Sore muscles after exercise

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Avatar n tn My muscles are so sore & They feel so heavy, like when I lift them to get in the car. I also have so much trouble with my feet I can't exercise. I have diabetes & I really need to excercise What do you think it could be?
Avatar f tn I get cramps in my calves in my sleep which causes sore calf muscles. Try eating more potassium enriched foods such as bananas, spinach, or kale. It will help a little. But from what my doc tells me it's pretty common.
666921 tn?1254990618 It is odd because sometimes exercise helps and other times exercise will worsen the pain. Sometimes I can breeze through a work out and others I can barely make it before my bones and muscles start to ache and the next few days to weeks are hell as the pain increases. Sometimes just repetitive motion like scrubbing a bathtub will bring on the pain. I also work in the medical field and sometimes the motion of scrubbing up/washing my hands causes chest wall pain to begin.
Avatar f tn My thighs are sore my knees are sore and calves are sore. My vagina opening is sore and the lips and the whole area gets sore and sensitive but I get horny for more sex but it hurts to go on. My back also gets sore and maybe we just have too good of sex but it hurts a lot! Anyone know how to help with this?
387767 tn?1345872027 Hi, anyone else with FM who has trouble with pain after exercise? Especially with weight lifting, and I mean very LIGHT weight lifting, like a 5 lb. weight. I get SO SORE after this, it's ridiculous. And the soreness lasts for days. Also, I do the stationary bike and elliptical and my hips and low back hurt from that. I go in the pool to swim and my shoulders hurt.
Avatar n tn i am 4 weeks pregnant and my shoulder muscles are so sore to the point where i cant sleep and am in tears it started with one arm and now is both.
2020005 tn?1628125976 I was thinking about upping my exercise from every other day, to daily. Right now I'm doing Zumba every other day, and occasionally (when it's nice) walking my kids. I've been doing this since the beginning of the month, not missing one day of my exercise, and I'm still not "built up" to where I can exercise daily. If I try to do 2 days in a row I'm SO incredibly sore it's unreal.. is this normal? And advice?
Avatar f tn try a dvd by zumba or another trainer you like, and mix it up. Don't do the same routine all the time. Confuse your muscles by having a different routine every day.
Avatar f tn My muscles and joints have been really sore the past couple of days and I haven't done anything for them to have reason to be sore? Especially in my left leg, foot and shoulder! I hate it bc I'm 26 years old and should be able to run and play with my kids and just can't!
Avatar f tn I had a Lap done one week ago. One incision at the belly button, one to the lower left. Doctor removed two small areas of endometrial tissue. Doctor's been very unhelpful regarding exercise post surgery, says it'll take four weeks to recover fully and if I want a hernia before then that's my problem--that's almost a quote. I am a fit 38-year old who has to exercise regularly to maintain pain in my SI joint and femur patella syndrome in my knees.
1323047 tn?1279193919 That said, before riding, or doing any exercise, it is important to warm up your body with some light stretching exercises, and repeat after exercise as a cooldown. In addition, Pilates is a terrific form of gentle stretching and strenghtening that focuses on your core (abdominals/back), which is your foundation when you ride. Lots of riders, even upper-level riders, do Pilates. Perhaps you could fit in some Pilates inbetween the days you ride?
Avatar m tn My Gym Partner has suggested following exercise with the order order each in a day: 1) Shoulders & Traps 2) Chest 3) Arms 4) Wings We perform every set three times for 15,15 reps for almost 2 hours in a Day.
Avatar f tn You need to do some stretching exercises, gentle to start with increasing pressure to stretch those muscles out. I went to the YMCA 4 months after my TRAM to do the strength training they provide (with a trainer). The overhead pull worked wonders on getting the muscles in my upper torso and arms to stretch back out. My reconstruction was May 06 and I still cannot do a sit-up or leg lift without cheating, but it IS getting some better.
Avatar n tn s suggestion after having to quit treatment last year after five weeks, I am trying to maintain healthy lifestyle. However, everytime I try to exercise strenously with weights or aerobics, my muscles ache and cramp and it takes me four or five days to recuperate. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?
Avatar n tn On tuesday I went to the gym for the first time in a while, and for the past few days my shoulder muscles have been sore. I saw on the instructions with my medicine that there's a risk of tendonitis while taking Ciprofloxacin, is this something I should be worried about? I wouldn't have exercised that much if I had known. The soreness has been getting steadily better.
Avatar n tn I've got sore muscles all over my body,my legs,my back,arms,fingers etc. Could this be because I have a cold coming on or another reason?
Avatar m tn It is less likely to be meningitis and more likely a case of sore muscles due to unaccustomed exercise. However, yes, if there was infection on the pipe, you may be developing sore throat. Take your body temperature and see. If you are running a temperature, consult a doctor immediately. Otherwise do gargles with warm water to which you can add betadine. Go slow on exercise. Drink plenty of fluids and take acetaminophen to ease your sore muscles. Take care!
Avatar f tn I know that sitting all day is not good for your muscles, but what do you do when you are to tired or sore to get up and to anything? I try and use the 15 minute rule, do something for 15 minutes then rest, but sometimes after I sit down that's it for the day. If you don't use the muscles the harder it is on yourself, but when you try and use them you really seem to pay for it sooner or later. Any advice would be helpful, Thanks in advance!
1396846 tn?1332459510 I get this too, def after alittle excerise. I never had it as bad as it is now before my recent "MS" attack, so I think mine is related to my MS. It doesn't hurt and so far I'm just carrying on with the excerising as I think its very important to stay fit :) It feels like buzzing or pulsing to me...
Avatar f tn I am in good shape and exercise regularly but when I spend extra time on my lower abs particularly in my hips my muscles get extremely sore. I do not tire out easily while doing the exercise but when I am finished and sit down my muscles lock and sometimes I can not get back up or even lift my leg. One time it caused me to fall out of my car because my leg was locked in the sitting position at the hip. What could be causing this? What can I do?