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Avatar f tn i have a hard lump under the bone in my jaw i went to the dentist he gave me antibiotics but they dont seem to be working its really hard and a bit bigger than the size of a tooth its unmoveable and not sore more like pressure what should i do?
Avatar n tn Recently for the past few months he has these lumps appearing on his head they are about the size of a marble under the skin and are quite hard ,he had told me they were going away so i stopt going on about them but yesterday i offerd to give him a hair cut to which he refused it was then i saw just above his forehead a lump about half the size of a golf ball ,the lump is very dark in colour almost black it looks very sore but again he wont talk about it and wont let me near it , I do
Avatar n tn Recently for the past few months he has these lumps appearing on his head they are about the size of a marble under the skin and are quite hard ,he had told me they were going away so i stopt going on about them but yesterday i offerd to give him a hair cut to which he refused it was then i saw just above his forehead a lump about half the size of a golf ball ,the lump is very dark in colour almost black it looks very sore but again he wont talk about it and wont let me near it , I do feel rea
Avatar f tn All good there. No lumps under my arms. Yes, I am sore around my collar bone. (I have been diagnosed with a bakers cyst on the back of my left knee, but am beginning to wonder if the series off small lumps may instead be related to my other lumps.) My pain and lumps are primarily associated with my right side of my jaw ear and neck area. Often times the whole side of my neck feels tight and swollen on the inside and under my tongue as well.
Avatar n tn The other issue has also happened a few days ago. I woke up with a bad ache like pain in the right side of my jaw, seems to be under the cheek bone. Again it varies from day to day but it does annoy when I move my mouth and eat. The thing is I was fine then all of a sudden I have these two odd pains in my neck and jaw which I have never had before.
Avatar n tn I suddenly had a sharp pain in the joint of my jaw, right under my ear, two weeks ago and my neck and throat were sore. I went to a doctor thinking I had an ear infection. The doctor said my neck had a cold. Since then the pain has increased terribly to my shoulder and back of left side of skull at the base and it is swollen. There is also some numb and tingling in my jaw and ear. Since Friday night I also started having this zapping feeling that is in my left foot.
Avatar f tn No significant findings for me either. I did notice that when I press my finger between my jaw and mastoid, under my ear I can feel a hard mass, which the Dr. has assured me from the CT scan is my "Spinal Process". I can only feel this mass on the left side. I was terrified of C also, but have had every blood test, tangible, and visual inspection possible. I'm starting to think my neck vertebrae has shifted or twisted, causing all this.
Avatar n tn I'm still getting VERY sore glands under the right side of my jaw months later. There's a lump there that really hurts and several lumps around my neck and throat. I get the pain in my ear and in part of the lower face too and lose hearing now and then in my right ear when my gland hurts. But it's coming from my gland. I've had really bad fatigue, REALLY bad, as in nearly fall over in the street bad. What could be the problem? I've seen my GP who refered me to a ENT who took a MRI of my ears...
Avatar n tn Hi I have a two small knots or lumps on each side of my jawline, a few inches from my chin, not under the ear though, i just noticed these, they don't hurt, the skin was tender yesterday but i keep messing with them, if i don't mess with them i don't know they are there.
Avatar n tn approximately 2 months ago i came down with something similar to the flu it lasted for about 1 week, the cough and congestion continued for an additional 1 week or so after the flu-symptoms peaked and then faded as normal a sore throat started around this time accompanied with some neck pain. i didn't think much about it at the time. the neck pain was around the back of my jaw just under my left ear. this was due to confirmed swollen lymph nodes in my neck.
Avatar m tn This has been going since February!! The pain in my neck under jaw line has been persistent since december and it hurts to swallow now. My question is if hiv pos would these be typical symptoms after just six months?
Avatar n tn Hey guys, maybe someone can help me with this, about a week and a half ago i found this lump in my neck rught under the jaw towards the neck, its been sore and swollen, the pain seems to traven down the right side of my neck a little bit, the left side hurts ocassionaly but i cant seem to find a similar lump there.
1394203 tn?1280291748 i thought that was just behind my ears also goes all the way to the back of my skull on both sides its like really hard to describe what this is cause its not bumps but its not lumps its kinda like if a snake is under my skin that is the length an width of this thing but it ends in the middle on the cervical collar do u have to get a doc to give u one r can u but 1 somewere?
1143036 tn?1293034684 I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not..I do get bumps on my head and jaw that are very sore when I push on them. However, I am pretty sure that mine are little Spasmed muscles that get sorer as a headache comes on. When I push on them they roll and it hurts but they don't go away. Mine feel more like lines than bumps too.. Another suggestion, after surgery...I had little bumps like that all down my neck...I think that they were small lymph nodes. They didn't feel like normal lumps...
Avatar f tn or... I'm sorry, may not be glands, rather lymph nodes...
Avatar m tn I have the some problem for a long time, but now it is getting worse, I have no sore,I feel something crawling under my skin specially in my legs and back , and I feel my body very hot.Also once a moth I have like a mosquito bit in my legs , and arm. , what is that?
210459 tn?1197085792 It has not changed over the last two years and the are ocassionally feels a bit sore. The lump is high mobile..I can move it from under my jaw, around the other side, and up a bit. It is not in my is in the neck cavity, below the skin and tissue. I dont think a lymph node or gland as I do not believe such structures are round or can move so freely. Also, I am under the impression that cancers tend to be attached to tissue, are largely stationary, and tend to grow. Any ideas?
1096845 tn?1257355485 Sore throat or pain in neck right under the right jaw. Or both on bad days. (Stabbing feeling) Went back to the doctor. Was told there was no swelling just some slight redness, and there was nothing wrong with me. Its getting worse, pain has gone from slightly annoying 3 to 6 or 7. It feels better while I'm eating and when I hold my head down....what could this be? I have no insurance and have already shelled out a ton of cash to see a doctor...who's useless in my book.
Avatar n tn I have the charlie horses in various places around my body, legs, feet, hands, under the ribs, under the breasts, etc. The pain can be excruciating. It can literally bend me over, make me cry, and scream out in pain. It happens in the shower, walking, using the bathroom, sitting in a chair, sleeping, etc. There is no particular time that this occurs. I can be doing nothing at all but laying on the sofa watching TV. If I get them in my legs, I have to walk them out.
Avatar f tn I recently found a small lump under my left ear. People are telling me different things like maybe its a swollen gland from an infection or an in grown hair. I feel fine. There are no symptoms of anything....just this lump. Its painless and about the size of a bean. Its not hard. i havent visited the doctor yet because im not sure if this is serious enough for a doctor but i am worried. i am 16 years old. What could it be?
Avatar m tn I can move them around and they move when I open and close my jaw. I also have a bump on the inner left side of my gums that's under a tooth. It's really hard, like it's attached to the bone and immobile. It doesn't hurt one bit though. I've done my share of research and came to a conclusion that this could just be a torus of some sort, if I am talking about the right thing.
Avatar m tn Now in the last week ive developed several swollen spots (glands/lymph nodes???) behind my left ear and hehind my jaw under my chin and down the left side of my neck. Its painful constantly and im dizzy constantly sometimes have spells where it gets worse and i can really think clearly , i also almost passed out the other day for about 15 minutes my vision went blurry and grey it was almost like a dream or hallucination, i got really warm and it was kinda hard to breath.
Avatar f tn I stopped using both and only used tea tree oil for one day and all 5 of my existing sores do NOT have any of the worms under the scabs this morning. THANK GOD. (I did clean the inside of each sore really well before using tea tree) I am guessing tons of folks on this thread use these ointments trying to control infection of small sores that turn into big sores over time, it's the ointment in my case. I had to share this once I realized what my problem was. Good luck everyone!
Avatar n tn It almost feels like my shirt is rubbing against my skin but then it feels like that when I don't have a shirt on. I too sleep with my arm under my pillow, under my head. I have slept that way since I was born. I sometimes do it with my other arm but it's almost always with the arm where I feel the tingling. I've never been in an accident nor have I ever had an epideral. I had mild scoliosis when I was a child but that has long since gone. If anyone hears anything about this from an M.D.
Avatar f tn Now, a week later, the armpit pain is gone, and both the lumps behind my ear and under my jaw are virtually indecipherable... What I was wondering is a) what thismay be symptomatic of, and b) is it possible that the armpit ache might have been caused by my excessive fiddling with the lumps, which I believe to be lymph nodes, behind my ear/under my jaw? as in some kind of reaction in my lymphatic system to the interference?
Avatar n tn I am a otherwise healthy non smoking 18 year old male and I have two abnormal lumps on the left side of my face, one under my jaw that has been present for four weeks or so, and one I just noticed two or three days ago behind my ear near the jaw curve under the lobe of the ear. They are both very hard and immovable. the lump under my jaw at first was rather swollen and I could feel it when I swallowed (three weeks ago or so) that however has stopped and I can no longer feel it when swallowing.
Avatar m tn 5 months i had runny nose n fever of below 100 for few hours i had a sore on my tongue for 3 dayss it was painful n i can feel 2 small lumps under my jaw ..... what are the chances of hiv ??
349463 tn?1333575176 I feel tired and even with a cup of coffee just can't seem to wake up. My neck and jaw bone are all sore too and I noticed that it's swollen on side. I have all these hard lumps from my collar bone to right under my chin. I'm fighting some kind of infection because I've never had glands this swollen. I called my ob because I would normaly wait it out and see if it clears on it's own, but they said it could be a sign of a serious infection and I needed to get into my regular dr today.
Avatar f tn -swollen lymph nodes in the groin area (on both sides), which have gotten more sore/painful but not any bigger -just today, my jaw started feeling sore -been kinda achey for the last few days, feel more fatigued than usual and a little bit nauseous (no sore throat or cough though) -two lumps (under the skin) in the vaginal area. One on the labia minora that has been sore when touched for about a week, the other on the labia majora that has recently become sore to the touch.