Sore muscles tylenol or ibuprofen

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Avatar f tn but not sure exactly how much.. it works a little but really no better for me than tylenol or alieve or ibuprofen... I also have a curved spine so I understand where you are coming from... and lorcets are just about as bad as the lortabs which was what I was taking ... but you are only at day 10 and could be having rebound pain... my husband and I have both realized after being off the Lortabs for a while that the pain we thought we were having really wasn't sooo unbearable ...
Avatar f tn No Advil or anything with ibuprofen. Tylenol if necessary. My Dr says ibuprofen and Aspirin can cause miscarriages and some birth defects.
7510956 tn?1411671417 I was looking for the post of which is best tylenol or Advil and could not find it.
Avatar n tn Try Zim's Max-Freeze for sore muscles and joints. It's made with natural ingredients and you rub it right on where it hurts. It's at the drug store and it really works!! Good luck!
7758733 tn?1402589420 Killer headaches, and never any Tylenol around. Ibuprofen can't be that bad huh? Got to go to work and this headache must go.
Avatar f tn I found a natural product that is the strongest anti-inflamatory/pain reliever you can get over the counter, but can only get it at a natural store, like pilgrims or mothers cupboard or Super Supplements. It is called Phenocane, I get it at Super Supplements, it has herbal roots etc., like Tumeric Root, it is expensive, but worth every penny. It is a miracle what this stuff can do.
Avatar f tn is it safe to take ibuprofen when pregnant? Just once? Ran out of tylenol.
Avatar f tn Oh just re-read your question and honestly I don't know. I do know you can take ibuprofen while breastfeeding and you can take tylenol and ibuprofen together. So if you have ibuprofen I'd take that.
Avatar f tn am. Ibuprofen is a big no while pregnant unfortunately. Tylenol is what you want. Talk to your doctor about something stronger that may be safer.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to take? Is currently all I have and my head is hurting soooo bad. I usually suffer through any aches or pain because I hate to take meds even when I'm not pregnant. But this head ache is so brutal its making me nauseous.
Avatar f tn Has anyone heard of any reactions to ibuprofen while pregnant?
7381903 tn?1391464888 Ibuprofen is never allowed.. Tylenol is only option and now that im in third trimester the pharmacy told me that doctors dont even want us taking that.
Avatar f tn Thanks--yes I am aware of the Ibuprofen/Tylenol piggybacking. I do not find Tylenol to be very effective, although Ibuprofen is a wonder drug! I am seeing a new dr this am, a female, who is closer to my age and hopefully will have some empathy. I think, IMHO, that 400-600 mgs of Ibuprofen and 1/2 of a Lortab or even a whole Lortab, and I am pain free...opioids have their place! As I said, this first doc would not (actually, could not) prescribe much of anything.
535882 tn?1396576685 If you fell yesterday, you may have found that your back is still quite sore. In general, for bruising (or contusions in medical terminology) we recommend direct application of ice or cold compresses in the first 48-72 hours. Ice or cold compresses can be applied for 20-25 minutes at time and repeat as necessary. Additional recommendations for this time of injury include: some rest (avoiding heavy lifting, extreme exertion) but also stay active--i.e. walking can help loosen up tight muscles.
9432311 tn?1432825085 My incision is a pretty straight line that is about as thick as an electric cord. Is that what is considered swelling? I haven't felt any leaking. Tylenol so just ok. I miss ibuprofen, and I wonder if others switch over to that from the Tylenol. Thank you for telling me about the heat - silly me, I was using a nice pack!
Avatar f tn Tylenol is the only thing you can take while pregnant. Your coworker might have confused Tylenol with ibuprofen or something. Ibuprofen is a blood thinner and can harm the baby.
Avatar f tn Two completely different compounds. Tylenol, or acetaminophen has been deemed safe during pregnancy, ibuprofen, or Advil has NOT. As for aspirin, that's correct, it's a blood thinner.
Avatar f tn I cracked. I had a 24 hr migraine and ive tried everything. I took tylenol this morning. I took Ibuprofen an hour ago . I coudnnt take it anymore. It was a one time thing and i feel so much better. Will my baby be okay?
Avatar f tn You are not suppose to take ibuprofen. Only extra strength Tylenol.
Avatar n tn I've been having very bad tooth aches. I used to take ibuprofen & it stop the pain almost immediately. I'm 7 weeks. Can I take 1?
Avatar f tn Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) Tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain. If you develop a fever, or if there is enlargement of the tonsils with pain or if there is white coating on the tonsils, you will need to consult your primary care physician for a strep test, which if positive you will be given antibiotics. Regards.
Avatar f tn I have also been told I have severe Restless Leg Syndrome and PAD. Is is possible that I am actually having severe calf pain or am I crazy as Dr thinks?
Avatar f tn ,it hurt to stand up straight sometimes or even walk. Peeing mad the muscles tighten and really hurt. All I could do was take Tylenol to relieve the pain.