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8323481 tn?1405709254 You can take these in capsule form or better yet put them in a smoothie with some natural probiotic yoghurt, berries (blueberries are best and here they are in season- they are SO high in antioxidants) Vitamin C Ascorbate. Probiotics. Eat small meals often- lean protein, green leafy veg, whole grains- brown or wild rice, quinoa. Hummus is awesome. Use it as a dip with veggies. Don't try to put large meals in your body and stay away from anything greasy, processed, or high in sugar.
Avatar f tn Over the last 2 days my calf muscles have been extremely stiff and very sore when I have been trying to walk. My job involves sitting down all day, everyday except loo breaks of course) and this has never happened before. Even crouching down they are etremely paiful. Any ideas?
1216899 tn?1288573925 I've had multiple blood tests which have ruled out autoimmune diseases (sjorgren's, lupus, PMR, etc), infectious diseases (including Lyme), vitamin deficiencies such as B12, B6 etc.
Avatar n tn Can a Vitamin D deficiency cause this much pain? Went to the doc for muscle pain & weakness with increasing shooting pains to the point of affecting everyday functioning. Blood test came back low in Vitamin D. Result was 11, (should be 26 to 55). Other results OK. Cervical Spine & lower back MRI OK. Treatment is 50,000 units of D per week for 4 weeks and thereafter once a month. Been on it for 4 months. Feel at times like I was in accident.
Avatar n tn I'm new to this forum, I was surfing for info in regards to D&C, still bleeding, sore breasts and going crazy trying diff. meds. this has been going on since 4-07. had d&c 6-22-07, 1 mo w/o bleeding, started spotting 1wk, stop/start spotting still, clots, pain in abdomen, back pain an very sore breasts. in a nut shell. I'm 39 no kids would love to have a least 1, but who can like this!!! help anyone have you ever had a 2nd d&c @ 3mo after the 1st d&c???
Avatar m tn Hello, I have a d deficiency also but ended up having b deficiencies, low on vitamin c, also Epstein Barre virus antibodies (inactive) very high. So lots of pains and fogginess and just not getting out of bed. So you may want to have other vitamins checked --also hormones etc. I did hear that you may need magnesium also and K2 when you have a vitamin d deficiency. Not sure how accurate. But also if you still feel the same symptoms you may need to stay on a maintenance dose of like 2,000 i.u.
Avatar f tn I don't know how long the effects of having CF are but I'll try to find out for you. Are you also getting enough vitamin C?
Avatar f tn I've she'd many tears tonite knowing I'm not a freak of nature and it's true I'm so allergic! I am allergic to vitamin c which is crazy to not be able to have both! My body feels like its burning from the inside out and my chest tIghtens like I'm having asthma attack and my lips swell and go numb along with my legs and arms! Very scary! Now I'm just trying to figure out a diet plan as well as getting my levels up from 15!
Avatar f tn Not sure what's driving your osteo-dystrophy but mine is autoimmune related plus a combined effect of prolonged cholestasis with it's malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins, etc and which leads to severe vitamin D deficiency and my not so healthy bones, joints and muscles. You might have them check your auto-antibodies to see if there maybe an additional underlying issue as well going along with your chronic Hepatitis C.
358304 tn?1409713092 31 male (duh). lol. I went to the Doctor today, b/c for the past 4 weeks my Erection has been sore. It all started after my wife and I had vigorous sex for about 1 week straight. On the last night, we had anal sex, and it was kind of hard pushing it in and out.
Avatar n tn I now eat plenty of alkalising foods and plenty of Vitamin C and get plenty of exercise as this is the best way to prevent viruses surviving in your body. Doctors were baffled with it, i was on antibiotics for 3 months but they didn't help.
Avatar n tn The drainage that i have causes my throat to be very sore so i drink lots of orange juice and take vitamin C pills and acidophilus every day. i also take respiration it is made by SolarRay it is like an antibiotic but it is not harmful like an antibiotic. This is making life a little better i still have my bad days but it helps alot. I am also a poor college student so i cant afford to go to the doctor anymore so i guess this is going to have to work for the time being.
Avatar n tn I worked the week after in so much pain and numbness now she has me off work since 17th. She ordered MRI and it shows bulging of C-5 C-6 disc and I am scheduled on the 24th with a neuro- surgeon. I am getting very frustrated about nothing helping revieve the pain.
Avatar f tn All of these symptoms are from chronic vitamin d3 deficiency and magnesium deficiency. There is a group on this site for vitamin d recovery that has the most complete list of all of its symptoms. I myself am a recovering patient of vitamin d and had all of these symptoms. It took a while to heal and 9 months later I still have a few symptoms but life is much better. Go get tested!
Avatar n tn Basically, for about 24 - 48 hours, an area of skin (generally from the size of a softball to basketball) will become extremely tender and sore to the touch ... almost as if it were bruised significantly. It is so tender that clothes brushing against it is painful. The problem is, there is no visual evidence of it. I went to the doctor and felt as though he was insinuating that I was making up the symptoms because he could not see anything. Very, very frustrating.
Avatar n tn I'm thinking somehow that vitamin e really did something, but what? Anyone ever heard of using vitamin e on a cyst? Course I thought it could've been an abcess if it weren't a cyst. Same location as others mentioned here, kini line. How uncomfortable! I recommend giong to Target or Walmart and getting some of those clothe shorts. Not undies but shorts. So much more comfy! Take my word for it. 15 months of needing them. Thanks for posting of your own experiences.
436713 tn?1408888330 It is only recently that I started thinking, hmmm. Could I have CFS? Currently, I have been experiencing a sore throat for a year and a half. I would say that it is mild, on a scale from 1-10 varies from a 2-7. Right now in this moment it is about a 2-3. I have no idea what triggers it. I have eliminated eggs, have tried eliminating dairy, gluten, etc. I also don't drink coffee and try to reduce my wine intake.
Avatar n tn For the last few weeks I have been suffering from incredibly sensitive eyes/eyelids which are red, dry and sore, similar to sunburn. I initially thought it was because of some cheap make-up remover wipes that I used to take off my mascara. Although I had been using them for a while, they soon started to sting and burn the area around my eyes whenever I used them. The use of any eye make-up other than mascara would result in a stinging sensation, which varied in terms of severity.
1569058 tn?1333231224 As expected I drank this afternoon, but not after cleaning most of my house, bringing the garden in order (ready for spring) and doing a *lot* of other work. I expect to have some sore muscles tomorrow. I drank 10-12 beers tonite, and for me that is not a lot (compared to before). I have good hopes to stay sober tomorrow, since my house guest (regular imbiber like me) will go stay with his GF for what I hope an extended amount of time.
1458799 tn?1328761128 After the age of 35 - 40 your body doesn't bounce back as quickly as in your 20's. Make sure you're getting proper nourishment...daily protein, Vitamin C, plenty of water etc.
Avatar m tn I now take Highest doses of Celexa, Wellbutrin, Iron 375mg daily, Vtiamin C daily, Vitamin D 1 weekly, Calcium daily, Strattera 10mg daily, and Lortab for the joint/muscle pain twice a day. Just seems like a lot to me.....I cant seem to get any answers from my doctor. What should I expect? Short term and long term? Someone help, I don't understand what is happening to my body.
Avatar n tn When I urinate, even after hydrating like crazy, my urine is very yellow and very strong smelling. I have had muscle fatigue and my muscles have been twitching throughout the day esp in calves. I seem to be sore all the time and generally tired. my musles in my back and shoulders are always i worked them out until i couldn't take it anymore!!.....sleep does not help!! I wake up feeling as if I haven't slept in days! I've been constipated quite a few times lately too!!
Avatar n tn If you have a problem with your teeth such as bleeding gums you might consider that as a problem. Consider taking as much vitamin C as you can tolerate. Very good vitamin for detoxification of the body.
Avatar n tn I'm a female age 36. In Sept 2004 I had 2 episodes of right sided weakness. My right arm & leg felt weightless for about 5 minutes. I had an MRI of my head and blood workup for a TIA. I was about 6 months postpartum. All results were normal. In mid November I started having vague muscles aches in my arms & legs. Saw Neurologist-Neo exam was normal. He order blood work for vitamin & mineral deficiencies-all normal but he checked my TSH and found I had hypothyroidism.
2090601 tn?1334518662 I definiteoy remember having this terrible ache in my lower back, and realized, Ihad been playing tennis, the day before the shot, and the interferon just seemed to make the slightly sore muscles SUPER sore. So....I stopped working out hard enough to break down my muscles, and just walk the dog, 3 times a day, which got rid of the achey muscles. I'm not sureif it's the infor the riba that give meinsomnia, but yeah, I do feel "up" as you say.
Avatar n tn Exessive bruising is usually related to deficiency of nutriets such as Vitamin C most commonly. Other nutreits can play a role such as iron, B complex etc. If you are taking medications then they can deplete your body as nutriets just like previously explained with you Potasium Sodium balance of the body.
Avatar m tn 5K when I started the treatment. Since 2 days ago I started to have a sore throat, my neck and muscles hurts a bit and I feel a small pain in my chest. It is like I develop a cold. The doctor told me to stop if any of these signs appear. The problem is that I have been dinking cold beverages working on my basement etc… These activities could induce a cold. Is it a way to know if my WBC a dropping too much? The doctor recommended a blood test in a month after the treatment started.
Avatar f tn I'm not a Dr. BUT! Anxiety can DO MANY things to our bodies. I have had joint and muscle pain due to anxiety. Muscle spasms as well. Sometimes my neck pain would last for 3 months. Lyme Disease is one of those diseases that are REALLY hard to diagnose. My buddy who I work with came to work one day limping, said he didnt know why... went to the Dr. they suspected Lyme. He took some meds for it I think for a while, and now he's fine. Doesnt have to take the meds for it anymore.
Avatar f tn 3 days ago after a tyring day I went home and slept for a few hours when I woke up I felt my muscles sore all over but I thought it was the usual pain I get after these long days since I am Vitamin D deficient and still treating it But then I felt weak as if I can't stand up for long and then developed a fever of 38.