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Avatar m tn On this forum in May of 2002 stakan posed a question answered by arthur which seemed to correlate sore chest muscles and PVCs in spite of doctors not agreeing. Has any further knowledge come out in the forum?
Avatar m tn Do your mean lifting weights as in weight lifting the sport, or lifting weights as in bodybuilding, I cant think of a reason that bodybuilding should stunt your growth, but that you may just a small build, in that case you may find it hard to build your weight up, and weight lifting could stop you growing by the amount of weights that you lift over your head.
424549 tn?1308515502 Hi, Does anyone remember what causes your body to recover slower after work-out? I finally got back to exercising (hurrah) but my body uses a whole lot longer now to overcome the ache. I can't wait for the muscles to be a little less sore. I'm taking 300 mg magnesium after each workout. Earlier that was enough. Even my neck muscles and tendons are cramping at night while I'm sleeping and 4 days after weight-training I can still not extend my arms completely.
Avatar f tn ve always been on the thinner side with a super high metabolism and I liked to work out to gain a little extra mass. However, I started to notice that my muscles where always sore... this was not the familiar sore feeling from lifting weights, it was more of an exhausted type soreness. I mentioned it to my doctor during a physical 6 months ago and he tested CPK levels... they came back in the 800s (verified skeletal muscle). I had blood work done again after 1.
Avatar f tn If you're used to lifting weights, you can keep lifting weights, but I would take it down to a level where you are not straining against the load. Any workout that your body is used to doing, you can continue, but reduce it so that you're not putting undue stress on your body. Also make sure that you're able to breathe evenly and completely. Baby needs oxygen.
680303 tn?1239984840 Thanks for the support. I have not even been able to do my workouts, which were my life for years. Sorry to hear you have this and neck problems. So, it's in both your legs legs too? May I ask what type of doctor you went to? I can't get an answer. It was 3 years in July. It is better than it was but still not good. And I just met someone that had one epidural for their back and the pain left for good! You hear different things to make it more confusing.
539156 tn?1281818356 The glutes, hamstrings and calves are sore like sore muscles from a workout. I think my legs below my knees are swinging funny when I walk. Getting up from a chair or climbing up and down stairs is ......difficult. I have no foot drop at all. I know I am walking "funny" kind of like a penguin instead of a woman!
Avatar f tn I do and its healthy for you. If your body is accustomed to lifting moderate to heavy weights I would continue until you get farther along. I just hit 18 weeks and I'm still lifting moderately-heavy. My doc says go with how your body feels. I'm sure by third trimester the weights will have to lower but you r so early on! When in doubt ask your doc!
Avatar f tn Start a sensible weight-lifting program. This is how to naturally increase your testosterone level. You want to start weight lifting with small weights. You don't want to start big because the object is to slowly build the big muscles and the small stabilizer muscles correctly from the start, learning correct form. That's how you get strong and avoid injury. You don't even need weights; you can use your own body weight. Youtube has videos that can get you started.
Avatar n tn s not fat. What you might be seeing is, larger people are often the ones you see lifting weights all the time at the gym, and at a gym, those people are often overweight. They're also quite strong. The benefit of weightlifting isn't different than doing any physical activity -- you burn calories, you work your body, etc. If you don't want large muscles, lift less weight.
20855321 tn?1540599289 I'm 41 around 185 pounds and a few weeks ago i was lifting weights (a few weeks in or so) and while i was i heard a pop in my head and i immediately stopped and i started getting a headache. I continued to have minor pressure for a week or so but then slowly went away. It's been a few weeks or so now and i was wondering what happened? And will it be safe for me now to continue to lift weights and exercise again now?
Avatar m tn After the tug-o-war, I noticed that it almost felt like my pecs were constantly pressing on my nerves under my arm, near my armpit, causing a shooting, burning, tingling pain down my arms. The only thing that I noticed that helped it was if I stopped lifting weights. Recently, I tried to start lifting again, which I love to do and the pain is back. The lifting seems to irritate the nerve. Is there any surgery that can fix this so I continue lifting weights?
Avatar n tn I lifted #50 plus items (required for my work) After an MRI and two steroid injections into the base of my spine, I am a little better but still suffer with constant pain. The physiatrist said I should do exercise to strenthen my core muscles and lift weights but not to excess and he thought 50 lbs was execive for my height/weight. He disappeared without telling me what kind of exercise I should do to strengthen the core muscles and wants to see me in 2 months.
Avatar f tn i havent had the viberating feeling, but the muscles pain, i get even lying in bed, its like ive pushed weights for a month straight and left with them sore and tired, i get aching in my elbows, thats painfull, i have to emerge myself in a bath or spa to relieve it, oh i have had the viberating feeling, but in my head, and my back, do what you can to relieve it, have a soak, or ly in bed with a electric blanket, ot hotty on your sore spots, maybe even trying going for a walk, to get things mov
Avatar f tn t be afraid to build leg muscles, often women are afraid of getting bulky from lifting weights and building muscle but it's very difficult to get bulky lifting weights unless you're taking illegal supplements and testosterone boosters. As you build muscle in your legs, the skin will tighten up giving you a much leaner tone look. If you don't want to join a gym, lots of bodyweight Squats and lunges, try high intensity intervals. Try jump Squats and jump lunges.
Avatar m tn Hi i'm 16 , 5'4 & 1/2 in. , 70kg . Filipino , I do exercise everyday . I also lift weights . there are myths about lifting weights , they say that don't do weights when your young because it affects your growth ( is it true ? ) . Would you recommend me building muscles even though i'm 16 and 5'4 1/2 in ?
Avatar n tn You can have muscle twitching prior to atrophy or atrophy prior to muscle twitching. Your CK levels are high but may be a reflection of lifting weights. Have you lifted weights in the past? You could have a repeat CK level checked after a prolonged perior of not lifting weights. Additionally, some people have elevated CK levels at baseline. As already mentioned stress can cause muscle twitching. I suggest follow up with your primary doctor and your neurologist.
Avatar m tn If you just want to lift to tone your muscles, that is a different scenario. That can be accomplished with light weights - I do a body sculpting class that works with light weights and I have seen a big difference. Talk to your neuro about an exercise plan that would be useful and safe for you.
Avatar m tn Nope, my workout routine hasnt changed which mostly is lifting weights. Although i did gain a few pounds. Is it the same that when you walk or run you feel burning sensation?
Avatar f tn You don't say how much weight you're lifting. There are two basic types of barbells -- the thicker ones you see at the gym at the bench press and the thinner ones for free weights. But a lot of people use the thicker ones for the types of lifting you were doing because it's kind of a power lifter kind of thing and if you get far up there in weight you need a very sturdy bar.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy male, but I can get premature or skipped heartbeats sometimes when I am lifting weights. I know this is probably because I strain hard while lifting or possibly my breathing, but I do not get these while doing aerobic types of exercise, why during strenuous lifting and is this something to worry about?
Avatar m tn It sounds like you are just "doing weights"... do you go through a warm up before starting to strain? Are you doing reps or are you doing power lifting? Whatever the case you need to be careful not to overextend your workout beyond you current physical up slowly.