ALT 42 - described as marginal acute liver damage drug origin - ALP 80, LDH 316 etc.
Avatar f tn I see the enlarged spleen (and consequently the low neutrophils) being caused by underlying low grade infectious conditions in your case, which sometimes are not easy to detect in blood tests, specially when the infectious agents are hiding in the tissues. And this process could have taken years! The first thing, I'd do is rule out candida. You can do your own screening. Search under : Saliva test for candida. If positive, you need to follow a strict anti-candida regimen.
Avatar f tn We haven't had anymore leaking, just some swelling that comes and goes. Last night, she had a low grade fever and then woke in the middle of the night screaming from neck pain and stiffness. Her pain and stiffness has been basically gone lately. I'm concerned about meningitis. Her ns office opens in about 2 hours and I'll call then, but wanted to see if anyone else had anything similar. Thank you!
11789418 tn?1434390442 I am not really familiar with all the different combos of meds still in use at present, but I do not believe it is normal. Anyone who I have heard mention fevers always said low grade, if I remember correctly. Also, way back in the 90s, when I was on Interferon, I had a low grade fever a lot, I think, but on the Sovaldi/ Ribavirin, I have not had anything other than normal except: 1 time , up a few tenths, not even half a degree. and 1 time when my temp was down almost 1 degree.
Avatar n tn I have intermittent feelings of a low-grade fever. 99.6-100. I went to the doctor but she just felt around my abdomen and felt it was cold symptoms, she refilled my meds for htn. and that was it. what is this and should I go back to the doctor.
Avatar n tn I believe is comparable to the Adam's Apple; however, I'm female. I am running a low grade fever of 100.5 and have no other symptoms. Is this the begining of a cold? Or should I be tested or observed futher by an MD? Thanks for your help in advance!
Avatar n tn I went back to bed and they still were sore when I woke up. I am not large (34 a/b) and they did feel less sore as the day went on but were sore again when I woke up the next day. They don't hurt as much now but kinda feel tender right along the underwire bra. It's not just one boob but both? Any ideas? Any suggestions?
908060 tn?1242582409 forgot to add that I am running low grade fever 99.
Avatar m tn Thanks for posting this grifter, I had a similar experience as you (although it was a one off short encounter) I have had the same symptoms as you, but with a low grade fever, did you find out what was wrong with you?
Avatar n tn Hello.. I've had a low grade fever as high as 102 and have constant sweats, chills, nasty neck pain, headaches, bad upper to lower back pain, can't sleep. I'm sooo tired and have gone into the ER tons of time and all my blood work comes up ok, other than my RDW SD I believe thats the one? That one for 2 months has been high? All the doctors just treat me for migraines and send me home... Never a CT scan or MRI or anything.. Just remind me of how many times I've been into the ER..
14947301 tn?1437508268 Hello, I've had a low-grade fever for the past 3 days, which is unusual for me. My ┬źnormal┬╗ temperature is around 97.5, and I'm at 99.3. I don't feel good at all, I have chills and all-over aches. Also, since early April, I've had constant pain in what seems to be my gallbladder, and also in my colon. I've had 2 ultrasounds, a CT-scan, a coloscopy and a gastroscopy. Nothing was found. Still waiting to know if I'm celiac (I went off gluten July 23).