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Avatar f tn When i had lower abdominal pain i use to put the heating pad but have the heating pad bag or wrap it with material so u dont feel it so hot on ur skin n everything was fine and when ma tummy feel hot i move it n do it again.
Avatar f tn Hi does anyone know if it is ok to use icy hot for sore back muscles?
6583170 tn?1385317938 Can anyone who's had sciatic problems please tell me how you know the difference between just more sore muscles and aches and sciatic problems? I'm 23+5 and since yesterday it feels almost like a pulled muscle in my left lower back but it kind of shoots the pain down when I walk. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn i am a ftm and my stomach muscles are sore. I know while pregnant you are suppose to avoid hot tubs, and hot water but what about Luke warm baths?
5603486 tn?1372218164 t have anything to help me get out and Im not trying to slip getting up and out... So I need other avenues Im using a heating pad but its too hot for a heating pad! Someone please help me!!!
Avatar f tn Is it safe/on to use either a heating pad or muscle rub on my lower back so I can fall asleep????
Avatar f tn A heating pad applied to sore muscles or aching joints won't harm your baby, because moderate heat applied to one area of your body won't raise your overall core body temperature. Pregnant women are counseled to avoid using hot tubs and saunas during early pregnancy—or to limit exposure to hot tubs and saunas to 10 minutes or less at a temperature of 102 degrees F (38.9 degrees C).
11294269 tn?1422402907 Mine stem from my neck most of the time so if I use a heating pad it helps too. Always use a moist towel between the heating pad and skin to make sure to keep the muscles hydrated or it'll end up making it worse.
1830047 tn?1321667793 Try a heating pad to see if this works. I have had this and it kinda feels like a baby moving around then harding up. It's a weird senation. I don't have no baby inside.... Lol my tubes r tied. I know this is spasms in my stomach area. And, sometimes they can be controlled by a heating pad and pain pills. Because, of the tightness it kinda is sore. Just a suggestion maybe this will help. Take care..... Get better soon.
Avatar n tn t keep up my potasssium with bannanas, oranges, yogurt, sun flower seeds. I also have severe muscle spasms and I use Icy Hot and heating pad. Hope you find relief soon; I know first hand how annoying this can be and I have lost a lot of sleep over this.
Avatar f tn I do yoga and walking to help with my sore hips; once I get them stretched out I'm fine (until the next morning lol) . Mine is worst in the morning because I have been sleeping on them.
Avatar f tn You shouldn't be having cramps if ur pregnant I seriously highly recommend you call ur dr about the cramps and also ask about the heating pad..In my opinion I don't think it is safe...heating pads do get hot after awhile and I don't think that's safe for the plz just call ur doc and ask about those 2 questions..
Avatar f tn Is it safe to use heating pad on low and on my Lower back ? Am 3 1/2 months pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ive had back and pelvic pain like crazy , i Made my own heating pad and it worked on my back but im wondering if it would be safe or will it hurt the baby to place it on my pubic bone ? ...
Avatar f tn can I use an electric heating pad for my back?
Avatar f tn I layed down with a heating pad on my hip / side of my stomach. Then I read that was bad. Now I feel awful. I'm 36 weeks pregnant will everything be okay?
Avatar f tn Okay ladies the heating pad works I've been using it for a few nights and it helps me sleep these lil boys are no joke on the back lol!
Avatar f tn Is using a heating pad safe in pregnancy? I'm using it on my lower back. Had a pinched nerve and back is flaring up again. They didn't let me use the heated table at the chiropractor so I'm not sure about it. Thanks for advice. Definitely don't wanna cause any harm.
Avatar f tn I'm 24 weeks and having bad back pain. Tylenol isn't doing anything. I've been laying on a heating pad on low heat for no more than ten minutes. Can I lie on it longer? I don't wanna over heat my baby boy. May seem silly, but I'm a ftm and unsure. Advice?
Avatar f tn Is it ok to use a heating pad on my back?