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Avatar f tn Recently I have had a pain in my neck where you would normally take a pulse. This has lasted for 2-3 days without getting better and slightly worse. It is sore to the touch and hurts when I look up or to the right. The pain also increases when I bend over or strain in some fashion. The pain is on the right side of my neck. It doesn't feel abnormally swollen and does not hurt to swallow. My question is what could be causing this and should I be greatly concerned? Thank you.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago, I noticed a small sore lump half way down my neck, on the side just behind the right ear. After a few days it stopped hurting, but the hard immovable lump stayed (about the width of 2 fingertips). Then, a couple of days ago, I woke up at 3-4am and felt another sore spot, this time more on the front and a little closer to the collarbone, but still on the right side. This is still sore to touch.
Avatar n tn Was I rushed and should I see a dermatologist? I also have a sore, enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck. He had me turn my head to the right so it was sunken in and then felt it and said it was not enlarged... I know it's enlarged. When my neck is upright, it sticks out and is sore. Second opinion needed?
Avatar f tn I have had for the past 4 years ongoing muscle pains on only the right side of my body. The right side of my neck gets tense, my head hurts on the right, my right arm, my right upper back, lower back, my right buttocks, my right leg and all the way to my right Achilles tendon. Even my chest starts to feel tense on the right side. I can only describe it as a sore muscle, like after a good workout. But it's always there.
Avatar n tn Now I have two huge ones on my forehead and cheek, both on the right side, and another coming on on the right side of my chin. The two I tried to squeeze out and they've been oozing for a couple of days. Before I messed with the one on my cheek to drain it, about 2 inches around the area was hard with the inflammation. I also have two or three lumps in the right side of my neck. These feel like swollen lymph glands and not near the surface. Everything is on the right side.
1847035 tn?1327274923 at night when I lay down on my left side it seems fine.. but when I wanna turn over on my right side it feels like from my lower right side to my butt almost feels like its almost a pulled muscle to be honest... I'm 18 weeks and 2 days.. is this a part of it. my first one wasn't like this and I know not all are the same.. so any like advice or something? help?
Avatar f tn I have a burning sensation on the right side of my head and when i look left the pain gets worse and i also suffer from Anxiety and my gums are also swollen and bleeds easily can anyone tell me what it could be please as this is freaking me out
Avatar f tn Hello. About a week ago I got a little sick with a stuffed nose, sore throat, cough. I stayed home for 5 days, treated it and it got better. However, yesterday I went outside for the first time in 5 days and today I woke up with stuffed nose. And when I got up and moved myself, I felt that the right side of my neck was painful. When I don't move it, I can't feel the pain, but when I turn my head hurts a lot. What could cause this? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Me and my partner had a fight last night, he put his hands around my neck and choked me which has now resulted in me having a swollen neck at the right side, it feels like a swollen gland, sore when I swallow or eat. I can breath ok, but strain on my voice when I talk. Should I be concerned to see a doctor for any damage or should I be ok? He also pinned me down and put his elbow full force Into the temple of the right side of my head, he weighs 16 stone.
Avatar m tn Did you ever find the cause of your numbess? I have very similiar symptoms, right arm, right leg, right side of my face...I've had MRI's, EMG tests blood tests etc with no answers found.
Avatar f tn I have a lump on the right side of my neck under my ear. It is about the size of a strawberry I would say. It started out just a few little bumps all in a row and since January it has turned into one big lump. I have been to the clinic 3 times and the doctors keep saying it should just go away. However it is getting worse, more pain and my right arm and shoulder muscles are starting to stiffen up and getting sore.
Avatar m tn the pain is like a bubbling down the back of my right leg and my upper leg is always sore my right shoulder aches all the time. I feel twitching on other parts of my body also such as neck arms chest not as bad as my leg though Don’t know which way to go . in Ireland it takes months to see people and I feel like my life has just stopped….
Avatar n tn I have two pea size lumps on the right side of my neck. One is about 1/2 way down my neck the other is just about 1/2 inch below that close to my colar bone felt more when i extend my neck back. At times the lumps feel larger and sometimes smaller. I also had a cough that is going away for about 2 weeks now which produced clear sputum at times. I also had my thyroid removed about 2 years ago. The lumps are both movable and not painful. Can this be some sort of cancer.
Avatar m tn I am 15, male, and i have a swollen right side of my neck, very very sore throat but not strep throat(ive gone to the doctor and he prescribed me zpac only) a fever that flares up a lot, a very stuffed up nose, and was wondering what this could possibly be because i dont think the doctor noticed my swollen neck, he noticed an ear infection in my right ear and gave me zpac, but that has done nothing for anything else but my ear, and im not sure if it has done anything at all because i cant really
Avatar f tn They sound like normal pregnancy symptoms unfortunately... i have the same pain on my right side and the doctor said its just sciatic nerve pain. The only thing that helps me is a ton of pillows in all different positions until the pain is gone. Your body is just sore. You're almost there though!
Avatar f tn I have a headache on the right side of my head that has lasted for the past two days. I took some tylenol and it went away when I was sleep and for a little while when I woke up but now it is back. It feels like I pulled something in my head and extends down into my neck slightly. The day before I first got the headache I was doing some dancing that may have something to do with it but I am not sure. It hurts really bad and it is hard for me to get comfortable.
3125811 tn?1342316146 IT is sore and hurts, today i woke up and i have more little bumps going down my neck and one behined my ear.. i have one that moves on the rt side front of my throat right above my collar bone does anyone have any ideas what it could be?????
Avatar n tn for the past couple of years, i have been having this sharp pain on the right side of my head just above my ear. It would hurt most if i touch the spot or comb my hair. Most recently though it has started hurting me often, if i move too sudden i would feel it or maybe by how i lie down. I went to a doctor and he said it could be how i sleep which i thought was ridiculus. what i want to know is what causes this pain?
Avatar f tn ( involving my sinuses, especially on the right side of my head. Anyway, all day today my neck has been hurting! On the right side, it feels sort of lumpy inside. Like not to touch it, just the way it feels inside my neck. It's sort of like a sore throat on the outside of my throat! It's uncomfortable to turn my head, and if I sit up too long it starts to hurt too. I've got ice on it, which seems to make it a little better, and am resting my head on a pillow.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the pain is more intense than others and when i mistakenly lie on that side the next day my side , back are in great amount of pain and swellingand. I will feel light headed . I also experience a great amount of swelling in my left leg and neck pain on my left side I do not know if any of these syymptoms are related but I need advice. I have a thyroid problem and when I discuss the side pain with my DR he wants to take another look at my thyroid.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning with what I guess I would call a sore throat, except it doesn't feel like the same kind oof sore throat I usually get with colds. It only hurts when I swallow and feels like its closer to the back of my mouth, possibly before the tonsils, than my throat. The pain is also only on the left side. From what I can tell I don't have any swelling in my neck or anything. This is yet another of odd mouth symptoms that I have had in the last few weeks.
Avatar n tn When I lie down on my right side at night i can feel a large lump in my jugular vein on the right side of my neck. I looked at it with a mirror whilst lying down and it is very noticeable that there is a lump sticking out of the vein. However, the lump disappears when I stand up or am sitting down and there is no lump on the other side. Does anyone having ideas what this lump could be?
20646321 tn?1502729047 Now I also have a couple sore spots on the other side of the base of my neck right at the top of my collar bone (same area just different spot as the lump). There are no lumps that I can feel on the other side, but whenever my neck is touched the areas are very sore. Does this sound like it could be lymph nodes like I had suspected at first or is it normal for a cyst to keep growing while on antibiotics and the sore areas on the same spot but different side of my neck are just coincidences?
Avatar f tn last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst pain was on my right felt like a very bad cramp..i checked to see if there was any blood but there was none thank goodness..I got up and walked around that seemed to help..has anyone else experienced this? I don't have the pain anymore I'm just really sore from it..any feedback would be greatly appreciated.