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Avatar f tn Inflamed papillae can sometimes cause small, painful bumps on the top surface or upper sides of your tongue. White bumps on the inside of lower lip are Enlarged papillae, cold sores are few other possibilities. Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and allergic reactions are some medical conditions that can present symptoms of white bumps on the lips. One common cause for white bumps on tongue is yeast infection.
469423 tn?1207513295 This is so overwhemingly common - yet no doctor will put this puzzle together - at least in my luck. After digging for 5 years - I strongly believe this is a side effect of thyroid medications. I lean towards this bieng an imbalance on PH levels within the body with some individuals. HAve you had any discomfort within the tongue itself? Burning - swolleness of anything you can describe? Do you notice dry throat and thirst? Did you undergo RAI treatment after the TT?
Avatar n tn A blood test reveals that I have HSV-1, but my doctors insist that neither the white gunk on my tongue nor the sore throat has anything to do with oral herpes of any kind.
Avatar n tn I started out with a sore throat and then fever every day for about 5 days already but now that my sore throat went away i have white bumps on my tongue and my gums are a liitle swollen but i believe that is because my wisdom tooth is coming out can i have any recommendations or may i please know what is wrong with me?
Avatar m tn Recently I have gotten a hoarse voice and today I woke up and my sore throat is starting to get better but my tongue is sore and on the back left side of my tongue I have a bump. I recently had a cavity filled but the sore throat came before I had that done. Thanks for any advice!
Avatar n tn All my symptoms cleared up for a bit but now my sore throat is back, little white sore bumps on the sides of my tonuge, underneath my tongue is sore. There is also white spots on the back of my throat. It's not strep been tested.
Avatar n tn I have been fighting a sore throat for 18 days now. It started with sore throat, aches, no fever, and coughing and sinus congestion. Everything has gone away except for the sore throat. Had two negative throat cultures and negative mono test. Three days ago, I noticed two large white bumps on the very back of my tongue. They hurt like heck, making it hard to swallow or talk. the only thing that releives it is ibuprophen. Could this be some forn of herpes?
Avatar n tn Initially the bumps appeared at the onset of a sore throat, but now I'm not experiencing a sore throat and the bumps are still there accompanied by bad breath. The doctors write my concern off stating that it was simply some random viral infection I recently picked up at college, but I've been experiencing sort of a metallic taste in my mouth when I wake up. The doctors definitely said it was not thrush, but I don't know what else it could be?
Avatar n tn i am now on day 9 of itraconazole. it looks like the bumps on the base of my tongue are back and the white rings are starting to spread down the lateral edge of my tongue again. i will take my 10th and final dose of itraconazole tomorrow. I have another 10 day course of fluconazole that i will try to take after this to see if i can finally beat this thing. my diet is limited to only grilled lean meat and green veggies. I have a diabetic friend, he lets me test my sugar from time to time.
Avatar n tn And today i just noticed some reddish/white bumps in the far back of my throat and on the back of my tongue. Other then that i feel fine. I dont have a fever or a cold. I feel like i have a lot of mucus caught in the back of my throat whenever i swallow but thats about it. I'm very worried that this could be gonorrhea of the throat and I'm worried about seeing a doctor. I could just be paranoid but i dont know what to do. What happens if I do have gonorrhea of the throat?
Avatar m tn I still have red bumps on the back wall of my throat but there seems to also be small red bumps on my tonsils and sides of the back of my tongue (though I'm not sure if these are just the normal papillae). Any idea what the heck is going on?!
Avatar n tn I have white bumps on my left tonsil only. someone told me it could be tonsil stones and you can pick them off with a cutip. i have been doing this for 2 months but they are coming back everyday now. also when i push on my tonsil with the cutip its almost like long strings of thick pus. my throat isnt sore at all, it just feels like i have a hair their or something and it has been making me vomit. When i remove one of the bumps i can see up insde the tonsil....what is this...
Avatar f tn Hello, It looks like oral thrush. Thrush appears as white patches in the mouth. Usually they can be seen on the tongue, inside the cheeks, on the inside of lips, under the tongue, and in the back of the throat. I suggest you to get an examination done from your doctor and get a KOH examination of the scrapings done of these white coatings. Nystatin (Mycostatin) liquid is used by swishing a bit in your mouth several times a day and then swallowing the medicine.
Avatar n tn Sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and allergic reactions are some medical conditions that can present symptoms of white bumps on the lips. One common cause for white bumps on tongue is yeast infection. In this condition white bumps may appear more like white patches that are painful when touched. White little bumps can also be caused by an inflammatory condition called oral lichen planus.
Avatar n tn I have a bunch of white spots on the tip of my tongue. They have been there for about a week and are painful. About 3 days after these appeared my throat started getting sore. Then a couple days later I started getting larger red bumps on the rest of my tongue. I've never had anything like this before and I can't recall eating anything out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if this was a run of the mill viral infection or if I should go get checked out.
Avatar n tn I was put on antibiotics and within a day, my tongue was white and the ulcers had worsened. I was tested for mono and it came back positive. Since, my throat has gotten better, but my tongue is still white. I went back to my doctor, who put me on a medication for thrush, however the tongue hasn't gotten any better. The white tongue looks almost fuzzy on top and cannot be scraped off. Any scraping or brushing results in irritated bumps on the tongue and bleeding.
Avatar m tn I also developed a sore throat. On Thursday I got a painful white bump on my tongue. By the end of the day I had two more. It is now Saturday and I have even more bumps. I went to the DR on Thursday. I tested negative for strep. He said it sounded Bacterial and gave me Amoxicillin of which I have now taken 5 doses. The only thing that has gone away is my fever. Motrin and anbesol give me a little relief, but I have been dealing with this since Monday.
Avatar n tn Another problem I was experiencing at the time and am still experiencing is white bumps underneath my tongue, along my lingual frenulum, and at the very back of my tongue as well. They are quite prominent to anyone who looks in my mouth, and unusual. One of them along the side of my tongue rubbed against my tooth and caused a small chunk of skin on my tongue to open up and caused me some pain and irritation, and then went away.
Avatar m tn So in the past week and a half I began to get what looked like strep in the back of my throat. Swollen tonsils and little white dots accompanied by of course a sore throat. Usually when this occurs it comes with a fever this time it didn't. I then started to notice bumps on the back of my tongue followed by about 2 days of my tongue slightly swelling. I found that abnormal for having strep throat but figured it might be just a different strain.
1170277 tn?1412278353 But now, I've developed these little white bumps on the tip of my tongue and my gums are a bit swollen all of a sudden. The white bumps burn and they almost feel like canker sores but I'm not sure if that's what they are. Any advice?
Avatar m tnbumps that are painful •bumps that bleed •feeling as if something is caught in your throat •jaw or neck swelling •numbness of your tongue •trouble chewing or swallowing •fever or sore throat
Avatar n tn it is now 38 days since i had sex last time, i have little sore in my throat and today i noticed small bumps deep on my tongue almost near to my throat, some how it looks symmetric bumps, also i feel like there is white sticky liquid on my tongue unless i drink something , it started to bother me and i keep checking it in the mirror, i have tested HIV Antibody two times now , one after 17 days and one after 34 days and both are negative and my CRP was 3 which is in the normal range.
Avatar m tn So, the thing is, this year, i have develop white tongue and red lumps way back at my tongue together with fatigue and i am now developing anxiety and depression because of this. The white tongue and enlarged red lumps on my tongue had been around for about 3 months already but i don't already experience the symptoms i've experienced two years ago. that was my last unprotected sexual activity i ever had which was 2 years ago and not already engage in any sexual activity. please help me.
Avatar n tn I am not sure when was the last time I had cold sore on tongue. It is 36 hrs since I noticed this sore. I don't see any signs of it going away. I don't have any other symptoms. What is the chance of this could be herpes. Do I need to get tested any suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Also, I noticed 2 white bumps on the side of my tongue, on both sides (both sides both have 2 bumps each). I am worried that this may be HIV. Is it possible to get these symptoms this early? I need your answers.
Avatar m tn I also have ongoing stomach pains in my gut (cramping) and red bumps that don't go away on my stomach. I started the sore throat about 2 weeks after exposure and it has not gone away and the stomach issues have kept coming. I've had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and blood work, all ok...no issues. I'm thinking that this may be HIV related as I've read that HIV parks itself in the GI Tract and attacks the immune system there...Also, I have constant white tongue and geographic tongue.